1. M

    Just applied at Walgreens as a pharmacy tech apprenticeship, what’s it like?

    I just applied for Walgreens in iowa as a pharmacy tech apprenticeship and I just want some more info on what it’s like. What’s the usual pay range? What is training like? Do you get paid for training? How long is the training? Can I work while in training? Do you get paid weekly? Is it true you...
  2. P

    WAMC- higher gpa low DAT

    Hi!! I need some advice as I took my DAT July 31st and scored below average. I rushed my studying as I overloaded my schedule this summer/ tried to take it to apply this cycle. Any advice helps. Thanks in advance!! GPA: 3.89 DAT: (1st time taking) AA 18 TS 17 PAT 16 QR 16 RC 21 BIO 17 GC 19 OC...
  3. G

    How to count hours for ec’s

    Hi! I’m a Canadian pre med, but I’d really hope anyone (us or can) could help me out with this question! On med school applications, do I have to write down the hours for every ec? From volunteering to research to starting clubs? How do you even do that? For things like starting initiatives or...
  4. B

    Mentioning physician parent inspiring me to become a doctor in application

    From a young age I was always inspired by my mom, an anesthesiologist. She is my biggest role model and one of the hardest working people I know. One of my favorite things to do is discuss her cases with her when she comes home after a long day or a hard 24 hour call. But would it be appropriate...
  5. P

    Dental Schools I'm applying To?

    I am looking for help deciding if these schools are worth applying to with my current stats. I have a 3.62 overall GPA and a 3.35 science GPA. I have about 110 shadowing hours and a lot of volunteering hours. The only thing is I don't think my recommendation letters will be too strong. I'm also...
  6. jcmed

    Questions About Retaking an Online Class

    I did a self-directed post-bacc last year to take medical prerequisites + some higher level pre-health courses that I didn't take while in college. During my post-bacc I took my first semester of Intro Physics lecture in a classroom, but took the second semester online over the summer. Both...
  7. J

    Terrible DAT score!! In need of guidance

    I’ve taken the DAT twice now! Both times were so bad, embarrassing bad. I’ll share my scores below. However, I really want to do this and now it feels impossible. I feel so lost and depressed rn. I’ve literally finished the application for this cycle, everything except my DAT scores are in. But...
  8. Insaiyandave

    Work/Activities Advice

    Hey! I will be applying MD in the upcoming cycle and was just starting to organize all my experiences and jobs that I have had during my undergraduate career. However, I am having an issue with putting contacts for one of my jobs, as I was self-employed. For the past 5 years or so I have been a...
  9. T

    Can you apply to medical school as an early college graduate?

    Currently, the plan is that I attend a community college then transfer to a four-year university. Normally, in the transfer program, students take two years at community college and two years at university. My plan is to use the ap credits I have to graduate in 1 year. I would have to take...
  10. D

    Transcripts required by medical schools in the U.S

    I'm an undergrad student currently taking my prerequisites at a university. I know that med schools require that you send all your post secondary transcripts, but my question is about high school transcripts and/or diploma. Do they ask for your school to send a copy of your diploma for education...
  11. G

    Having Volunteering and Shadowing Experiences

    Hey everyone, so if I have both volunteering and shadowing experiences, do I necessarily have to work, for example, as a medical assistant? I understand that having a job in medicine is very helpful in exposing yourself more to the medicine field, but I was wondering if having volunteering and...
  12. S

    What is considered "LATE" in submitting secondary applications?

    I just wanted to get others' opinions on when is it considered late to have you file complete for DO programs. I know there's this "rule" to submit secondaries, 2 weeks after receiving the email, but it has been difficult for me to do this due to a full time job. I am trying my best to complete...
  13. A

    Research for Pediatric Residency

    Does anybody know how important it is that the research you're doing in medical school is in the same specialty as the one you're intending to apply for residency? i.e. if I'm intending to apply for pediatric residency, is there even a point in doing a research project in Obgyn / IM / surgery...
  14. O

    Avoid mentioning mental health issues on Application?

    I'm filling out the supplementary application to Nebraska and they ask, "Please describe the most challenging situation or obstacle you have had to overcome." I've had some minor challenges I could talk about, but struggling on/off with depression and anxiety has easily been the biggest...
  15. C

    can Mental health first aid 1-day course be part of “Continuing Education Courses” section of app.?

    can Mental health first aid 1-day course be part of “Continuing Education Courses” section of application
  16. C

    DO you add your hobbies as extracurricular activities ?

    what will be the name of organization if i add them
  17. C

    Create Evaluation Request

  18. R

    Random jobs in med school application

    Should I include random non-health related jobs ive done in my med school application such as military and random things like carpentry, farming and security guard. Are these things useless and irrelevant or do they maybe show "real world experience" or something that the application board might...
  19. D


    I am retaking the DAT in July, have a GPA of about 3.47 and science is around 3.2. I am retaking a course but transcript wont be out for that specific course until August. I am sending my application around late June so all I have left is to update DAT in July. I will be letting schools know of...
  20. D

    DAT and Application HELP

    I took the DAT once in March and scored a 17 AA. Did not have enough time to study and a huge break in between studying due to travels. I have a 3.5 GPA, involved in many clubs throughout school years, 1 year research, volunteered in hospital/other medical facility, shadowed 2 dentists 100+...
  21. I

    Personal Statement

    I'm very new to the student doctor forum! Can anyone provide me any guidance on restrictions for a personal statement for post-bacc/SMP/MS? For example, I'm aware of what can be too personal in personal statement essays ie. mental illnesses. Is there any other restrictions you would advise...
  22. S

    Questions about Timeline for Recommendation Letters

    Hi, I'm taking my MCAT on August 24th (late i know but mostly focused on DO). I heard schools won't look at your app till your MCAT scores are in, so I will most likely submit my application in the last week of August. Question- does that mean I won't need to have my recommendation letters in...
  23. W

    How Do You Know Schools Will Fit For Me? // Chance Me Kinda

    Amidst the craziness of apps and anticipation for the interview / accepted season, I wanted to focus what I believe is a key aspect of the process: Designating the schools. Personally, I am struggling to determine which schools to send my applications. This post serves to answer the questions...
  24. B

    Panicking - Physician LOR fell through

    Hi, I made a separate post on this a little while back. Basically, I was concerned that one of the schools applied to (VCOM) wouldn't accept my physician letter of recommendation (which I am almost positive is great letter) from a doctor I did research with at a hospital. She is an MBBS. The...
  25. B

    What do I do?

    Hi, I'm getting frustrated here. I sent in my last batch of secondaries a couple of weeks ago, and a lot of the schools haven't even downloaded my letters. Do I need to email each school individually and ask if they can do so? How would you go about this situation?
  26. B

    Slight confusion about secondary question

    Hi, I'm almost ready to submit this secondary I have been working on. However, one of the questions asks, "Have you participated in significant research projects that have led to publication?" The question then goes on to ask for the DOI number. I am unsure of what to do because I am the author...
  27. B

    Is my secondary okay?

    Hi, On one of the secondary applications I'm filling out, it's asking how we were introduced to osteopathic medicine and why it's a good fit for us. I talked about how my pre-health advisor encouraged me to look into osteopathic medicine based on my experiences prior to college (volunteering...
  28. B

    Entering coursework from community college?

    Hi, I attended a university for 4 years, but took 2 courses at a community college during 2 summer breaks. I eventually transferred these credits to my university. Do I have to enter the coursework on my application with the course codes and titles the community college had, or can I use the...
  29. B

    How to list shadowing on application?

    Hi, I have shadowed a few doctors. Can I group my shadowing hours under 1 experience? And how do you pick a start and end date for shadowing different doctors? Also, if I have my name on an abstract for research that I did, do I list that under "description" for that experience? Thank you!
  30. Haray07

    Advice on becoming a strong applicant

    Hi, a quick introduction of myself. I'm currently in my 3rd year of Neuropsychology phd program. I'm debating whether I should quit and start to prepare for med school application (i.e. take classes, MCAT, volunteering), or should I stick out and then apply? My ultimate goal is to become a...
  31. M

    Should I mention that my family members are doctors in secondary essays?

    I have to answer a question about my inspirations for becoming a physician. The truth is that I initially became inspired because of my family members and how much they seemed to love their careers. Of course I also shadowed other doctors and had other experiences in college that confirmed for...
  32. P

    Personal Statement - Am I Getting too Personal?

  33. I

    How strong is Internship in The world Wide Bank for my application?

    Hello, I have an opportunity for internship in Health Project in World Bank in Tajikistan ( Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. This is a developing country).It is a project in the field of health system financing, It covers retraining doctors, improves access to the Health...