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  2. P

    WAMC? 518 MCAT, 3.65 cGPA, 3.58 sGPA, T20 school, upward trend

    I was wondering what my chances are based on my stats. I have 400+hours of shadowing/clinicals, research (1 publication), and a leadership role (president of a club). Volunteering is on the low side, however (130 hours). I am a California resident. Any school list would be greatly appreciated...
  3. aspiring-dentist101

    Importance of GPA/Acceptance chances?)

    I've been wanting to post about this for a very long time. I have been busy with family, interviews, work, etc. So I haven’t been able to post on sdn. I have decided to post it now for the sake of future applicants. This is intended for future applicants and most importantly for those that did...
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  5. O

    Looking for advice. 2.96 cumulative GPA, 2.76 science GPA, 25AA DAT.

    I have a 2.96 overall, 2.76 science GPA. I got a 25AA on the DAT: PAT: 24 QR: 25 RC: 25 BIO: 26 CHEM: 25 OCHEM: 25 I know my GPA is really low, but my last 60 hours have been about a 3.7 and I think around 51 of them were science credits. My personal statement is pretty good and I'm pretty...
  6. A

    low gpa secondary to mother's death

  7. E

    MD & DO Texas applicant, nontraditional, low gpa, severe upward trend-what are my chances?

    I am reposting to try and get responses. Brutal honesty is appreciated. Hispanic overall GPA 2.72 science GPA 3.83 mcat TBD I graduated in 2010 with a BA in psychology with a 2.5 gpa. I’ve taken all of my prerequisites so far at a community college, as money is a big factor. I’m almost done...
  8. P

    Low-ish GPA. I need advice!

    Hi! I just graduated in December 2017 with a B.S. in biology, B.A. in Spanish, and a minor in chemistry. My overall GPA is a 3.33 and my science GPA is a 3.04. I have an interesting trend because I started out okay my freshman year (3.5ish). My sophomore year I was sexually assaulted, which as...
  9. AldeHide

    Need Advice, Finalizing Course Schedule for Post Bacc work

    I recently graduated with a BS in Human Physiology. I am sitting at a 3.0 which is obviously too low for a medical college application. During this time I am also conducting research with an ER doc completely volunteer based where he has allowed me to head my own proposal and study as the...
  10. C

    MD & DO What are my chances and Where to apply - Strong Upward Trend (3.6 / 520)

    I really didn't think I wanted to go to med school freshman and sophomore year but I was a biology major and didn't put all my effort in school until junior year when I decided I wanted to be a doctor. Didn't to too well in chemistry but retook 2 chem classes in the summer after junior year and...
  11. C

    Strong upward trend vs. SMP

    I feel like the purpose of SMP is to show that you could thrive in med-school level courses. I have a very strong upward trend where I started out with a 2.3 sgpa and probably will end with a 3.3 sgpa. Basically, my last two years of college shows huge growth since my earlier two years. Would...
  12. Mingos

    Need advice for Sophomore year and beyond

    Got my answer, thank you.
  13. J

    Upward trend, but too late?

    Hi all, TL;DR I had a lot to sort out from childhood and, while I won't go into details, I started university with diagnosed depression. I also had a lot of growing up to do too. Consequently, the first two and a half years I managed a 3.2 cGPA/ 2.88 sGPA, but by some stroke of luck and a lot...
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  15. astrostellar

    Nontrad considering SMP. Need advice.

    (First off, apologies, because this could be relevant to about 4 different forums...) I'm a 26-year-old nontrad in the military. I have rough grades dragging down my cGPA from 2009-2011 and one semester in 2014 (when I was getting divorced.) Right now, I've maintained a 4.0 going to school part...
  16. P

    MD & DO UPWARD TREND. cGPA 3.3 sGPA 3.1. What are my chances?

    Sophomore Biochemistry Major cGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.1 1st semester: 3.0 2nd semester: 3.1 3rd semester: 3.7 4th semester: in progress A lot of Volunteer/shadowing Hours and still racking them in. One thing I lack is clinical experience. I will be trying to find a job that can provide me with such...
  17. lllIllllIlllll_

    Chance for Recovery or am I done for?

    Hi guys, I just finished my first semester at university and to be quite frank, my grades are **** (and not like OHHHH MUH 3.9 kind of bad). I took 13 credit hours this semester, 7 of which were core science (bio lec+lab, chem lec) and two electives. \n Well, all my grades have come in and its...
  18. Tenzing2017

    What are my chances? Weak freshman year, 3 strong years...Any improvements?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on SDN, long time lurker. Just wanted to ask some for your opinions on my progress, "what are my chances?", and if theres anything you think I can improve.. I was a transfer student and had a weak freshman year (bc of reasons), but my GPA has improved...
  19. C

    Terrible Cumulative gpa but upward trend

    Hi SDN. So I recently input my grades in on a excel worksheet that calculated AMCAS gpa and I was shocked to see how low it was. This was probably due to me failing almost all of my classes my first year of college(I was having health issues). I do not know what to do? My sophomore year was a...
  20. C

    Upward Trend?

    So by the end of my junior year I should have around a 3.4 cumulative gpa. I know that is very low but I had messed up my freshman year really bad( I was having health issues and such) plus I had to retake organic chem. Ever since I had a pretty high upward trend by having mostly As or A-s my...
  21. A

    What are my chances for med school

    Hello, I am entering the last year of my undergrad education, and would like to know what my chances are for med school admission based off of my gpa and meat scores. I did not perform very well during my freshman year, but have been able to do very well my sophomore and junior years. My...
  22. astrostellar

    Very strange, roundabout path to pre-med (military)

    Hi all! I'm very glad I found you. I don't have much in way of mentorship or support on my path to medical school at the moment. Let me give you a rundown... I'm 25 and I live in Alaska. I've been enlisted Air Force for four years now. I graduated high school in 2009 with a 2.something GPA and...
  23. C

    Recent grades

    Could anyone give insight into whether any M.D. programs focus, when evaluating transcripts, primarily on grades earned during the final 3-4 (3's ideal) semesters of college? I'm a career changer (no science). Doing my own research but welcome suggestions. Thanks all.
  24. G

    Pre med hopeful, need some advice

    Hey everyone, I am new here (just got an account) and I would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed because I have such low grades right now: the breakdown is as follows 1st sem: 3.0 2nd sem: 2.9 3rd sem: 2.4 (I know :/ I was diagnosed with anxiety at this point and probably...
  25. Alienman52

    Do ADCOMs Look at cGPA and sGPA by Semester?

    Hi all, I just had a quick question about the ways adcoms look at GPAs. I heard from someone that if you apply early, that ADCOMs will look at GPA by semester, which is really important in my case when looking at my stats: (but if you apply later then they just look at stats as a whole) At...
  26. N

    MD 3.25 cGPA, sGPA 3.35, upward trend, great EC's...Chances?

    What are my chances for getting into an allopathic medical school? I plan to apply about one year from now (June, 2017) to both SMP's and medical schools as I plan on taking 2-3 years off. I've included all of the necessary info below, I believe. I identify as URM, as I am half Mexican half...
  27. S

    Is this a good upward trend?

    I made a post earlier last week where I mentioned that this year was **** and how I want to go into dental school, also i am also a Canadian student and I finally got all my grades back for this semester, and they are better than I expected. I want to know if this is a good upward trend as it...