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  1. G

    Should I retake the DAT

    Hi everyone. I'm currently a junior in college and just took the DAT for the first time in early November. I am slightly hesitant about my scores and I am wondering if I should retake the exam. Here is a breakdown of my scores: AA: 24 Biology: 21 General Chemistry: 24 Organic Chemistry: 20...
  2. edc217

    apply early with CDAT VS retake CDAT and/or USDAT (reapplicant)

    Hi everyone Canadian reapplicant here :rofl: I did my undergrad in the States and a la carte post-bacc in Canada. I applied late in Sept 2021 to Canadian schools and a few US schools (Suny at Buffalo, NOVA, Pitts) but only got an interview at UBC. I continued to work as a dental assistant while...
  3. frans_

    DAT retake 3rd Attempt

    Hi! I would love advice on what studying resource to use for my third attempt! 1st attempt: 2021 used DAT Bootcamp, Chad's Prep. score breakdown: AA:16,TS: 17,PAT: 16,QR:13,RC:16,BIO:16,GC: 16,OC: 17. - I was def not ready this attempt, I rescheduled countless times and just wanted to get...
  4. thisis123

    Should I retake the DAT?

    This is my second time applying to dental school and I am not sure whether I should retake the DAT or not in order to improve my application. My first time taking the DAT last year I got a score of: Bio - 20 Gen Chem - 20 Orgo - 20 PAT - 22 RC - 21 QR - 18 In the previous cycle, I received a...
  5. dentrhow

    Good Dat Score Low OC

    Hi everyone, I took the Dat and I got AA 23 [RC 30 QR 23 Bio 24 Chem 23 OC 16 PAT 19]. Initially, I thought it was fine as my AA was pretty high but I am concerned about the 16 in OC, is that something that's gonna get me filtered out?
  6. D

    Retake DAT?

    Hello all, So I am currently back and forth right now about retaking the DAT. Here are my scores: 21 AA, 18 TS, 16 OC (ugh), 21 GC, 19 BIO, 20 PA, 28 RC, 22 QR My dilemma is this: I am aware that a majority of schools take the most recent DAT score. Though I am not in any way upset with the...
  7. C

    One Interview...Should I retake the DAT?

    I was wondering if you think I should retake my DAT and try to score higher? I took my test the first week of July and started submitting my apps immediately. Almost all my schools were sent out by the first week of August. I have one interview so far, so naturally I am getting antsy and...
  8. Chrysanthemum911

    DAT scores good enough?

    Hi everyone. I am planning on applying to dental school this cycle but worried my DAT scores aren't good enough. My GPA is a 3.9 (science and overall). I have tons of volunteer work and research experience. I feel that my only weakness is my DAT (particularly PAT). My scores are: AA: 20 TS: 20...
  9. H

    Chance of acceptance (specifically for UNLV) & should I retake DAT?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give any advise on if I should retake my DAT or just apply with current scores? How likely would I be accepted if I apply this upcoming cycle in June 2018? My DAT scores are PAT-19 QR-18 RC-17 Biol-27 GC-21 OC-23 TS-24 AA-21. I know my science scores are really...
  10. Duña_

    To My Fellow DAT Re-Takers...

    Hello all! I took my DAT today, (3/31/2018) and am underwhelmed to say the least. AA: 19 TS: 19 BIO: 19 GC: 19 OC: 18 RC: 22 QR: 18 PA: 18 Undergraduate Cumulative GPA: 3.43 Undergraduate Science GPA: 3.2 I was particularly surprised with QR since it seemed ridiculously easy compared to...
  11. P

    DAT retake and applying

    hello! I took the DAT in January 2018. I studied during the summer of 2017, but was quick to forget most of the information during the semester. I then studied for about 3 weeks during winter break and took it the beginning of January. I am not content with the score I earned, and want to...
  12. M

    Retaking DAT?

    Hi guys I already applied for this cycle with AA 19. Do you guys think it will make any difference for this cycle if I retake DAT (by the end of December) and let the schools now that I am retaking it? or it will make no difference even if I get a higher score since I already applied?
  13. E

    Just finished my DAT exam

    Hi future dentists, I really need help deciding if I should retake the DAT or not?!. I just finished my exam couple of hours ago and planning to apply the next cycle. My scores are Bio 17 gchem 17 ochem 17 ( TS 17) QR 18 RC 19 PAT 20 AA is 18 My current GPA is science is 3.3 and the overall is...
  14. U


    Hello! I was wondering if I could receive some feedback from anybody. I have been studying for my DAT for a couple of months now and I feel like I have hit a plateau. Today I have come to terms I am really tired of studying for this test but, I am not getting the scores I have been studying for...
  15. P

    Advice TS=18 AA=21 DAT retake?

    I took my DATs and I got Bio=16 Chem=20 OChem=20 RC=24 QR=24 PAT=17 TS=18 AA=21 GPA=3.7 should I retake?
  16. TherealnorthOMFS

    Should I retake the DAT and when?

    I have written the canadian DAT- TS20, AA 19, PAT 22 and I plan on retaking the DAT but the american one. I am currently extremely busy with summer school up until June 26 and don't think i'll be fully ready for a mid-late july DAT. So i'm thinking of pushing it to early augst, around august 10...
  17. T

    Trying to decide if I should retake the DAT or not...

    Okay, so I have lurked on SDN for months and I know I'm like the one millionth person posting one of these but I could use some advice on this. PA: 20 QR: 17 RC: 22 BIO: 18 GC: 22 OC: 23 TS: 21 AA: 20 oGPA: 3.5, sGPA: 3.5 (3.8 oGPA last 64 credit hours) I feel like I have some pretty vanilla...
  18. D

    DAT retake

    Hi guys! I definitely need some feedbacks here on my scores. I took my DAT the 2nd time last August and my scores were, PA: 20 QR: 19 RC: 16 ( i know i know D: ) Bio: 19 GC: 19 OC: 20 TS: 19 AA: 18 My science GPA was a 3.3/ 3.4 and overall GPA was a 3.5. I had plenty of dental volunteering...
  19. L

    Retake the Dat?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if I could get your two cents on whether or not I should retake the DAT. My scores: PAT: 19 QR: 16 RC: 20 BIO: 21 GC: 20 OC: 20 Total Science: 21 Academic Average: 19 I feel content with every score except for the QR. Iv been hearing that this section really isn't...
  20. Mason91

    DAT retaking?

  21. A

    Should I retake DAT?

    Hey guys, I just took the DAT. I am unsure to whether I should retake it or not. I am planning to apply for this cycle (2017 cycle). Would have any chances as a "late"applicant with these scores? PA:19 RC:19 QR:16 GC:17 OC:20 AA/TS/PA :18/18/19 My cumulative GPA: 3.7 Science GPA: 3.51
  22. dlishiz22

    Best DAT prep materials?? RE-TAKE

    Hi everyone! So I took my first DAT today and here was my breakdown: AA: 19 Bio: 17 (wtf) GC: 19 OC: 20 TS: 18 PAT: 19 RC: 23 QR: 17 I've decided to retake b/c obviously the BIO and I want to get into UIC Dental. Im studying Biochem at UIC currently but omfg dental is super competitive...
  23. D

    retaking the DAT or apply now?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you think I should re-take the DAT? My AA: 19, TS: 19, QR:19, RC: 19, PA: 18 I went to an ivy league university and have a overall gpa of 3.68 I am ready to apply today, however I am worried about when I would need to re-take the DAT by/if it is worth it. Is it...
  24. Toothout

    How do I retake?

    I'm trying to submit a new application, as it says in the guide, and I get this message: "you already have an active application for this exam. New applications are not allowed" o_O what do I do to get my new elegibility ID then?
  25. LRJRDH2012

    2016 real DAT AA 20 vs Bootcamp vs DAT Q-Vault vs Destroyer

    Took my DAT today (for the 3rd time) & just wanted to say a few things about what I found most helpful. (Previous scores are listed first/today's scores third.) Biology 18//18/19 General Chemistry 18/18/20 Organic Chemistry 17/18/19 PAT 19/20/18 Reading Comprehension 22/20/22 Quantitative...
  26. I

    What if I mention in my app that I will retake DAT but don't retake it?

    Hey, I apologize for bad phrasing/wording in the original post. To simplify the question, if i submit the application early(like 1st week of june) with average or below average DAT score and indicate in my app that I will retake my DAT. Will the admission committee review my app (since...