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Apr 10, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I am between two medical schools that I can choose from, FIU (Florida International University) and IU (Indiana University). I am a resident of Florida, so I see the benefits of choosing an in-state school:
-tuition ($~35K vs. ~58K)
-location (closer to home, about 5 hours away)
-temperature haha (warmer vs. colder)

I also liked that FIU had above average step 1 scores; however, after talking to some students from IU they also have good step 1 scores. I have asked IU's admissions department for their step 1 scores, but they never gave me actual numbers. I know IU's school is more established; the research facilities are great; and the medical school area is like a small medical city with various hospitals a short walk away from the main medical building. At FIU, the main hospitals usually are a drive away (some 40 min away). I loved the campus at IU when I visited.
Also, the residency matches for both schools seemed similar this year (maybe someone has more information on this??). My interest at this moment is to gain an internal medicine residency.
I applied to well-known schools for my masters (e.g. Emory, John Hopkins, Univ of Alabama) and it hurt so bad to turn them down to go to an in-state school because of the cost. I swore that I wouldn't think of the cost for an MD degree, but I'm thinking in the long run...the difference will be about $100K after 4 years. Any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you, thank you!!!


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Apr 21, 2014
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Not worth it. That is a difference of well over 100k after interest. IU is not the sort of name to make a huge difference come residency application time. Also you presumably don't know what campus you will be placed in. As a side note, Step scores are not a great distinguisher between schools. I have yet to hear a school not claim they are above average.
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