1. Snickerdoodle1996

    Secodary Question about Explaining Inconsistency in academic record and standarized test scores

    Hello NOVA MD secondary is asking Please explain any gaps or inconsistencies in either academic or standardized test performances throughout your undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate career. I have a 505 MCAT is it worth speaking about in this? I'm not sure if I want to draw attention...
  2. lilsebastian18

    Uploading Research Files to Secondary App

    So one of my secondary apps (Western - Pomona Campus), asks about research experience and has a place to upload files. Does anyone have any advice on what to upload? I have a number of publications and poster presentations (2 with me as the presenter, and 4 as a second author on the poster)...
  3. F

    should I mention my school's harsh grading scale in secondary?

    one of the questions asks for any challenges that may explain any gaps in my candidacy. I have none, other than the language barrier when i first moved which I hit on in the personal statement. However, my school uses very tough grading scales in most of the classes. for example, I had a 96% in...
  4. Aqua264

    Diversity essay

    Hi everyone, I know a lot of people ask about the diversity essay - I would greatly appreciate some input between these options. Thank you in advanced for reading this. 1) I collect paper napkins - it used to be a common hobby in Romania and the collection was passed down from my mother. I...
  5. S

    Diversity secondary concern- too arrogant or elitist?

    Hey everyone — long time lurker and now posting for the first time! For my diversity secondary, I’m going with sort of a “diversity of mindset” approach: I’m talking about how I have a passion for developing medical technologies and other innovations to push science forward. I talk about how my...
  6. Franzliszt1

    In what form will secondaries come?

    Dear SDN, Hope you all had a good weekend. I should be receiving secondaries soon would like to know it what form, email, or traditional mail, I should expect them! Thanks everyone in advance.
  7. Neoneji123

    Secondary Help...suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Hi Guys! I've begun receiving some DO secondaries and I started work on them. Finished with CCOM's. A lot of the questions have an overlap (such as why here or diversity question). I was wondering if someone would kindly read my first secondary I wrote and give me a critique on it. It will help...
  8. H


  9. Franzliszt1

    Writing more =/= better (secondaries)

    Dear SDN, Hope you are all doing well. How do adcoms feel about secondary applicants who haven't maxed the character limit. My intuition is that more does not always equal better...
  10. girlunobserved

    Adversity Essay Topic Ideas

    Hi, been brainstorming a couple of ideas: - overcoming social anxiety over the course of ~10 years (started as the weird girl reading books in the corner of a classroom and then migrated to being someone that could talk to anyone by the end of college) - growing up in an area that had security...
  11. Franzliszt1

    Mental health issues and secondaries

    Dear SDN, Hope you all are doing well. What is the general wisdom about invoking experiences with my own mental health on a short secondary essay about "obstacles" or "challenges"ect..? Would I be better off discussing financial difficulties? Any and all opinions are appreciated.
  12. A

    Nova Secondary: "List all dental schools that you are applying to"

    Hey people, so I was just going through the NOVA secondary application and one of the questions asks to list all the dental schools that I am applying to. My question is, should I list all? I am applying to >20 schools and that is way above average. Does the school already know how many I am...
  13. sherer1

    What's the difference between problem and hardship? (UCLA Secondary)

    The David Geffen secondary app has two essay questions, one of them asks to describe a problem in your life and another asks if you've had any hardships you'd like to talk about. I'm having a hard time differentiating the two, is problem supposed to be something small? The problems I've had in...
  14. F

    question about secondary essays

    I am a little unsure about how to approach these essays. Should i treat them as a writing assignment, such as having an intro, thesis, body, conclusion? what about formatting, should i format my paragraphs in the textbox? or do i just start typing and answer the questions directly? I am asking...
  15. AcaffinatedMinD

    2018-2019 Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (Auburn)

    Hey guys here's the prompt for the 2018-2019 Secondary for all the VCOM campuses. They are the same questions as the ones last year as well. 500 words maximum for each one. 1. Describe the top three reasons you have chosen osteopathic medicine as your professional choice in becoming a physician...
  16. F

    Michigan State University DO 2018-2019

    Please post essay questions when you receive them. Good luck to everyone!
  17. A

    Additional Info Section on Secondaries

    I know some schools have an essay or section on their secondary app for applicants to provide additional info, such as post-primary updates. Is there a list of the schools that have this/which schools are known to provide this?
  18. D

    *~*~*~* Official 2018-2019 Secondaries/Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread *~*~*~*

    Starting a bit early, but since UTDell starts offering secondaries in June, I figured why not. School: Secondary/Interview/Accep/Rejec: Notification date: Method of notification: Residency: TMDSAS/AMCAS mail-out date: Application complete date: GPA (science, overall) MCAT (Bio/Phys/CARS/Psysoc):
  19. A

    Secondary essay for UTH-McGovern (Houston)?

    I keep reading "McGovern Medical School does not require secondary applications." Although the school does not require secondary applications, does McGovern offers the option to submit a secondary essay?
  20. KCraig

    When do schools send secondary applications?

  21. DontSugarCoatIt

    Latest MCAT retest date?

    I am in somewhat of an unique situation. My previous MCAT is enough to get me to all my secondaries. However, it is not enough to get me into all my interviews. I guess you could call me a "near miss" this year. With a 510 MCAT and 3.87 cGPA, I received two interviews last cycle. Alas, I...
  22. donutzebra

    Not returning secondaries

    I have a really dumb question. I saw the thread about how not showing up to medical school interviews without informing them first is really unprofessional and could potentially burn bridges in terms of residency chances. I just wanted to confirm that denoting a school on AMCAS, receiving a...
  23. M

    Built an App to check secondary statuses

    MapAggregate - A Secondary Application Checker I decided to build an app called MapAggregate to address a problem I had during the secondary application portion of this years application cycle by allowing the collected checking of your secondary applications. I had an issue with a secondary...
  24. D

    FSU COM Application Timeline

    I just submitted my secondary application to FSU about a week ago. I'm wondering if that's too late in the application cycle to receive a regular admission interview? I have decent MCAT and GPA around their average and a lot of research/volunteering/shadowing experience.
  25. tangmello

    PCOM Secondary Lookover?

    Hey, all! I'm currently making edits to my PCOM secondary (holy moly 250 words for all this info is tough), and I was wondering if anyone could take a look at it. It's kind of rough right now, but I would love some opinions. PM me for link. Thanks!
  26. 7

    Underserved population experience ??

    I am in the process of working on my secondaries essays. On the question of why do you want to come to our medical school or how does their mission reflect my values, etc.... Many school always stress their focus on doing community outreach and serving the underserved populations and this is...
  27. Welshman

    Diversity - The fear of Goro in me

    I wrote my diversity essay awhile back and I thought it was relatively good, but after reading some of @Goro 's recent advice, e.g. "if you write that you'll get rejected." I panicked and wrote a new one. At first, what I wrote was basically a survey of my unique upbringing and work...
  28. N

    How many secondaries and interviews does one receive on average?

    Preferably as a percentage so that respondents don't have to disclose the precise number of schools they applied to (unless they want to). I have no idea where or when I heard "expect ~66% secondaries", but my secondary receipt rate has been closer to 80-90% according to the table I made just...
  29. AndyHopkins

    MD & DO Should I explain my three MCAT attempts on secondaries?

  30. CUatthefinishline

    Institutional Action Letter

    [Shortened] My questions: Do I obtain this letter myself & upload it to the secondary (as one school has implied)? Do I have the school submit the letter to AMCAS, then forward it to each school? (& will this letter count towards my letter limit at the school?) Who actually has to write this...
  31. M

    Submitting secondaries before updated MCAT score?

    A few weeks ago, I submitted my primary application to medical schools. In this application, I included my first MCAT attempt score (507) but I retook the MCAT a few weeks ago and won't have my updated score until August 1st. I indicated this on my primary app. I have received secondaries to...
  32. HopefulDoc91

    Decision about applying to ATSU

    I am trying to decide if I should complete the secondary for ATSU-AZ. After doing more research I don't feel I would thrive with their unique 1+3 model. I think the traditional 2+2 model would be better for me. I'm also not keen on only spending the 1st year on campus and then having no idea...
  33. spotted_drum

    Secondaries General Advice

    Just looking for some general advice on writing secondaries. If there is already some big thread about it, will someone please post the link? I couldn't find it. Looking for: What to never say/topics to never touch What makes a good passion/adversity/diversity/advocacy essay Do they want us to...
  34. L

    Anyone willing to review my challenge essay?

    I'm not sure if I've articulated my challenge sufficiently, and would love to get some second opinions!
  35. Crocognar

    Challenge essay idea

    So I'm trying to figure out what to write for my challenge essay. From what I've read on SDN, I don't need to go to Africa and be on the verge of death by lion mauling to overcome a challenge. Great! I was thinking of writing about a time where my friend got a subungual hematoma on his big toe...
  36. P

    Do you need CASPer score to be sent in order to be complete?

    Hi all! So 3 schools I'm applying to require a CASPer score to be sent to the school. Does this mean you are not marked complete till the score is received? Does this not delay many people's applications since it takes approximately 1 month to process and score the CASPer test?
  37. amg_la

    Explaining a Bad MCAT section on secondary

    The day before my mcat I had an accident and spent the better part of the previous night 4-10:30pm in urgent care/ER waiting to see a physician to get stitches on my face. i ended up leaving before ever seeing a physician because I had to drive 45 minutes to my air b&b next to the testing...
  38. Wingardium Leviosa

    Additional Info Secondary- gap year

    Hey, Apologize if this has been asked before. I still don't know what I'll be doing this gap year while I apply so it is not reflected on AMCAS, and my current position ends at the end of July. For schools that don't ask about gap year plans in secondaries, would the "Additional Information"...
  39. L

    Secondary: Challenge Prompt

    So I've drafted a response to the challenge prompt, but I'm not sure if it will be well received: During my freshmen year of college I was pretty overwhelmed by academics, and also had to deal with my (ex)-girlfriend cheating on me over long-distance. I talk about overcoming that by building...
  40. shellsterpie

    Secondary/Supplemental App Confusion

    I am a bit confused about the supplemental application process and had a few questions! 1) I am submitting my AADSAS within the next day, but am I allowed to submit it without completing the "Program Materials" quadrant? Some of the schools' pages on AADSAS have a question section such as "Why...