1. Hygge

    Discuss gap year plans on my secondaries?

    so many of my secondaries ask what you are doing/plan to do during the upcoming year. I'm currently looking for an additional volunteer activity or a job. Also, I plan on traveling early next summer. On my secondaries, should I mention the volunteer activity/job plans (and keeping it ambiguous...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical What NOT to Write in Your Medical School Secondary Application Essays

    Take your time and do your best. Since the number of secondary applications that you receive can be overwhelming, you may be tempted to take a few shortcuts. Some shortcuts are warranted while others are just too risky to consider using. To ensure that you are one of the “lucky” few who receive...
  3. R

    Thoughts on my diversity essay topic?

    For my diversity essay topic I'm thinking of writing about a near death experience. Last year I travelled to Panama as part of a volunteer medical team. While we were there we went swimming in a water hole in the middle of the jungle. One of my team members couldn't swim so he started to drown...
  4. Asclepius293

    Read through my USUHS Secondary?

    Hey all! I'm currently working on my secondary application for USUHS and was wondering if anyone affiliated with military medicine could read through it and give me some feedback. I appreciate it. Thank you!
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical The OPTIONAL Essay in Medical School Secondary Applications

    Think your photography skills aren't important? Think again! Many medical schools include an “optional” essay in their secondary applications. Obviously, this “optional” essay is not required. The essay prompt sometimes emphasizes this point. Often, it will include the stipulation that you...
  6. A

    Already submitted secondaries, but just got published...

    So as the title shows, I was just published in a major journal which is incredible news. However, I had indicated on my AMCAS app that we had on submitted it (which was true at the time) and I have already submitted some secondaries to schools. I am wondering if there are some schools that do...
  7. C

    Quick Secondary Question

    Hello all, I recently have been inundated with secondary applications and I have quick question. I have come across various essays that ask me to explain a challenging experience and how I overcame it. I have went through an illness during my sophomore year of undergrad that hurt my grades...
  8. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Write Succinct Secondary Essays

    Revise, revise, revise! As you start to work on your secondaries, one of the things that will become clearer and clearer is that you’re working within some VERY tight character limits! How can you build on the character-count-wizardry you got going during your primary app? We have some tips...
  9. F

    Secondary application "upload photo" problem at Mount Sinai Medical (NY)

    The rest of the secondary application is working fine for me. However, when I try to upload my photo, and then save it, it says that the page is complete, but it also says "no file chosen". Anybody else having this issue? Thanks
  10. jwilliams1993

    Lightbulb moment: write secondary responses before you receive your secondaries

    At this point in the cycle, getting your primary app submitted and sending back secondaries is a race against the clock. During my first application cycle, I would receive a secondary invitation, work on my essay, wait a week and look at it again with a clear mind, and send it in. I sat on some...
  11. Alienman52

    School with Secondaries on their Website

    Howdy all, I was thinking that we could make a thread with a list of schools who have their secondaries on their website, so that people who've applied to these schools dont just wait around for nothing. I'd hope that most of these schools would email applicants saying that their primary has...
  12. P

    Additional Information Secondary Question

    Hi all, I've been browsing the various threads about this "additional information" secondary question and I have a question as to what I can/should put on it. Would it be ok for me to put down work/activities updates? Like for example I just got hired as a full-time research assistant and that...
  13. mandu_cheeks


  14. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Reusing parts of Previous PS in secondaries

    After withdrawing last cycle, I decided to take a new approach with my PS and re-wrote it, thus leaving out a bunch of info that was mentioned in the original PS. Seeing as I never mentioned the parts of my original PS in any other area of my primary application, would it be ridiculous to take a...
  15. mandu_cheeks


  16. L

    Timeline hearing back from schools?

    I just submitted my AMCAS application. When should I expect to hear back from medical schools regarding secondary applications? Also, when should I expect to hear back after submitting secondary applications for interviews? When should I expect to hear back after interviews whether or not I got in?
  17. M

    Schools that do not ask about all criminal convictions on their secondaries?

    I have looked around for an answer for this in other threads and can't find anything recent enough that I find reliable. Does anyone know of medical schools (preferably in the Northeast) that do not ask about criminal convictions/charges on the secondary application? I have a violation for a...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical Get Organized in Preparation for Secondaries and Interviews

    Getting organized is the best way to succeed on your secondaries! This is the final post in our series on applying to med school in the most efficient and timely manner. You’ve got six months to make this happen. Make sure you do it right by following the tips in Med School Action Plan: 6 Steps...
  19. P

    How late in the application process are we?

    I submitted most of my secondaries in August, but I've only received one interview invite and 2 rejections. I applied to 14 schools, most in California. How late are we in the cycle? Should I be worried? I've noticed many people on here getting interviews and acceptances galore, but I'm not sure...
  20. M

    Help with Personal Statement, Secondaries or anything else

    Hey everyone! I recently graduated from a US allopathic school and I have experience being an interviewer and adcom member. I have worked with MD and DO applicants and offer many services from editing and revising personal statements and secondary essays to interview prep and anything else you...
  21. K

    The diversity question

    How can I address this question without coming off as fake or insincere?
  22. B

    When is it (or is it ever) a good idea to follow up on the status of secondary applications?

    I hope this isn't a common thread. I have seen discussions about follow-ups to interviews but never secondary applications...
  23. B

    Is it too late to submit secondaries to these schools?

    I haven't heard back after submitting my secondaries to the nine schools I applied to: ATSU, WesternU, DMU, MWU-Az, MWU, Rowan SOM, MSUCOM, NYIT, and KYCOM. I have been considering submitting secondaries to other schools as well: KCU, WVSOM, LECOM, UNECOM, Nova, OSUCOM, OHUCOM. Do you guys...
  24. cheshirecatxox

    Diversity Secondary

    Of the list below, can you tell me what stands out most? socio-econoimic disadvantage due to my single mother becoming permanently disabled when I was 9. how we were treated because of this, how it has made me want to help disadvantaged and disabled I've been her caretaker since 2013 when she...
  25. DocHopeful1

    3.52 overall, 494 mcat 2015 (Should I apply to the Caribbean too?)

    I'm new to SDN so bear with me :) So I already graduated from undergrad this past May, and I'm in the process of sending back my secondaries. My overall GPA is 3.52 (grades had been improving since freshman year and my last semester of undergrad was a 4.0 GPA). I have taken the new MCAT and the...
  26. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Is teaching considered a hobby?

    I'm not currently applying to med school, but I was looking over secondary applications for some schools and saw one of the questions asked about hobbies outside medicine. My question is; does teaching count as a hobby? I am currently an Arabic TA at a private weekend school, and I plan to...