1. S

    Mental Health Resources!

    Research Participation Opportunity - Grow the Knowledge of Mental Health for Health Care Providers! My name is Sylvia Cossavella, and I am clinical psychology doctoral student at Alliant International University, San Diego. I am currently working on my dissertation, which seeks to understand...
  2. P

    Careers in Clinical Psych

    Hi everyone, I am asking for career advice, and I’m going to give you some of my stats/background before I go into my situation. Undergrad GPA: 3.94 Grad GPA: 4.0 No research experience (besides working as a lab assistant for a semester in a Bio lab. I’ve also done plenty of research...
  3. D

    Improving patient care

    Hello! As a mental healthcare professional, one of the things that I feel would be very useful to improving my patient care is to improve the collaborate care model, allowing patients more agency (aka let them navigate the ship), and improving data collection of their symptomatology over a...
  4. T

    Physical Therapy Space

    Hi everyone! We have a 3800 sqft space that is available for a good portion of the day M-F and thought it would be a great place for someone to start out with their practice. Also, open for Saturday and Sunday! We have all the equipment available and are located in Lodi, California. Please let...
  5. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS USC OT 2020-2021 Applicants Stats/Updates/Q&A

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a forum for this years application cycle since I didn’t see one started already. This can be a thread where we update each other on acceptance letters, waitlists, stats, or ask any questions! Best of luck to all!
  6. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's UTRGV Occupational Therapy

    Hi everyone! I have recently been accepted to the incoming class for UTRGV’s MOT program! Since they don’t have an interview process and I can’t find anything about the program and how the professors teach I was hoping someone would have some insight on what it would be like to attend there! Any...
  7. O

    Position Available Looking for Clinical Psychology graduates for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Clinical Psychologist Ottawa Centre for Cognitive Therapy Preferred start date: January 2020 Job Summary The Ottawa Centre for Cognitive Therapy is seeking a Clinical Psychologist with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy orientation within a busy, well established clinic in Ottawa Ontario...
  8. E

    Medical school vs. PsyD/PhD?

    I’m debating whether I should go to medical school or get a PhD/psyd? I want to be able to both provide sex and sexual trauma based therapy, sex education, and also build clinical programs in human sexuality. I would also like a mixed job where I’m seeing patients, working with a team, and doing...
  9. Perchperkins

    Will going to a therapist ruin my chances at medicine?

    I won’t go into explicit detail but I’m going through a rough time and I wanted to see a therapist or psychologist. I don’t have any mental issues. However, I heard that it stays on your permanent record. Could this ruin my chances at pursuing a career in medicine?
  10. md2be89

    Best child psychiatry fellowship with a therapy focus

    Hello all, I'm applying to child fellowship this cycle. My dream for my future is to have a large private psychiatry practice with integrative medicine and therapy, with an emphasis on family therapy. In an ideal world I'd stay in the midwest. I know Vermont is known to be excellent for family...
  11. E

    Potential DPT Earnings

    Hello members, I seem to be paralyzed in making my decision on pursuing PT... I went on a detour after I completed UG as a pre-PT; will turn 26 next month. I have an acceptance to a PT program starting Fall 2019. However, the debt-to-income ratio is driving me insane. I got my tuition down to...
  12. PikminOC

    Patient with UnitedHealthcare insurance

    I am not that familiar with insurance, but my patient has United Healthcare. She sees a therapist that I recommended, and I am concerned about a few things. The therapist does longer appointments for this complex patient, and emergency after hours calls as well. She bills the patient for the...
  13. S

    Denial but is there hope?...

    So, I received a denial letter from Wayne State University, I was waistlisted and then received a letter that went like this: “I am sorry to inform you that our Physical Therapy class is full and we will not be admitting you off of the wait list this year. I know that this is disappointing news...
  14. T

    PhD/PsyD Feeling insecure about therapy skills

    I'm currently on internship and a goal of mine is to build up my confidence and get more therapy experience even though I plan on specializing in NP. I always felt insecure during grad school about the quality of my supervision experiences, therapy training, and class time dedicated to learning...
  15. P

    Trying to figure out the best route to go, Masters or PhD/Psy.D, as well as career options

    I'm currently looking into the best route to go for becoming a practicing psychologist. I have a bachelors from UC Davis in psychology with a 3.3 GPA, one year working as a behavioral therapist, and a few internships/volunteer positions. I wasn't sure if this was my route when in college so I...
  16. PsychologistLizzie

    What clinical experience can I get as a first year PhD student?

    Hi all! I was hoping I could get some advice. I'm an incoming clinical-school psych student. I know that externships are not typically available for 1st-year students, so I was wondering what I can do now and which experiences will make me most competitive. I am primarily interested in...
  17. N

    Mental health advisors at CC

    Hi, I feel like I need some help with therapy as I would like to control my thoughts and reactions to things better (dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety in both personal life and studies). I am in my second year in a CC and I will transfer to a 4 year cycle of 2019. I think CBT will help...
  18. H

    Clinical Psychologists in private practice

    How are you doing financially if you're in private practice full-time? If you take insurance, how much do insurance companies pay? I'm a psyd student and hope to end up in private practice full-time a few years after I get my degree, and wanted to ask any psychologists here in private practice...
  19. D

    Stockton University DPT Class of 2021

    Anyone on here committed to Stockton's DPT Program? Is there a facebook page?
  20. D

    Profitable Practices

    The #1 fear of early career therapists is often, "How do I get clients?" They've learned how to do great therapy, now they just need to know how to build a successful private practice where they can let their skills shine. Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a successful clinical psychologist whose practice...
  21. R

    UTMB DPT Class of 2021

    Hello, friends! In an effort to connect with future classmates, I have created a group on FB titled "UTMB DPT Class of 2021." To ensure you join the correct group, please double-check that "Chase Christy" created the group. Thank you and congratulations!
  22. M

    Recovered From PTSD and Failure- Will I Matriculate?

    I'm a 22 year old pre-medical student. I've done quite a bit of volunteer work and plan to do more, and am currently a phlebotomist while pursuing a degree in the biological sciences. I'm also a certified life guard, so I've got quite a bit of work experience in that category as well. I've had...
  23. Pscyh6

    Day-To-Day Tasks for an Intern

    Just curious what types of jobs or tasks an intern would go through on a day to day basis. (Specifically an intern in the family/counseling field) If you're an intern or you know an intern in any other specific area; feel free to list a few tasks with the field he/she is working in.
  24. ThatClemsonGirl

    Ask an MUSC first year PT student!

    I'm a first year DPT student at MUSC and currently almost done with my second semester! I remember a year ago when I was on here while applying, and I had so many questions about PT school, applying, etc. So I'm here to answer any of yours! Ask away!
  25. R

    Tips - Starting a Successful Therapy Practice

    Came across an article, thought I'd share it. Tips on Starting A Successful Therapy Practice 1. Find your niche: Choose an area of practice in which you’ve felt the most rewarded and in which you feel like you can do the most good for patients. If you’re going to start your own practice...
  26. D

    Microcirculation therapy

    Hi all. Anybody here ever heard of Microcirculation therapy for painful episodes of headache and also a diabetic wound treatment? Let me know. Thanks!
  27. Tsunnami

    MD Double Standards In Mental Health Issues

    Hello, Everyone ! I've observed that there are many topics here about mental health problems, which is not surprising, because at our Medical school there are also many problems in this area. I've seen many students getting addicted to pills and other substances to keep them calm and to avoid...
  28. J

    Quick research survey for doctoral/masters students in psychology and practicing psychotherapists

    Hi All, I'm a 4th year doctoral student in clinical psychology and need participants for my research project. The study takes less than 10 minutes to complete and involves answering several demographic questions and filling out a brief multiple choice self-report measure in the form of a...
  29. M

    Too many Options

    I am a non-working post-bachelor student. I majored in Psychology for my undergraduate degree. I am interested in Mental Health Counseling, Addiction/Substance Abuse Counseling, Art Therapy, Animal Therapy I have taken courses or gotten some experience in those areas. Is there a Masters degree...
  30. H

    Longtime lurker, crippled by the advice on the site: MA vs MSW

    After years of wanting to go back to school for clinical social work or mental health counseling, I'm finally in a position to pursue it. I moved back to my home state (MN) where I intend to stay and am now faced with the decision of which programs to pursue. I spent 8 years in Chicago and while...
  31. epsoftball9

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Allen College MOT Fall 2017 Class

    Hey guys! I have accepted a spot at Allen College and I wanted to see who else has! I'm really excited and also looking for a possible roomie. It's me and my puppy (lab collie mix, hes perfect). Renting a house is dirt cheap ($500/mo) for two bedrooms.
  32. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SUNY Downstate Interview Q's and Essay?

    Hey everyone, I've received an email for interview with Downstate in 2 days. Can anyone give me insight on the questions they may ask me for the interview as well as what I may need to write an essay on? Thanks.
  33. H

    Getting PostGrad Therapy Hours

    Hi All, I have an MA in Counseling, and am licensed as an LPC (the intern level license) in Illinois. I'm looking for a way to get postgrad supervised hours in a way that will let me avoid doing 100 percent case management and won't get me killed. Let me explain... My last job, with a respected...
  34. T

    Vision Therapy at UHCO

    I recently have been accepted into University of Houston and was curious about their vision therapy program. Does anyone have information about the tests/therapies that they perform and what disorders they treat. Also if anyone knows how respected the program is. Thanks in advance!
  35. Z


    I am currently a Pre-Med student, while I have many interests in the medical field I am mostly considered Psychiatry (and Pathology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, etc.). I am leaning most towards Psychiatry and have been interested in going into this field ever since Middle School. Merely from my...
  36. rr-ferreira

    Mind, Body and Spirit - Integrative Medicine + Psychiatry or Career in Psychology?

    Hi everyone! I am from Brazil. I've been having a hard time to decide whether I should become a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I know that in order to practice medicine in the USA and other places abroad one has to pass through a different process, when compared to the one here in Brazil...
  37. rr-ferreira

    Mind, Body and Spirit - Integrative Medicine + Psychiatry or Career in Psychology?

    Hi everyone! I am from Brazil. I've been having a hard time to decide whether I should become a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I know that in order to practice medicine in the USA and other places abroad one has to pass through a different process, when compared to the one here in Brazil...
  38. P

    Not sure I can trust this website for a volunteer experience?

    Hey everyone, Longtime lurker here that made an account because I'm unsure of what to do. I'm really interested in the field of psychiatry and really want to volunteer for a crisis hotline during my undergraduate studies. I tried searching for any opportunities near my area (I go to UCSD) but I...
  39. PathforwardtoDPT

    Questions regarding LOR...

    I tried searching, but couldn't find these specific questions: I have a LOR lined up from a therapist, but he only just recently graduated like 3 years ago. Would this affect the LOR in a objectively negative way regardless of how great he writes the LOR? More specifically, do schools take...
  40. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS How To Apply for Your Master's in OT

    Hi guys! I'm a senior undergraduate student taking a year off and planning on applying to graduate school programs next cycle for my Masters in Occupational Therapy. Looking at the "GPA's, GRE's, XTRAs, etc." thread and seeing everyones stats really left me with questions: How does one get so...