vet advise

  1. grichi

    How difficult is it to get into a residency program?

    Specifically in wildlife. (I must also specify that I’m a foreigner that will take the ECFVG and NAVLE) - I know most residencies require at least a 1yr internship. Is it also difficult to get into an internship? - Do you have any knowledge about requirements? - Any advice for building a fit...
  2. carlyrsmith

    Looking for advice from second time applicants for vet school!

    Hi everyone! I was looking for advice from anyone who has applied for vet school more than one time. I'm a nontraditional student who has been in the field since 2008 (I'm 28), and I have a BA in theatre (2017) and my RVT license. I have a truckload of experience but a science GPA of 3.2, a...
  3. L

    Working Interview??? Help!!

    I have a working interview as a veterinary assistant in surgical unit at my local humane society this week and the veterinarian wanted to bring me in for a working interview since I was a recent graduate that majored in Animal/Veterinary science in undergrad that’s taking a gap year to increase...
  4. BigCats

    VMCAS Questions and Rants c/o 2025

    Happy "VMCAS is open four months early" day, y'all :) Post your VMCAS questions and rants here for the 2020-2021 cycle! Good luck to everyone who's still waiting to hear back from schools and good luck to everyone applying this new cycle! VMCAS Customer Service (Help with the application)...
  5. R

    WAMC Should I wait another year to apply?

    So I started kind of late to the prevet game so my biggest weakness is my lack of hours. I have really awesome diverse experiences but not many hours to show. The only school I plan on applying to is CSU since i’m a resident. Here are my stats: GPA 3.7 GRE not needed for csu Veterinary Hours...
  6. P

    Successful Vet School Transfers?

    Can any successful DVM transfers tell me what their GPA and class standing was like? I want to transfer from my current caribbean vet school to one in the U.S.. I think my reasons are valid enough, due to the current citizenship and the immigration policies changing in the US, my husband is not...
  7. C

    Keeping a horse in vet school?

    Hey guys! This is for any current, past, or future vet students - I'm looking for advice/opinions/words of wisdom. So I have been a competitive horse person all my life. I ride everyday even now. I just got accepted to my first school (yay!) and I'm already thinking/worrying about the...
  8. A

    How many vet exp. hours do you work a year, in pre-vet

    just on average.
  9. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  10. E

    Medical Terminology Course

    Hey guys I'm hoping to apply for vet school in September but some vet schools such as Virginia Tech and Tuskegee require a Medical Terminology prerequisite course. Has anyone taken the course for vet school online? If so, where did you take it? Thanks!
  11. P

    Help from DVM or DVM's to be... need advice PLEASE

    I graduated high school in California and went on to working with animals, I began as a vet assistant and moved on to becoming a vet tech with no school only from experience and referrals. I have hours of volunteer work at shelters and clinics that I kept track of. Overall my experience working...
  12. Foxxy

    Finding my way back to school

    Hi there! So I am a retired art student haha at 23. So quick story, I did not want to go to college right after HS because I had no clue what I wanted to do. My parents forced me so I decided to major in Fine arts at the local community college. I did all right, had an internship in Disney...
  13. D

    Ross transfer - best curriculum match

    I know this has been touched on many times but most of them are older and curriculum has changed etc. I'm currently in first semester at Ross and I was wondering if there were any Ross transfers or others out there who know the best times/places to transfer and avoid having to repeat a lot of...
  14. jzthecoolest

    How to improve my application?

    I am a recent grad and was wondering the best way to get into vet school. I graduated with a 3.26 gpa because i was worried about classes such as physics and took them my last couple of semesters my gpa kind of suffered because of it. I went from a physics 1 grade of a C and brought it up to an...
  15. D

    AVMA accredited schools abroad

    Hi guys, As I have graduated from undergrad, I no longer have the advice of my pre health advisor, so please help. I am planning on applying to AVMA accredited schools OUTSIDE the US (I have heard it is a little easier to get in). Does anyone know about the acceptance rates, pre-requisites...