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Jun 21, 2018
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Hey guys. I've been fortunate enough to be able to choose between several acceptances and narrowed it down to PCOM-GA and LECOM-B. I was wondering if y'all can help me pick between the two.

Here is some info about me:
  • I am a GA resident and PCOM is pretty close to home. This should help me save some money when it comes to room and board.
  • I am interested in a relatively competitive surgical residency, so board scores and match list do matter to me quite a bit. LECOM gets a +1 here.
  • I am also interested in doing research and both schools said something along the lines of "you can do research but you will have to find it yourself".
  • The mandatory attendance policy that PCOM has seems like a negative to me but I'm not sure if its as big of a deal as some others are making it seem.
  • PBL is a new structure to me so I am neutral about it. However, I do enjoy group study and probably won't mind the structure.
  • I do not care about the strict dress code and food/water policy that LECOM has. That is definitely not a negative in my book.
  • From my interviews it seemed like PCOM-GA has a better facilities than LECOM-B does (Anatomy lab, Sim lab, OMM lab).
  • It seemed like both school had OK rotation sites. I think they said about 50% stay close to school and the other 50% get sent elsewhere, for both schools. Since LECOM does not pay for rotations, am I really going to get the best training/exposure possible? Sure this saves some tuition money but is it worth it.

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Hey just wondering have you came to a conclusion as to which you would like to attend? I've applied to both but am still waiting to hear back for an interview invite.