1. K

    No shadowing but lots of clinical?

    I applied last cycle to no avail which I kind of expected because I only had hospital volunteer experience and worked part time as a physical therapy aide. This past year I have been working as a medical assistant at a clinic with NPs and PAs and will have about 1500 hours by the time I apply...
  2. L

    Clinical Research as an Pre-medical student?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a sophomore pre-medical student and I am involved in clinical research with an academic general surgeon. I have one poster presentation, no publications yet. Most of the studies are retrospective chart reviews. Is this a good position for me to be in or should I...
  3. S

    How to write about musical theater experience?

    Had only a little involvement in musical theater in college (the odd talent show or theater class) but was heavily involved K-12. One specific experience involves me being in a theater troupe for 5yr in which we put on 6 recitals a year lasting 1mo each, and we'd have to learn almost all our...
  4. A

    How should I proceed after Freshman Pre-Med year?

    Hey everyone! Hope all is well. So, I just recently joined this website in order to collect efficient wisdom and advice on my road to Medical school, and to (hopefully) pass them on. So, I am an undergraduate student who just completed Freshman year. I wanted to know, which extracurriculars...
  5. M

    Possible position in Pre-Med Committee

    Hey everybody! So my university is not exactly pre-med oriented and I found out that they will start a pre-med committee. They're currently looking for students to join their chair committee positions and basically they'll be responsible for helping set up the committee by calling doctors to...
  6. M


    Deleted for anonymity.
  7. M

    Extracurriculars for sophomore year?

    Hey guys, I'm technically a freshman right now, but I got my associate's degree with my high school diploma and instead of completing my bachelor's in two more years, I was planning to spend an extra year to bring up my GPA and polish my resume. When I was working on my Associates at a...
  8. P

    Canadian WAMC (no ECs)

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some advice/WAMC. I live in BC, and recently graduated with a BSc. cGPA is 3.90 on the OMSAS scale MCAT is 515 (129, 127, 131, 128) My big problem is that I have almost no ECs. The only thing I have is 4 years of babysitting, and some miscellaneous short term...
  9. sushi18


  10. D

    Are there any other EC's that I need to work on?

  11. F

    Where to go from here?

    This is going to be a little long so thank you to anyone who gets through it: I am going to be a senior this year with a GPA of 3.54 and sGPA of 3.47. Hopefully I can raise both after this year to 3.6 something and 3.5 something. I have done research in an infectious disease research facility...
  12. meowmeowmeowmeow


  13. S

    Are my extracurriculars enough?

    Hey guys. Since I'm currently wrapping up my Sophomore year, I wanted to get further insight on my extracurricular situation. After gaging my availability and how I established myself on my campus for the past two years, I can't help but wonder how much is enough? I'm not sure how my...
  14. I

    Will adcoms notice putting in many hours 2-3 months before applying? And does it look bad?

    I am planning to apply this cycle, and graduating this May, so I will be taking a gap year. I ended up doing the gap year because last year at this time, I came to the realization that my application wasn't where I wanted it to be as far as ECs, volunteering & shadowing hours, etc. So I took an...
  15. halmoni

    Choosing types of experiences for MME's?

    I've been working on writing my activities for AMCAS, and I'm having some trouble picking out my 3 MME's. My adviser wants me to pick one clinical experience, one non-clinical volunteering experience, and one research experience. He pretty much brushed off my suggestions for my MME's, since they...
  16. L

    Should I give up? Extracurriculars/shadowing/etc.

    Hi guys, I just recently joined this site and was hoping to get some advice about my current situation. I hope that I am posting to the relevant forum. I'm a junior biomedical engineer, who just recently became interested in medical school. Since I am a little late, I plan on taking at least 1...
  17. C

    Are these EC's good or am I missing something?

    Volunteering at Hospice volunteering at an Alzheimer's clinic volunteering at a soup kitchen volunteering at a children's orphanage lifeguarding (mostly during the summer) water safety instructing (mostly during the summer) alzheimer's association walks and charity events stuff for clubs at...
  18. T

    Extracurricular advice for pre-med?

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. So far, my classes are going well, but I'm still trying to figure out my plan for extracurricular activities. Here are all the activities I plan to have by the end of my college career: 1. UPMC Volunteer (3 years) 2. Music...
  19. R

    Spanish Study Aboad

    Hi everyone! I've been complaining about how I never learned Spanish in high school so I decided to finally do something about it so I don't ever have regrets. My first question is, do you/ someone you know have the experience of going from zero to fluent in a language you just started...
  20. G

    For optometry residencies

    I'm currently a 2nd year in OD school. I haven't done any club activities or student council in my first year. I'm tutoring few classes at the moment and my GPA from the first year is 3.7. Lots of my classmates are interested in doing residencies after graduation, and they are involved in so...
  21. T

    Planning next 3 years

    I'm a pre-medical undergraduate student and a sophomore at a state school. I'm a Hispanic female. I'm studying Business Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship. My current GPA is 3.87, which I'm reasonably confident I can raise in the next few years. As far as extracurriculars go, I...
  22. A

    Senior year course load

    Hi everyone! I am a rising senior and have finished essentially all my major courses already. With the extra room in my schedule, I am debating whether I should pursue a minor (probably either in English or History) or just take random classes that interest me. Any thoughts on whether one is...
  23. C

    Pre-Dental Planning Advice

    Hello! I recently decided on the pre-dental route after having been on the pre-med route for some time. I am an incoming junior getting a Bachelor's in Biology at my school. I am not too sure what dental schools look for in terms of volunteering and extracurriculars and I would like some...
  24. avi670

    Supervisor Title?

    Hi, I'm wondering what to put for the supervisor title if you were on the board for an on-campus club? I was treasurer for a year. Would I put the presidents name as the supervisor? Also, does it look bad if I say that no to the release authorization in that section?
  25. CFP545

    Extracurricular activities 2017/2018

    Hey everyone, On the extracurricular activities section for the 2017/2018 application, I'm planning on putting down my hobbies, and the things I do in my free time. The thing is, they ask for the organization and supervisor name, as well as experience start and end date. When I go mountain...
  26. kck2017

    Should I get a second bachelor's degree?

    Hi all, I know that this has been a topic of conversation before, but the answers I have been looking at don't seem to fit my situation (in my opinion - I may be totally wrong, if so please point me in the right direction as I may have been looking in the wrong place). I have wanted to be a...
  27. C

    Accepted Applicants to Medical School

    Hello, I am a freshman in college right now. I would like to know a few stats of accepted MD applicants? I want to know the type of things I should aim for. Right now, I have really good grades, I'm taking Organic Chem Honors over the summer and I do lifeguarding and shadowing at the side. I...
  28. S

    5th year, UCSD, finishing in March 2017. Taking MCAT in July. What to do during intermediary phase?

    Hi, I am a UCSD fifth year finishing with BS and BA degrees in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and Anthropology in March, as well as a Global Health minor. My first two years were abysmal, but my third, fourth, and fifth years have seen a tremendous upward GPA trend, especially with taking 20-22 units...
  29. R

    Summer classes or work/volunteer?

    Hi! I just wanted other opinions on this matter:) I don't know if I should spend the summer taking organic chemistry (which would allow me to graduate a year earlier if I wanted) or physics - OR spend my summer continuing to do research, volunteer in some different things, tutor, and hopefully...
  30. S

    What do you wish you had done as a freshman (and what should I do)?

    I am a first year and I just finished my second quarter of college, having started a quarter early over the summer. My GPA is currently a 3.68 with 23 units so far. I know I can do better next quarter; I tried my best this quarter but I am learning how to study more efficiently and I can feel...
  31. G

    One Terrible Semester + Regarding ECS

    Terrible Semester So after hs, I attended a community college and registered for 4 classes my first semester of college. To keep it short, I failed 3 and earned a B in one class. Why? Well I wasn't motivated because my intentions never were to attend a community college and I wasn't exactly sure...
  32. R

    Do I have enough extracurriculars?

  33. justanundergrad

    Freshman Year as a Pre-Med

    Hi, first time SDN user here. Seems like a great, helpful community. I had a couple questions about freshman year as an undergrad. School just started and I think now is the time to get involved in different clubs, activities, etc. What is some advice regarding freshman year? Any tips or...
  34. C

    New Extracurricular

    Hey guys Another extracurricular question...so I was debating on putting in a club/committee I just joined on Pharmcas. The only reason I'm debating is because I got an officer/board position for the club in May. We were told that we'll have meetings during the summer, but I don't think that's...
  35. C

    One time volunteer event

    Hey all, So I volunteered twice as an ambassador for my college's admit day, but that event only happens once a year and only lasts about 8 hours. I'm wondering if I can somehow put that into my extracurriculars (because Pharmcas asks for hours/week) or if it's something that I have to just put...
  36. R

    How to make the most out of my internship?

    Hi everyone ! So I'm 2 weeks into my internship at the surgery department at a hospital. I love it, but I can't help but feel like I'm not completely getting what I want out of it. So far, I've mostly been at the waiting room desk directing and taking people places throughout the hospital...
  37. akb5633

    MD All things considered, how do my ECs look?

    I will be entering my senior year this fall. Here is a summary of my current stats: ACADEMICS Major - Neuroscience Minor - Chemistry GPA - 3.96 sGPA - 3.95 MCAT - test date Aug. 20th (yes, I am taking a gap year btw) RESEARCH 3 semesters in neuroscience lab (credit, 10 hrs/week), continuing...