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  1. P

    Best DPT Program for Going Into Pediatrics?

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any schools that are particularly known for being a good place to start for students looking to go into working with pediatric populations? Or any programs that have more connections to pediatric hospitals/clinics or even just a greater chance to gain experience...
  2. L

    Ohio PT Schools

    Hi all! :) I haven't seen many threads (if any at all) regarding schools that are in Ohio... I figured we could all keep each other in the loop with any updates/acceptances/etc. The Ohio schools I applied to are: University of Toledo Ohio State University Ohio University Walsh University There...
  3. M


    Hi all! I'll be applying to PT schools for the 2018-2019 cycle. A little worried because my stats are not great Major: Psychology cGPA: ~3.29 pGPA: ~ 3.5-3.7 (still have to complete 3 classes) Taking my GREs in June Currently have over 1000 hours in two outpatient PT settings and am starting...
  4. drs17

    Pre-PTs: Need help?

    Hey guys! I was accepted this cycle to Duke (eeeek!), and I have created an instagram page and a blog to help out pre-pt students, and document my journey through PT school (and life of course)! I recently started a PTCAS application series on the blog, and so far I have posted about getting...
  5. Sgeramy

    Biomedical science major missing pre-reqs for DPT

    Hey, I am a student at Ryerson university located in Toronto. I am interested in applying into an american DPT program, however i do not have a traditional pre-physiotherapy degree. I am in the Biomedical Science degree. Im missing some very important electives for DPT including Anatomy and...
  6. Sgeramy

    After graduation courses effect on gpa

    Hey i am a canadian student at Ryerson university looking to apply to a DPT program next year. Im entering my last year, however I would like to take some courses to increase my pre-req GPA. Im taking a gap year to do this while also studying for the GRE. I was wondering if my GPA will be...
  7. Cheezy89

    Day to Day as a DPT student

    In this video I show you how my week goes as a SPT. I show you my weekly schedule, how I get to school, the amount of course work I need to do and how I relieve some stress.
  8. R

    How to get PT Aide position?

    Hello! I just finished my first semester of ugrad and was looking to try and get a job as a PT Aide for the summer and hopefully the next couple years. I sent out some applications to people who posted on craigslist that were hiring (I was told this would be way better at results than Indeed or...
  9. R

    RUSH SPT: Video Blog Resource for Student Physical Therapists

    Hey everyone, I want to share a resource that I have been working on for the past few months. I have developed a video blog named RUSH SPT that discusses academic strategies for PT school, financial information, and shares clinical experiences from my classmates and myself. I have also added a...
  10. S

    Should I even bother? Please help

    I'm sure this kind of thread pops up a lot but I'm just mentally exhausted at this point Here's the deal: I got a D in Orgo II, my school (CUNY Baruch) considers that passing and won't let me retake it at all (I would have to go outside the cuny system; basically impossible for me) This keeps me...