1. I

    Help Me Decide: FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificate vs. USF Masters in Medical Sciences (MSMS P3)

    Hi All, I've been accepted to both the Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences program at Florida International University (FIU) Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) and the Masters of Science in Medical Sciences, Pre-Professional Program (MSMS P3/MSP3) at the...
  2. A

    What are my chances of being accepted at the following Florida state schools? Seeking some much needed advice!

    Hello all! I am pretty new to SDN and after many days of scrolling through various forums I have been able to gather some very useful information. To start off with here are some of my basic stats: Ethnicity: Haitian (born in Haiti raised in Miami) Class Standing: Senior (graduate in December...
  3. S

    FIU DPT program inquiry

    Does anybody have feedback/opinions on FIU's DPT program? I got invited for an interview, but I haven't heard much about the program itself among the other Florida schools. (I applied because I wasn't sure I'd get in anywhere, ya know, just hashing my money out)
  4. J

    DO Shadow in Miami

    Hi everyone!! First time in the forum. This is a long-shot but does someone know any DO's I could possibly shadow in Miami? I live right next to FIU in Miami-Dade county. Thank you in advance and sorry for bothering.
  5. S

    URGENT! FIU VS SLU - Help me please!

    Hey guys, *Sigh* What a wonderful problem to have I guess. After being mentally prepared to attend Saint Louis University for the past few months, I just squeaked in off the waitlist to Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. I need advice from those who...
  6. G

    Program-Specific Info / Q's FIU OT Program

    Hello all! I was accepted into the FIU OT program and I was wondering if there's anyone who can give some insight into the program? (e.g., is it a good program, are the fieldworks well organized, do they prepare you clinically, etc. etc.). From my experience at the interview, they seemed to...
  7. M

    Miami (MD/MPH) vs FIU (MD)

    Thanks for clicking. It sounds like an obvious choice but please hear me out: Miami MD/MPH Pros - MPH is nice for primary care residencies - Great match list for UM in general (no specifics for this program's performance) - Relationship with UM for residencies - Great students and staff -...
  8. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS Florida OT schools

    Hi! I will soon be applying to OT schools and I wanted to gain any input from students who have previously been accepted to different OT programs in Florida like FIU, FGCU, USA, Nova, etc. and maybe any tips they can give me on what/what not to do? Or their current experience in any of these OT...
  9. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's AP/IB Credit for Nova and FIU

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone applying for Nova and FIU's occupational therapy programs knows whether or not they accept IB/AP credit for some of their prerequisite courses. For FIU, it's not a huge deal if they don't because the only course I would need to take in place of the credit is...
  10. G

    FIU PT Majors + Pre-requirements

    I'm applying to FIU because it's 12 minutes away from my place. I had a stressful time looking trough the majors, and trying to find something related to PT. These are the recommended bachelors in their page: Psychology, Sport & Fitness Studies, Recreation & Sports Management, Biology. (They...
  11. pandasaregreat

    Step 1 after M2 or M3?

    hey everyone. I am debating between a school who takes step1 after M3 or after M2. I was hoping someone could help me decipher which scenario is better... The school who takes step 1 after M3 for me is FIU The school who takes step 1 after M2 for me is MCG Now I know FIU's step 1 average is...
  12. pandasaregreat

    MCG vs FIU

    Hi everyone, so I was just accepted off the waitlist at the Medical College of Georgia and now have to decide if I would attend that school over Florida International University.... I am interested in pursuing a specialty, basically any specialty interests me at the moment. I am just not really...
  13. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of St. Augustine VS Florida International University

    Hi guys! I have applied to various FL OT schools. Accepted to FIU and have an interview with USA at the end of the week. I wanted insight from current students about either program or anything anybody else might know from friends. Just trying to decide whether to keep pursuing USA now that I got...
  14. L

    DO cGPA 3.74 sGPA 3.64 MCAT 499 appreciate the help

    cGPA 3.74 sGPA 3.64 MCAT 499 Co-founder/executive boards of premed club and homeless food donation club Honors society, presidents list Loans, waited tables through college 200+ volunteer hours for homeless ER physician & family medicine resident shadowing experience 1 publication biochemistry...
  15. C

    FIU DPT class of 2020!

    Hi everyone! Who has been accepted and is going to FIU?! Thought it would be nice to start a thread :) I'm looking into a FB page but I don't know anyone else who's been accepted just yet .
  16. C

    FIU DPT Program

    Hi everyone! I just graduated with my BA and I am about a week away from sending in my early applications. I have a question for DPT students at FIU. From what I have heard from a few PT's, FIU has the most flexible schedule for PT school. This is important to me because I want to still work a...
  17. A

    FIU vs. IUPUI

    Hi everyone, I am between two medical schools that I can choose from, FIU (Florida International University) and IU (Indiana University). I am a resident of Florida, so I see the benefits of choosing an in-state school: -tuition ($~35K vs. ~58K) -location (closer to home, about 5 hours away)...
  18. S

    FIU vs EVMS

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can provide recent input on weighing the 2 schools. I am in-state for FIU. I initially thought that the OOS cost for EVMS would outweigh the benefits of it being a more established school but factoring in the cost of living in Miami actually makes the total cost...
  19. longtimelurker2015

    FAU vs. FIU vs. Tulane

    As of this writing, these are my options for med school. Waiting to hear post-interview from other places too, but I like to deal with what's in front of me, and these are it for the moment. Thoughts? I'm interested in a vote, but also specifically in people's thoughts. As of now I'm...