1. U

    Which Medical School should I attend: SGU or Ross?

    I got accepted to both Ross University School of Medicine and St. Georges School of Medicine (SGU) and was wondering which school I should attend and why? I get the bad rep Caribbean Schools get and I have already heard enough from family and friends, but these are my only options at the moment...
  2. Eragon8192

    Ross University c/o 2025

    Lets get this going :) Rossies '25!
  3. Peaches727

    SGU vs ROSS vs AUC

    Hello, I am posting this for advice. I hope to not get much backlash for IMGs. I am exploring my options and have exhausted some. I hope to recieve geniune advice. I have been accepted to AUC, rejected by SABA, interviewed at Ross expecting an acceptance to term or MERP, and SGU said...
  4. F

    Honest opinions?

    This is ONLY for current and/or past students who attended Medical School in the Caribbean. How did you enjoy it? Pros? Cons? I would like to attend a school in the Caribbean... & then do family medicine residency which is not something super competitive to find residency in...which is why I am...
  5. E

    SGU vs Ross

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time deciding between the two. I do realize that these may not be the best options presented, but at least they are options. This is my second cycle applying. Last year, I was on the wait list at University of Arizona, but was ultimately denied. I am interviewing...
  6. R

    RUSM or UMHS?

    Hey, everyone. I've got a decision to make on which Caribbean medical school to attend. I would really appreciate any input one may have regarding attendance of either of these schools. Of course, the final decision will be made by my family and me. However, I want to gather as many perspectives...
  7. R

    Ross University Experience in Barbados

    Hello, everyone. I've recently been accepted to Ross University for the September 2019 term. I know that RUSM recently moved from the island of Dominica to the island of Barbados. It is hard to find info about RUSM that is not about student life in Dominica. So I would really appreciate it if...
  8. E

    Can you delay enrollment to vet school? (@Ross)

    SO. I applied to 10 schools this round and the applications did not go well. I did get an interview at my IS, but I didn't get in. As of right now I have 8 rejections, one alternate, and one acceptance from Ross. I am so excited to be accepted into vet school, but I was really hoping for a...
  9. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  10. sodasteve

    Should I go to Ross? or should I pursue a different path

    Hey so I was hoping I could get some advice on my current situation. I am 25 years old, and I recently got accepted into the pre vet program at Ross. I have always wanted to be a vet but unfortunately I never put in the effort when I was in college to get a high enough GPA to get accepted into a...
  11. P

    Ross skype interview

    Hello,Does anyone know if you need skype credit for an Interviewer from Ross to call you?
  12. medstudent1215

    Caribbean Medical Schools

    Hey everyone. I was hoping to gain some opinions about Caribbean medical schools. I know that there is "the big 4" including St George, American university of the Caribbean, Saba, and Ross, but I also know there are lots of other lesser known schools that I have heard are well run programs...
  13. shahzam1

    St. Johns Episcopal NY Core Rotations

    Has anyone completed core rotations or electives in the cores at St. Johns Episcopal? What factors do you consider when deciding where to do the cores? I am deciding between this and Prince Georges in MD, California medical Center Los Angeles, Norwalk Hospital in CT. My current thought process...
  14. S

    Ross or SGU

    Greetings fellow SDN members, I have researched a good amount of posts regarding this topic here and in other well known forum sites. This has provided me with a good amount of information belonging to a time span of about 14 years (2003 to 2017) ranging from how class sizes have gone up...
  15. I

    What was your GPA when you got into Caribbean Medical School?

    Hey Folks! Random question for all of you that are so kind to share. Don't have to give MCAT score or EC's. But what GPA did you have at the time when you got accepted into a Caribbean Medical School and which school? Only asking to see the variety in the GPA's :)
  16. S

    Ross Medical School Behavioral Interview?

    Hi everyone, Finally getting along with my medical school pursuit and I applied to AUA SGU and Ross. I recently received an invitation to come to Anaheim to interview with "Tom Hueller, Associate Director of Admissions" at Ross University. (Semi yay?) I asked him for some idea of what the...
  17. U

    SGU vs. Ross vs. AUC for hurricanes?

    Hi - anyone know if sgu is as likely to get hit by hurricanes as other caribbean schools? I'm trying to get in touch with someone who works there to ask this question, but I thought I'd see if anyone here knows. Having to move midway through school sounds like a nightmare.
  18. G

    Ross Interview 2017

    Hello! I got my very first vet school interview coming up and I want to nail it! Has anyone been interviewed by Ross School of Veterinary Medicine within the past couple of years? What questions did they ask? That is all =)
  19. M

    Transfer from Ross to SGU

    Would there be any negativity associated with transferring from Ross to SGU given the current situation with Ross after Hurricane Maria? The transfer could easily be explained due to the current living conditions on the cruise ship and the still uncertain fate of the January semester. Please no...
  20. T

    How to Pass Comp?

    Hey everyone! So I am soon going to be writing my comp exam for the second time in about a months time. Kinda stressing out. Last attempt I got a 59 and I need a 68 to pass. I thought I had studied a lot for the 1st attempt, but obviously was not enough. I was wondering if someone could give...
  21. D

    Ross transfer - best curriculum match

    I know this has been touched on many times but most of them are older and curriculum has changed etc. I'm currently in first semester at Ross and I was wondering if there were any Ross transfers or others out there who know the best times/places to transfer and avoid having to repeat a lot of...
  22. D

    Low gpa, alright MCAT; chances at Caribbean schools?

    So, myy GPA is a 2.92 cum, 2.7 sci. and my mcat is 505(28 on the old one). I just finished sending in my transcipts, letters of rec etc. to St. George, AUC and Ross. Because of my low gpa, I was wondering what are my chances of getting into these schools(non MERP). For EC's they're above...
  23. D

    Low GPA, Decent MCAT:Carribean school chances?

    So, myy GPA is a 2.92 cum, 2.7 sci. and my mcat is 505(28 on the old one). I just finished sending in my transcipts, letters of rec etc. to St. George, AUC and Ross. Because of my low gpa, I was wondering what are my chances of getting into these schools(non MERP). I know my mcat is above...
  24. D

    BIG 4 Decision SGU Ross AUC Saba My Opinion On Which To Go To Written 10/2016

    JUST WHAT I'VE GATHERED, THIS IS NOT FACTUAL I am accepted at all of the Big 4. I have done a lot of research, been to info sessions, the works and heres what I've come up with. They are all very similar, but its a big decision to make, so I want to put everything I can into it. I hope this can...
  25. C

    Caribbean Medical School or US Physician Assistant Program

    Hey all, Would you recommend Caribbean medical school (SGU, ROSS, AUC, SABA) or a US PA Program? A little info regarding my specific circumstances: I graduated with a BA Psych and Minor Bio (bioI/II, chem I/II, anatomy, physio, neuroscience, invert zoo, vert zoo, pharmacol) with a 3.95...
  26. J

    Question about Caribbean Med School Stats

    I know there is a big 3 or 4 for the Caribbean schools and they talk about their 92% USMLE pass rates. My question is, say Ross starts with a class of 400 kids, what percent of those students graduate in 4 years, pass step 1 on their first try, and match? Ive noticed these schools are very...
  27. Nick9933

    Should I go to Ross or accept this job offer?

    Hello and thank you to anyone who reads this and can offer some help with my decision. The basic low down is this. So about a week ago I found out I was accepted to Ross, which was the only school I applied to. I eagerly paid the $1,000 deposit and started planning my island adventure. Then...
  28. truckboat

    Surgical Sales Rep Accepted into SGU, Wanting a Psych or Family Medicine Residency- is SGU Right?

    Hello All, This forum is absolute gold. I appreciate the information, thank you for offering this much value to the process. Quickly, my stats: MCAT: 492 GPA: 3.69 Background: Have worked in orthopedic/spinal implant sales since 2005. I wanted to get into a psychology grad program to get...
  29. shahzam1


    Hey everyone, I have just recently graduated from UCSD at age 21 (finished in 3 years). I took some time to travel to Europe and then took my MCAT. I scored a mediocre 500 (first time taking it). My cum GPA is 3.01 and my science GPA is a little lower. The reason for my low GPA is that during my...
  30. B

    Ross January start and Match

    I was wondering if someone who starts in January and does 4 semesters on the island would be able to finish in 3.5 years and make the match, assuming all goes smoothly? ie. If start in January 2017 then match in March 2020 and start residency that July 2020? And if possible, how likely? I...
  31. HopefulDoc91

    Ross Interview

    I have an interview with Ross tomorrow at their admissions office in NJ. Has anyone interviewed there for Fall 2016 admissions? I'm nervous because I had an interview at PCOM, but then I was rejected :( any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  32. HorseKrazy23

    Life in St. Kitts?

    Hey Guys! I am a student applying for the May term at Ross and I was wondering if someone could possibly respond with some insight on details for life in St. Kitts as a Ross student Things such as: How do we stay in contact with family/friends with no cell service Sending care packages and...