1. D

    Applying to MD PhD with One Withdrawal

    I plan to apply for MD PhD programs my senior year (taking a Gap year). My two top schools are Emory and Stanford. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I’m a junior. I’ve been doing research since the summer of freshman year, each semester. I also got into Mayo Clinic’s summer fellowship for this...
  2. marcosma

    Stanford Secondary Question

    Hello! I am currently pre-writing my Stanford secondary and I am working on the following question: --- What do you see as the most likely practice scenario for your future medical career? Choose the single answer that best describes your career goals and clinical practice setting: Academic...
  3. D

    Do I Have A Chance To Match At Stanford OB/GYN With Sub-Par Step 1?

    I got my score back recently, and ended up with a 222, which was significantly lower than I wanted. So now I'm stressed, because it's already lower than the national average, not to mention an Ivy-League standard. I did well on my OB/GYN rotation and got strong comments. I haven't started...
  4. I

    Nontraditional MS in ChemE (Stanford) to Med School

    Hello SDN, I am always hesitant to create posts on forums, but I've been following various threads on SDN for a while and thought your guys's opinions and advice could be valuable. Background: 24 year old male B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry from a UC school (3.75 GPA) M.S. Chemical...
  5. S

    Stanford vs CCLCM

    Stanford Pros ++Fantastic research opportunities ++Established, well-known program (prestige) ++Bay Area weather/hiking/nature + Atmosphere of exploration/innovation + Chance to pursue interdisciplinary interests (potential MBA) Cons -- Would need to take ~160k in loans - H/P/F during clinical...
  6. M

    Masters Programs

    Prior to applying to medical schools, I am pursuing a Masters program. I've gotten into Masters programs at Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford. I am currently at Stanford so I am really familiar with the community- but does anyone have any insight or opinions on...
  7. StanfordMedStudent2018

    "We're the One" (Stanford School of Medicine Parody of "I'm the One")

    Hey Pre-Meds! Stanford's back at it again with this year's parody music video (presented by the entering PA and MD classes of 2017):
  8. L

    NYU vs UCSF vs Cornell vs UCL vs McGill

    I have a bunch of offers but idk where to go. They're all stupidly expensive due to the fact i'm an international student from Canada. But I guess i'd appreciate some insight from alumni or current students attending each university. I'm most leaning towards Stanford or UCSF right now. NYU...
  9. H

    Stanford / Santa Clara EM - job prospects and contracts shakeup?

    Hi, I've read some great things about Stanford EM residency. I've read many of the threads here on SDN. I have two questions: I've heard that Stanford / Santa Clara has been going through a shakeup where the EM doctors did not get their contracts renewed. Does anyone have more information on...
  10. D

    MD/PhD, GPA 3.85 MCAT 516 is Harvard/Stanford Viable?

    I hope to get into the MD/PhD program at either Harvard or Stanford. Is this a realistic goal? Age: 22 MCAT : CPBS: 129 BBLS: 132 CARS: 128 PSBB: 127 Overall: 516 GPA: 3.85 Science GPA: 3.8 (top 40 national university US) First author publication in Nature Communications Fifth author...
  11. C

    Other Master's Degree MS in clinical research in the bay area

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here! I have a huge question about two programs I'm applying to in both UCSF and Stanford medical school. UCSF has a master in clinical research and Stanford has a master in epidemiology and clinical research. I wondering if anyone has any input on...
  12. Dr. In Formation

    Special message from a Stanford MD alum

    It's always great to see encouragement for premeds of color. It's important for us to support and uplift each other on SDN and in real life. I really liked the message, so I thought I'd share. His URM/disadvantaged premed coaching website.
  13. TheDrB.020

    MD 521 MCAT, 3.74 GPA (B.S.), 3.96 GPA (M.S.)

    White Male from California 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) Taken only once 3.74 B.S. GPA (upward trend) 3.96 M.S. GPA Both B.S. (Animal Science/Pre-vet) & M.S. (Stem cell research/regenerative medicine) from Cal Poly SLO 2nd author pub in Nature Neuroscience 2 years full time in top neuroscience...
  14. TheDrB.020

    521 MCAT, 3.74 GPA (B.S.), 3.96 GPA (M.S.)

    White Male from California 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) 3.74 B.S. GPA (upward trend) 3.96 M.S. GPA Both B.S. (Animal Science/Pre-vet) & M.S. (Stem cell research/regenerative medicine) from Cal Poly SLO 2nd author pub in Nature Neuroscience 2 years full time in top neuroscience lab (ongoing)...
  15. H

    Position Available Stanford PM&R PGY-3 position available

    The PM&R Residency Program at Stanford University has a PGY-3 position available for an outstanding resident candidate to start in July 2016. Prerequisites: - Expected or successful completion of PGY-2 year in an ACGME-accredited PM&R program. Interested candidates should email the following...
  16. P

    MD School suggestions? 520, 3.94, average ECs

    I know my MCAT and GPA are fine for many top schools from looking at the MSAR, but I'm hesitant to apply to top schools like Baylor, Stanford, WUSTL, Yale, UMichigan, etc. because my ECs are only average at best. Should I bother applying to top schools like this, or stick to my Texas state...
  17. S

    Hopkins vs. Stanford vs. Full-Ride WashU

    Hi everyone! Very grateful to be choosing between Hopkins, Stanford, and a full-ride at WashU! I'm wondering if anyone (especially current med students who faced similar choices) has any insight to share. I'm interested in a competitive specialty (thinking ortho or some other surgical...
  18. CaliforniaPsyD

    Psy.D. decision: Fuller Seminary vs Stanford Consortium

    I've been accepted into my two top choice programs and desperately need help choosing between earning my Psy.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary or Stanford's PGSP Consortium. Fuller's faith-based program is not a deciding factor, and I much prefer the location of Fuller in Pasadena than...
  19. B

    Good school list?