1. HopefulDoc91

    NYITCOM secondary

    Has anyone submitted their secondary to NYITCOM? I just logged in, submitted my responses, uploaded my photo, and paid the $80 but there was no "thank you for submitting" message or email. I just got a confirmed payment email from paypal. When I log back into the secondary, it takes me to the...
  2. U

    Diversity Secondary Essay Review Request

    I was wondering if any of you all would mind looking over my diversity essay and letting me know what you think. Diversity questions always give me the most trouble so I would love to hear any feedback. PM me. thanks.
  3. whatisit350

    TMDSAS secondary application essay length

    For those who are filling out the TMDSAS, on the secondary application for A&M, how many characters are y'all using for the adversity questions at the end?
  4. Dr. Aziw Oz

    West Virginia (WVSOM) Discussion Thread 2017-2018

    Hey, guys! Submitted my application on 6/17, verified 6/20. Has anyone in this timeframe received a secondary from WVSOM? I know I was just verified today, but hoping to get an idea on the timeline for secondaries to go out from WVSOM. If you have received one, what were the questions asked...
  5. M

    Secondary Applications!

    Has anybody received secondary applications yet? I have applied to 30+ schools and I worry that I am going to receive all secondaries at once and not be able to complete them all. Does anybody know the earliest possible day that people have received them in the past? Does anybody know how soon...
  6. J

    You are all amazing!

    I wish everyone the best of luck with this cycle! My application is processed/verified, but I do have a couple questions. 1. My second MCAT score comes out in July. Do schools send out secondaries before getting the second MCAT score or do they wait until that second score comes out? 2. Do...
  7. amg_la

    UTSW Secondary question

    If you think that one or more of the following interests apply to you, check the appropriate box(es) and list specific experiences (academic, co-curricular, employment, personal, etc.) related to and supportive of this interest in the text box provided below. Do not use a paragraph format; list...
  8. M

    Weak state ties better than no state ties?

    I saw there were some threads about what constitutes strong state ties but my questions are a bit different as those threads all seemed to be about specific examples. There are a few public schools to which I want to apply, and I know my ties aren't strong to their respective states, but I was...
  9. C

    Diversity Essay Topic

  10. F

    Interview Prep

    Hey guys, I know this is early to prep but I had a quick question. I don't have any research experience and I feel like I may be asked "Why don't you have this" or something along the lines of if I am competent in terms of research. Do you guys have any advice on how to explain that...
  11. lickerwhicker

    *Is this an appropriate failure to write about in my secondary?*

    deleted for anonymity!
  12. A

    Gap year help

    Hi there! I am about to graduate from college and have already submitted my AMCAS. I am a competitive applicant for medical school (3.96 GPA, 514 MCAT with lots of research and shadowing), so I don't NEED an amazing gap year to boost my application. I am currently looking for jobs in the...
  13. lickerwhicker

    *Adversity secondary question? Help!*

  14. N

    Preemptive Secondaries... on the DO Primary?!

    UPDATE: I got my answer by calling DMU-COM. I printed it below. Earlier today, I was filling in as many of the "easy bits" of the AACOMAS 2018 application as I could (aka coursework + Y/N questions), I noticed that under the school-specific button, some schools have, in addition to Prereqs tab...
  15. M

    Latest MCAT Date

    I was wondering when the latest date to take the MCAT would be in order to still apply in a timely manner for this cycle. I was hoping to take it on June 1st, which would mean the scores would be released on July 6th. Would this delay or hurt my application in any way? I know that many schools...
  16. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Create Sizzling Secondary Applications

    You’ve taken the MCAT, completed all the pre-reqs, and maybe shadowed a physician, done some research, and volunteered. Now it’s time to make sure you’re all in for the last legs of this long journey. In this series, we’ll discuss how you can continue to navigate your way to a med school...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical UCSD School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    The UCSD School of Medicine prefers applicants with extensive research experience. If you have not described your research experience in your personal statement, include a description in the secondary application’s autobiographical essay. They offer a PRIME Heq Program with training in treating...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical Thomas Jefferson Medical College Secondary Application Tips

    Thomas Jefferson Medical College is located in Philadelphia and prides itself on educating physicians who will provide integrated community healthcare. For example, one of their unique programs focuses on providing physicians for rural areas. The new curriculum integrates basic sciences with...
  19. RenegadeOkapi

    Forgot to Fill Out Course Prerequisites on Secondary

    Hi: I submitted a secondary application in which they asked me to fill out the pre-requisites. I focused on the essays and making sure that they were good before making to check all the prerequisites were entered, but I submitted the application before that section was finished. It allowed me...
  20. H

    LORs sent through AACOMAS not being verified in secondaries

    Through AACOMAS I have sent along a committee letter from my school (including a letter from a MD that I shadowed) along with a separate letter from a DO in support of my application. In every secondary that I have completed I see a big red X mark through letters of recommendation while...
  21. A

    URGENT PDF Question For UCLA Secondary!

    Hey there everyone, I just completed and sent out my UCLA secondary application last Thursday. I was browsing SDN today and something caught my attention that I couldn't help but notice. People were saying that they did not go over the text box space in each question for the UCLA secondary. It...
  22. LindaAccepted

    Medical Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    Case Western is located in Cleveland, Ohio with four teaching hospitals in the area and a student run clinic. They are ranked #25 for research and #60 for primary care by U.S. News and World Reports. They accept 155 students each year. Classes are pass/fail in the first two years. Students are...
  23. E

    Supplemental Picture

    So my picture on the Maryland supplemental application is not blurry on my computer but when I open it on the website it is blurry. Has anyone else had this issue?
  24. LindaAccepted

    Medical Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    As one of the oldest medical schools in the United States—the fourth oldest—Geisel has a 200-year history of accomplishments. They are ranked #40 for research and #45 for primary care by U.S. News and World Report. Students love the smaller class sizes and the opportunity to gain clinical...
  25. london.smog

    How can I talk about my new research experiences in secondaries?

    Or more specifically, how do I explain it in the popular "what are you doing this year?" question. I recently received a grant to do public health research in a conflict region and it's going to take up most of my time this coming year. For my secondaries/updates, I'm not sure how much is too...
  26. LindaAccepted

    Medical Vanderbilt University 2016-17 Medical School Secondary Application Essay Tips

    This medical school places special emphasis on the relationships formed during medical school with classmates and faculty. Students participate in small group learning activities through the four colleges. In the first two years of medical school, students create their own project to self-direct...
  27. LindaAccepted

    Medical What You Need to Know About Writing Spectacular Secondary Essays!

    Our recent webinar, Secondary Application Strategies for Essays That Score Interviews, was a huge success! If you missed it (or want to see it again), it’s available for viewing and download here. If you have any questions about your secondary applications, or would like to speak with one of...
  28. A

    Should you follow up with dental schools after submitting applications?

    Hey everyone, I submitted my AADSAS application about a week ago and had a question about following up on the status of my apps with the dental school. I know some dental schools specifically say "please refrain from calling or emailing our office regarding your application status", so I'm...
  29. LindaAccepted

    Medical University Of Chicago Pritzker School Of Medicine 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    This medical school is looking for student leaders from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a strong scientific foundation, thrive in team settings, and find solutions to complex issues. In this secondary application, I recommend focusing on what makes you a unique applicant – your love of...
  30. L

    Talking about transgender people in my secondary essays

    I'm planning on going to medical school to become a plastic surgeon. Some of the surgeries I want to perform are chest masculinization surgery, breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, and facial masculinization surgery as I want to help transgender people feel more comfortable in their...
  31. LindaAccepted

    Medical UC Davis School of Medicine 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    According to the U.S. News and World Report, UCDSOM is ranked #37 for primary care and #47 for research. This medical school campus is unique in that they have seven student-run clinics: Paul Hom Asian Clinic, Clinica Tepati, Imani Clinic, Shifa Clinic, Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic, Bayanihan...
  32. LindaAccepted

    Medical Temple University Medical School 2016-17 Secondary Application Tips

    Temple University has several campus locations in Pennsylvania. The school emphasizes hands-on, collaborative learning, community service, and the intersection between research and clinical care. It is one of the top ranked research-oriented schools. Temple also features a “simulation center”...
  33. H

    Secondary Application

    I got a secondary application from Midwestern, and one of the questions ask where I took most of my prereqs at. I started out at a 2 year college then transferred out to a 4 year university after. I would say my classes are split down the middle with the prereqs. Depending upon how you group...
  34. It's Over 9000!

    Should I list this short work experience?

  35. S

    Sort of a silly question about using school abbreviations in secondary essays?

    Would schools look down on using abbreviations of their names (MSU for Michigan State University, Toledo for University of Toledo, MCW for Medical College of Wisconsin, etc.) instead of their full names? Looking to save character space.
  36. kegar99

    Marriage as a diversity essay topic?

    I couldn't really find any feedback on this by using the search function, so I thought I'd go ahead and ask. I'm working on a diversity essay for a secondary app and am thinking about talking about how I'm married. I would focus on how as a spouse, nothing is just about me anymore because I have...
  37. LindaAccepted

    Medical Harvard Medical School 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    HMS is looking for students who will help find new ways to approach patient care through diversity, research, and a dedication to service. In this secondary application, it will be important to include relevant leadership roles that you have held in which you were able to improve methods or...
  38. LindaAccepted

    Medical Yale 2017 School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    Ranked in the top ten for research, Yale School of Medicine requires that each student complete a thesis, based on their own research interests, to graduate. For this purpose, the first two years of the curriculum are flexible and student-directed. Based on the school’s goals as well as their...
  39. LindaAccepted

    Medical Don’t Miss Out – Important Advice for Secondary Essays

    Quick reminder! We’re hosting our annual, 1-hour webinar, Secondary Application Strategies for Essays That Score Interviews, on Wednesday, July 20th at 5pm PT/8pm ET. The webinar is free, but registration is required. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to highlight your competitive...
  40. D

    Advice on adversity/diversity