TUCOM Interview

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Jun 25, 2001
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Hi tweety, I know this is kind of cliche' but can you email me your stats? I am very anxiously waiting to hear from Tucom.
I got my TUCOM invite today - Tweety- what date choices did they give you when you called? I haven't called yet, but I'm curious how soon they want to interview us. Thanks and congratulations!

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hey guys, i picked the 15 th too....come on palcaregrl, you got to get the 15th, that be 3!!!....did you get unecom?? i had to cancel mine, the 22, we ll be in arizona, but i retook the 9th of oct....hope to see you still next week
johndean- I didn't call yet, but I'll call tomorrow and see what I can do. I got UNECOM but also had to reschedule- I'm going the 13th, so the 15th in San Fran would be tight but I'll see (at least they'd all be over). :) I'll let you know tomororow (are we going to be able to GET to any of these places anyway???)
I would recommend flying to Oakland Airport if possible. There will be a lot less traffic and SFO can be a rather hectic place -- especially if you plan on renting a car.
Thanks for the advice Stinky (I love your name, BTW).

JohnDean- I called today and the 15th is full- the secretary offered me the 22nd, so I guess I won't be seeing you in San Fran. Oh well. You'll have to fill me in on what to expect. :)
I spoke with Touro today, also, and they said Oct. 22 was the first available day. Good Luck too all! For those of you going to AZCOM for an interview: I haven't heard from them, yet have invterviews to NOVA, UHS, Touro. SHould I call AZCOM? Any news on KCOM?
:) i got an interview at TUCOM too!!...i left called a message, but nothing yet...is therea person who actually answers the phone? or do they call you back?...i guess i'll try again tomorrow morning TUCOM time...best wishes to all those interviewing!