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  1. Alessandra20

    Address academic probation?

    Hello everyone :) I am in the works of applying for the upcoming pharmacy cycle and there is a question regarding if I have received any academic violations of which I was on academic probation as well as received 1 F and 1 XE (failure to show up to final(i contracted cellulitis and was unable...
  2. M


  3. S

    Retakes and DO schools?

    Hey everyone, It's been a while, but I have a question. I was wondering if DO schools are out of the question if a non traditional applicant retook 1 prerequisite class more than 3 times? I was wondering if that is the case then what can the applicant do to improve their...
  4. cCypheN

    Volunteer ideas to show commitment to the underserved

    Hello, I was wondering what the common volunteer positions are that show medical schools that we have some sort of experience/commitment in serving the underserved. I am looking to get involved in a couple volunteer areas next semester and I am having trouble trying to find one that I can...
  5. 9

    DAT Mastery App? Last Minute Study Tips?

    Hey all, So I'm taking my DAT this Friday, and I have gone through Destroyer about 7 or 8 times (I know it like the back of my hand). I have been just using random online resources, some of which @orgoman22 shared with me (thank you very much!). I have the DAT Mastery App on my phone and also...
  6. medstudent1215

    Thank You emails following interview

    Is this something that is common to do? I had never even thought about it, or heard of it before my last interview where someone asked "is it okay if we send thank you emails to our interviewers?" The speaker knew what she was talking about and said that the school accepts them. How many people...
  7. W

    Staffing Director of Pharmacy Psych Hospital (outsourced) VS Critical Care

    Please help my all my pharmacy friends. I don't know what to choose. What would you each choose? Which is a better career move? 1. Money wise - the staffing director position is 40k extra per year - I'm concerned that it is not really a director job but really a staffing job with...
  8. B

    Sophomore Year Guidance & Inquiry

    In terms of clinical volunteering and research opportunities, I wanted to get some advice and ideas as to what/how medical background would benefit my credentials. I am a Rising 3rd-Semester Sophomore in College. My understanding is that most students in the process of applying to Medical...
  9. J

    Am I doing this right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  10. J

    Am I doing this Right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  11. HereWeGo21

    Thank you letter after home SubI

    I was wondering if anyone sent a thank you letter after your home SubI. PD? Chair? Both? Handwritten or email? If relevant, this is for a surgical subspecialty.
  12. 2

    Will scheduled MCAT date hinder my MD application?

    Hello! I am scheduled to take the MCAT July 21st and am writing to gain some insight on how this later date could hinder my chances of matriculating. I have already written my personal statement and it has be reviewed/revised multiple times at the university writing center. Planning on filling...
  13. M

    First Post, Where should I be as a premed student

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on SDN, and I have some concerns in regards to where I should be as a premed student. I am far from a traditional pre-med student, with being back in school is a relatively new thing. I returned to college just two years ago, and despite doing terrible in...
  14. S

    Any LCSW's out there making 80-100K? Please share your experiences.

    Hi I am entering into an MSW program and want to eventually get my LCSW...I am in NYS area. However, I have a wife/kids, debt and would appreciate those within the field that are making a good salary within the field 80-100K etc. to share how they got to that point in their career (what areas of...
  15. M

    Thank you letters..?

    hey guys, So I’ve read that some people recommend sending thank you letters to the interviewers post-interview.. I never even thought about doing this. Am I the only one who hasn’t done this?
  16. F

    Combine thank you note with update?

    I recently interviewed at a school, and I was given a specific email for interviewed applicants to send thank you notes (to admissions, not interviewers) and updates. Is it appropriate to thank admissions for giving me the opportunity to interview with my interviewers, and then in a later...
  17. B

    Multiple Acceptances

  18. L

    Is it ethical to give my professor/doctor a gift as a thank you for treating me for free?

    I'm a medical student. I recently had a medical problem and went to one of the cardiology attendings at my teaching hospital for a check up, because he's the best in the field where I live. I didn't have any medical insurance lol. He was really kind and didn't let me pay a penny. He even went as...
  19. Iconic Bond

    Help Finalizing List. 511 MCAT, 3.9 sGPA

    Hi guys, I’m looking for some help with the list of schools I’m applying to this cycle and would appreciate any ideas/criticism. Info: State of residence: New York Undergrad: Stony Brook cGPA: 3.86, sGPA: 3.9 MCAT Score: 511 (129/126/129/127) 86th percentile 40 hours clinical...
  20. M

    CAN'T complete english pre-req before matriculation

    Hi guys, I wish I found this forum earlier because I am in serious deep trouble. I was accepted off waitlist last week and the class starts in August. Because I was almost certain I need to re-apply again after the interview and I know I would not do too well on English, I did not plan to take...
  21. CareerNumTwo

    Need help figuring out where I should apply... Thank you!

    Hi everyone. I'd like some feed back on my current list. It's pretty short. Please let me know if you think I should add or take away a school. Background GPA First undergrad: Cumulative: 2.7, sGPA: 2.4 (B.S. Economics - 2007) Master's Degree: 3.8 (M.S. Engineering Management - 2013)...
  22. D

    Thank you Notes

    Is it better to give a generic hand written thank you note on the day of the interview or email faculty thank you notes and how much you want tot go to the school? Thank you so much for your input
  23. M

    Other OT-Related Information Writing Thank You Letter for being listed as ALTERNATE?

    I was recently listed as an alternate at Creighton. My friend said it would be a good idea to write a thank you letter. Note, I haven't been interviewed or anything yet. Is this a good idea? What should I even say?
  24. I

    casual "Thank You" cards

    hey, what kind of thank you cards do you all suggesting sending? I found a few really nice ones, but I did feel like they were too casual (one of them had a really funny joke about medicine, but it was a get well soon card :-(...) I found another one that had a cartoon character on it which I...