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  1. GettinAfterIt

    Time Zone Difference - Interviews

    Hey everyone, I somehow just realized the two interviews I signed up for were eastern standard time. So they will be starting at 6 AM in the morning, not 9 AM. I feel like an idiot. Do you think they will allow me to reschedule for the PM time? Is it worth emailing the admissions department and...
  2. Z

    Disappointing cycle, should I make plans to reapply (after December update)?

    GPA 3.83 MCAT 525 ECs: 315 hours biochemistry research 60 hours shadowing, primary care and surgery 100 hours clinical volunteering, free clinic 60 hours nonclinical volunteering (assorted community service) 2 semesters as TA for Ochem Helped found a new organization on campus aimed at raising...
  3. FuturedogtorJ


    Hi guys! Super nervous in this awkward waiting situation. Wondering which schools have sent out interview invites so far? I copied from c/o 2020 because I am too lazy to change it. If someone wants to edit out Schools that do not interview you can, but this is the comprehensive list from that...
  4. D

    No interviews yet, what's wrong?

    Can anyone comment about not receiving any interviews or rejections at this point and what they think of my chances of a post-December interview? I've had pretty much no contact from my schools. Here is my info: -Canadian/US dual citizen -Queen's University BScH Life Sciences and Computing...
  5. C

    Submitted secondaries in September, when should I expect to get interviews by?

    I retook the mcat in July and improved my score to 515 (old score was 507). Because of this I only submitted my application in August and then got in secondaries in September. It's now almost Thanksgiving and I still haven't gotten any interview invites yet. Should I be worried? Or is there...
  6. E

    Following up after pre-II rejection

    This could be inappropriate/futile, but I've heard stories of people appealing rejections and wanted to hear some thoughts. I was recently rejected (pre-interview) from my dream school, which does not come as a surprise since the school is very competitive. I live very close to their campus, and...
  7. Sadlyanon

    2 interviews in the same week

    Hi everyone, I am seeking advice before confirming my second interview this season. I am currently scheduled for an interview 50 min from my house in Washington DC this month on the 24th. (Wednesday). I’m considering scheduling another interview on the 26th, however this will be in Vermont...
  8. L

    Do quick interview invites mean anything?

    If a school gets back to you in under a week, does that mean they think you're an exceptionally strong candidate?
  9. DontSugarCoatIt

    Latest MCAT retest date?

    I am in somewhat of an unique situation. My previous MCAT is enough to get me to all my secondaries. However, it is not enough to get me into all my interviews. I guess you could call me a "near miss" this year. With a 510 MCAT and 3.87 cGPA, I received two interviews last cycle. Alas, I...
  10. F

    For the people who interviewed after the new year

    For the people who interviewed after the new year in the past cycles, where you offered acceptances or were the interviews mostly for waitlist positions? I know its different depending on the school and depending on the applicant, but I'd appreciate it if people can share their personal...
  11. Dre@mer

    UCSF pharmacy class of 2021, applied Nov. Fall 2017

    I could not find a thread for UCSF so I wanted to start one, I am assuming since they are a three year curriculum now the class is the same as last years threads. I applied November 2017. Has anyone gotten interview invites yet?!
  12. Piglet2020

    Should I go to remaining interviews? Va Tech, WVU, NYMC?

    U Maryland - Accepted Penn State - Awaiting decision Va tech - II WVU - II NYMC - II At this point, my reasons to continue interviewing is: 1) Financial/scholarship offers (but that’s in Spring) 2) Higher ranked schools 3) Curriculum & atmosphere (would I be happy living and learning here?)...
  13. jp2

    "Meet faculty" in lieu of interview??

    MS4 from Cali currently doing an away rotation at one of the East Coast programs I applied to. I believe I have generally done well, clicked with all the faculty, gotten only good feedback, etc. I met with the program director this week and we discussed my application and he ended our discussion...
  14. F

    Question about Interview Invites

    If a school is on a rolling admissions, and you see that people who were complete (submitted secondaries) after you submitted yours get II. Does that mean that you're pretty much not going to get an II? Thanks!
  15. BlueBee20


    hey all! i'm starting to get antsy. i've turned in nearly all of my secondaries, and i've been watching the school-specific forums and seeing people get II's already. the self-doubt is seriously sinking in... what if i don't get any interviews?? how have others coped with this feeling...
  16. M

    Schools that have given out all interview invites for this cycle.

    Anyone interested in making a list of schools that have sent out all of their IIs (i.e., are done with interview invites for the 2016-2017 cycle)? Many schools are silent as to rejections (or are rejecting at the end of the cycle), therefore, it may be helpful for people to know what schools...
  17. O

    PhD/PsyD Calendar for APA Accredited PhD Program Invitation and Interview day

    Hi all, Recently the web site contacted all of the APA accredited psychology PhD and PsyD programs and put together a calendar including some useful interview deadlines and dates. The calendar includes application deadlines, dates that programs sent out interview...
  18. DocJuan

    Grade Change After Interview

    I updated a bunch of schools with the final grades from my grad program and have since received an interview invite from one of the schools I updated. Recently, I was made aware that an "A" I received was meant to be recorded as a "B+": all of this AFTER I already sent my updates. Obviously I...
  19. R

    Trying to educate myself on current US healthcare atmosphere

    Hello All! I have an interview for medical school in two weeks and I want to educate myself much more with the current status of healthcare in the US. Pros/Cons, proposed remedies if there are any. I want to speak speak clearly and concise and understand where we might be headed. If anyone...
  20. D

    Do Admissions Offices Sometimes Show Up As Unknown Phone Numbers

    I recently have been getting several calls from a number marked "Unknown" (i.e. it literally just says unknown and no number shows up). I know some medical schools give interview invites over the phone so out of paranoid/wishful thinking, I'm starting to wonder if some admissions offices for...
  21. I

    Interview question

    For the people get interview invitations recently, are they for the early decisions? Thanks.
  22. theNDhopeful44

    When will I start hearing back about IIs/Rejections?

    If my application was complete at most of my medical schools on 7/27 (my ugrad takes a long time to send committee letters unfortunately), when should I expect to start hearing back about IIs and rejections? It's making me uncomfortable seeing so many people on SDN hearing back and I'm just here...
  23. DocJuan

    Monday E-mail Stalking

    So idk about you guys but every Monday I wake up at 9am and refresh my e-mail probably every 5 minutes until it's Friday evening. I've been doing this since the beginning of July when secondaries came out. This is my first application cycle and this wait is KILLING me (and my phone battery). I...
  24. F

    Does distance to travel affect interview invitations?

    For example, would a school on the East Coast be more likely to invite a marginal but still feasible applicant who lived nearby than an identical applicant who lived on the West Coast? It seems unreasonable to invite someone to spend $$$ on a plane ticket if they'd be on the weak end of the...
  25. Dr.RickSanchez

    DO Still Haven't Heard Back From Most Schools

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this thread is in the incorrect sub-forum, but I am at quite a loss on where to make it. I have been complete for varying time periods at particular DO schools and have yet to hear any word of an interview invitation or rejection from all but one of them. If...
  26. M

    MHA interview with Univ of Washington

    I have been following this super helpful forum for a while now and finally became a part of it. I had applied to UW and today I got MHA visit day invitation for 4th december. Unfortunately, I am travelling during that time and split between cancelling the trip or attending via Skype. Does...
  27. B

    Facial hair during interviews?

    I have a light beard and it is well groomed. I have heard that it is usually better to be clean shaved for interviews...what do you guys think?
  28. P

    Offered Interviews after completing application in November 2015

    All of my applications (including secondaries) will be completed by November 15, 2015. Submitted AACOMAS in september. Waiting on LOR (apparently lots of medical schools need DO) Has anyone in history gotten an interview for medical school if they applied this late?
  29. strb_thndr

    Last Interview of Cycle

    When is the last interview of the application cycle, typically? Is there a universal deadline for interviews i.e. in accordance with AAMC traffic guidelines?
  30. Rennyrenren

    How much do adcoms weigh stats (mcat/gpa) after interviews?

    Hello all, here are some of my stats ORM, but disadvantaged. A lot of family issues. Immigrant from a village in Southeast Asia. Mcat 502 Cgpa : 3.6 sgpa: 3.6 Great LORs Great EC's Two great research experience (was offered a scholarship, no publications yet) Lots of physician shadowing and...
  31. N

    Applied super late... Like, yesterday.

    So, sent in secondaries yesterday. IF I was to receive any IIs, (I know that's a big if), when might they be headed my way? Do they go in order of submission, i.e. I'll get them at the end of interview season? Or could I receive one from a school before someone else whose been waiting for weeks...
  32. R

    Dental School Payments + Interviews

    Hey Everyone, I am confused about how dental schools go about cashing the checks we send in for the supplemental. None of my checks have been cashed by any schools, even the three schools that I got an interview from. When I called two of the schools that I did not get an interview from, they...
  33. L

    Western University PHARMACY (Class of 2020)

    Official thread for Western University applicants of the 2015 cycle! Has anyone submitted their supplemental yet? Post if you get any updates/interview invites! Good luck everyone!