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  1. soakedwithwatermel

    Retake Orgo I & II from community college (dual enrollment) at four-year university?

    Hello! I took Orgo I & II (lecture only, no lab component) at my local community college senior year in high school for dual enrollmennt and ended with 'A's. Should I retake Orgo I & II (lecture with lab) at my four-year university as the course may be harder at a university level and medical...
  2. Justanotherlostpremed

    Some guidance - Finishing high school with Associates, Not sure what route to take

    Hey Everyone! Aspiring doctor here, I just graduated high school with an Associate in Science degree via Dual enrollment from the local community college. After going through older posts on this topic, I believe this was not the best course of action for a pre-med as I now have a lot of my...
  3. D

    High School Dual Enrollment

    Hi Everyone, I am currently a Junior in High School. I am dual enrolling at the local community college for the majority of my classes including Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Math classes. I plan on graduating with my associates in science, in the spring of 2021, which should...
  4. E

    Dual Enrollment, DAT's, and Dental School Applications

    I am a senior in high school and I want to pursue dentistry. I have been taking online dual enrollment classes at a local community college for almost 2 years now, and I am getting my associates degree as a graduate high school. Thus I start university as a junior, and don't have as much time in...
  5. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Scribe friend didn't submit community college transcript, didn't get caught.

    Simply reporting a real-world experience, as I have seen it debated on here whether AMCAS can/will find out. Not salty about it or anything. - This was a year of Dual Enrollment. - He said he made decent grades there, so it probably wouldn't effect anything. - Not sure if his University...
  6. bcsuccess

    Graduate in 3 Years? (High School Student Pre-Dental Advice)

    Hey Everyone, I'm a High School student who is an uprising Senior (C/O 2019 :D). I am extremely interested in the field of dentistry, and will be a biology major when I enter college fall 2019. I have been taking dual-enrollment courses at my local college. It is not a community college, but...
  7. S

    DE courses for AMCAS application?

    Hi all, hopefully, this is a relatively simple question to answer. I took Dual Enrollment classes during junior year of high school (2013-2014), and then took transient student summer classes at the same college (2016). In the AMCAS application where it says "dates attended" do I put 2013-2016...
  8. G


    I did dual enrollment classes but in the section where it says to add your AP classes, does dual enrollment classes count as that?
  9. J

    Should I retake the classes that I got C's in during dual enrollment?

    So I'm a senior in high school who is getting ready to go to college. Starting in my junior year of high school, I began to take college classes with the goal of getting an Associate's Degree by the time I leave high school so I'll be able to transfer the credits and only have to do 2 years at a...
  10. Walz von der Pfalz

    Graduating High School with 62 credit hours, need assistance on what to do next!

    Hi! To start off, I'm in a bit of a strange predicament and I hope I'm allowed to post this here but I'm a bit new and couldn't find any info on where to ask this, anyways here we go (Also this is a long read, just forewarning). I had started in a dual enrollment program in my junior year of...
  11. m_tsflame

    Dual Enrollment Worries

    Hey SDN, So I was part of an "Early College" type high school where we only took college courses for our junior and senior years. I did really well (~3.9) in every semester but my first semester of junior year(3.15), including a C+ in an Accelerated Calc Class. I just realized that I need to...
  12. S

    High School Senior Dual Enrollment Grade

    I am a senior taking DE Multivariable Calculus. I made a bunch of stupid mistakes on a test and now there is a chance that I might end the class with a B. However, I there is alot of time to pull myself back to an A. If I get a B how much will it hurt my odds of getting into dental school or if...
  13. SterlingMaloryArcher

    How early is too early to start thinking about SMPs/Post-Baccs?

    For example, could a freshman do anything to be able to "already know" they're going to have to do a Post Bacc? Wouldn't it be ridiculous to do very well for the next 3 years but in order for medical schools to forgive 1 bad year you need that extra year of post-bacc?
  14. Ray_of_Sunshine_MD

    MD The Chance of a Dual Enrolled Student Applying at 20?

    Hello SDN members, I would like to get your advice on my chances of getting into medical school, specifically an MD school, at the age of 20 with getting my Biology degree early? To further explain, I technically started college at the age of 15 while being in a unique dual enrollment program...
  15. Ray_of_Sunshine_MD

    Dual Enrolled-Chances of Getting Into MD program at 20?

    Hello SDN members, I would like to get your advice on my chances of getting into medical school, specifically an MD school, at the age of 20 with getting my Biology degree early? To further explain, I technically started college at the age of 15 while being in a unique dual enrollment program...
  16. latiere


  17. SterlingMaloryArcher

    A GPA Discussion (Low cGPA, High sGPA, Trends, and HS College Work)

    Really how important is cGPA? I know if it's extremely low you can be screened out (by a computer?) What's typically the cutoff point for this? Although I feel cGPA is kind of run in the ground. When people ask "What Are My Chances?" wouldn't a much more relevant way to look at cumulative GPA be...
  18. P

    Dual Enrollment Credits

    Hey I'm new to SDN and I have seen numerous posts about dual enrolling. From what I understand, many med schools prefer that you take prereqs at a 4 year university, correct? Well, I am part of a dual enrollment program where I finish my last two years of high school along with my first two...
  19. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS AP Credit/Duel enrollment complication

    So I've found myself in a unique situation. I took a class in high school for dual-enrollment, and got community college credit. However, I also got AP credit for the same class from taking the AP test. Don't ask me why I took the AP test while also having dual-enrollment, I have no freaking...
  20. M

    Bad dual enrollment grades?

    So I am currently a senior and senioritis has struck me. I took dual enrollment classes for english and recieved a B in both semesters and took Commercial photo for dual enrollment and received a C in both semesters. All together these classes were 9 credit hours. I am planning on going to...
  21. SterlingMaloryArcher

    HS: 1.667, Freshman: 4.0, Sophomore: 4.0, Junior: ?, Senior: ? - Recovery Strategy?

    Senior Year of High School I thought it would be fun to take my classes at the community college (BAD IDEA) F in Spanish I, D in Sociology, D in Government, D in College Composition II. Not hard classes, just wasn't putting in the work. I have read the related forums, I know, and accept, that...
  22. A