1. teflon_doc

    Atlantic Bridge (Ireland) Medicine - 2022 Admissions

    Hi pre-meds! I know its a little early, but I wanted to start a thread for the 2022 medicine intake through Atlantic Bridge. Please share a little bit about yourself, your stats, ECs, what schools you're applying to (length of program) etc. It would be nice to get connected with all of you :)...
  2. katbtov

    Has anybody else gotten accepted to Trinity bunny training Dublin?

    I just recently heard back, and was wondering if anybody else has too! :)
  3. Spartacus.Free


  4. Pomkankai

    Phamarcy or Medicine?

    Hey guys, I was given offers for MPharm program at Universities in Ireland and I have a huge decision to make in a week when I must response to the offers and pay the deposits. I am a non-EU student (Vietnam) I'm in my last year of high school (IB) and I decided that I want to become a doctor...
  5. Rljoel

    US student rotating in Scotland or Ireland

    Has anyone rotated through Scotland or Ireland for a 4 week rotation? If so, what was the process of setting it up and were you able to do anything or was it more just shadowing? Any specialty! Thanks in advance!
  6. K

    Is Dental School Worth it? Canadian, Atlantic Bridge, Debt?

    Hi everyone, I just finished my second year of undergrad. I had an extremely rough first year due to mental illness, so my cGPA is not the best (2.94). My second year only GPA is a 3.5. I am not the best at science, I have always had to work very, very hard to understand the concepts. My major...
  7. V

    Searching for Info about UK/Ireland Vet Schools

    Hi, I am a pre-veterinary student applying to vet schools in the fall and I've decided that I'm very interested in applying to three international vet schools: University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh and University of College Dublin. From what I've gathered it seems like the tuition for...
  8. G

    Atlantic Bridge 2019 - Irish Dental

    Hey everyone - I couldn't find a thread for people who applied this year to Irish dental schools, so I thought I'd create one! In case anyone was curious, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Guelph this past June. I applied to...
  9. K

    Residency in Ireland/UK for an EU graduate

    Hi, I'm a med student in Slovakia and next year I will be graduating, I am thinking about moving to the UK or Ireland to start my residency, is it difficult for EU graduates? How is the current situation, do I need to take PLAB? Also which country do you think is better for doing a residency...
  10. P

    Atlantic Bridge Personal Statement

    Hello, I was hoping to get some advice on writing the personal statement for the Atlantic Bridge program. The topic is "Why I would be an asset to the medical school and the medical profession". I'm not sure how to respond to how I would be an asset to the school. Any ideas on what they're...
  11. I

    Ireland Consultant Positions for American Specialists

    I want to be a consultant Dermatologist in Ireland. If I'm an American citizen, American med-school grad, and I finish a 3-year American residency for Dermatology, is that the same as the Irish BST and HST? Or are they not equivalent? Would adding on a fellowship make it equivalent? Or no? I...
  12. R

    Atlantic Bridge 2019 - Chances, Acceptance, Waitlist.

    Hello Everyone! I couldn't find a 2019 thread for the Atlantic Bridge so I am starting one :) List your stats, which schools you're applying to, etc. here for advice! Country of Origin: Schools applied to: First choice: GPA: EC: MCAT: Other comments:
  13. M

    Atlantic Bridge or nursing school??

    Hello! I am a graduate from Queen's University in Biology. I finished with a low GPA (~3.5 on a 4.3 scale) and little volunteer experience. I've always thought about medicine but was never committed to it. After taking a year off, I've concluded that I would indeed like to pursue a career in...
  14. D

    Medical schools in Ireland

    Which medical schools in Ireland do you recommend for a Norwegian? From what i have readed, RCSI and Trinity are the most popular medical schools in Ireland, is that correct?
  15. S

    Poland Medical Students click this!

  16. S

    Trinity College Dublin Admissions Requirements?

    Hey everyone I was looking through TCD medical school and at their admissions requirements and I am confused I have posted a picture for some of you to see. I dont understand what it means by "O4/H7" or "3H5s" and it would be great if someone can help shed some light. I uploaded an image link...
  17. A

    University College Cork?

    Hi everyone, I am a Canadian student that will be attending UCC starting this September for the 5 year medical program. I just wanted to know anyone else that will be attending there as well!
  18. wolfnscale

    NUI Galway Medicine - Sept 2018

    Hi everyone, CONGRATS to those who were accepted to NUIG Medicine for all year length programs. I thought we might use this thread to keep in contact, talk about decisions, blah blah, blah, in addition to whatever Facebook group goes up. Has anyone accepted their NUIG offer? Anyone still...
  19. V

    Thoughts on the new MCCQE1 Requirement for IMGs

    Hi guys - first post on here. I am a Canadian in my 2nd year of 4 at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I expect to graduate June 2020, so will apply to CaRMS in Fall 2019. I am originally from BC so goal would be rural family med back in BC somewhere (although as an IMG am open to...
  20. D

    Any Canadians that graduated from Med in Ireland that are currently practicing in the states?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there were any recent success stories from Canadians who graduated from Med school in Ireland and are currently practicing in the USA following the completion of their residency. If you don't mind sharing could you discuss: - Your journey - Additional obstacles you...
  21. S

    Cost of Living in Ireland

    Hi! I was just accepted to UCC (4 Year GEM from Canada) and am now trying to sort out the next steps. I know atlantic bridge has some information on costs but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can give a rough idea of overall costs for actually living in Ireland. I can see info...
  22. Majd Abderahman

    Training jobs in Ireland for IMGs

    i have a question regarding registration and getting into a training path in Ireland for IMGs following their website (medicalcouncil.ie) i found that i can register in the "General registration for non-eu" route .. now what does that entail exactly .... from this how do i get into a training...
  23. Majd Abderahman

    MD Training jobs in Ireland for imgs

    evening i have a question regarding registration and getting into a training path in Ireland for IMGs following their website (medicalcouncil.ie) i found that i can register in the "General registration for non-eu" route .. now what does that entail exactly .... from this how do i get into a...
  24. EMT Potato

    Situation with the Health Service Executive (Ireland)

    Hi All, I'm a pre-med student studying in the US looking to come back home (to Ireland) to study and practice. I've heard some worrying things about the HSE (not enough internships, crazy long work hours, low on the job happiness, etc...), I would like to know the current situation and state of...
  25. L

    Atlantic Bridge Medical and Dental programs

    Hi guys! I'm really thinking about pursuing med school or dental school in Ireland. I'm still in university working towards completing my undergraduate studies so I can earn my degree. I have about one more year left so if anything, I would be hopefully entering during the 2019 application...
  26. P

    RCSI Med Interviews 2018

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone got an email inviting them for in interview to RCSI med this year!! Specifically in Vancouver, Canada. I'm super worried because a couple of my friends got their interviews last week and I still haven't heard anything back even though I applied like 2...
  27. S

    Med School, Can I get in? Low Physics Mark!!!

    Hello everyone, I have applied to honours sciences at Queens University, and got an early acceptance, however, I just applied to medical school in Ireland, and was wondering what my my chances are of getting in. Currently my physics mark is quite low, which I feel may hold me back...
  28. H

    Chance Me: 5/6 year Atlantic Bridge Program, Tips*

    Hello, first thank you for clicking on this thread. Now to start, I am in my Sophomore year of university and have become interested in applying to all of the 5/6 year Atlantic Bridge Schools. The reasons are personal and of no concern in this thread. However I was wondering if someone would be...
  29. A

    Spanish medical student

    Hello, everyone! My name is Alex and I am a spanish medical student. I would like to become a specialist in Ireland but I don't know which are the steps that I have to follow. Can you help me, please?
  30. themuttonmidwife

    UK/Irish Vet Schools c/o 2022 (Hopefuls)

    For anyone out there who has applied or is applying to UK/Irish vet schools for September 2018 start (c/o 2022)!
  31. A

    Training for surgery in USA for foreign student

    Hi. I have live in Ireland all my life and I am going into an undergraduate medical degree in trinity university in Ireland. It lasts 5 years and I have just completed my leaving cert which is the equivalent of a high school diploma. I want to leave Ireland after I finish and pursue further...
  32. Ana_belle

    Irish ophthalmology residents

    Hi there! Are there any ophthalmology residents working in Ireland? I would like to know if residents in medical ophtalmology learn at least phaco and refractive surgery, or is it reserved only for purely surgical residents? And also, what do working conditions and salary look like? Thanks a...
  33. H

    Atlantic Bridge Program 2018 - Irish Dental

    Hi everyone!! This is super early but I decided to make a thread for those who plan on applying to the Atlantic Bridge dentistry programs for 2018. I'm waiting patiently awaiting for the applications come out so I can start it! Please add to the discussion if you plan on applying, and any...
  34. S

    Canadian student: USMD, USDO, International?

    Hey all, I'm a Canadian student, just graduated from my science undergrad. I am currently in the process of figuring out which route I want to take... it's incredibly stressful. My cGPA is a 3.65, GPA with lowest year dropped (first year) is a 3.85 MCAT is a 509, currently rewriting. My...
  35. A

    Applying Internationally - Caribbean Vs. Ireland

    STATS: Age 24 First four years: biological science, did not complete, switched into engineering in fifth year, starting year 2 of engineer in September Cumulative GPA: 3.0, in most recent years 3.8 GPA however not a 5 course workload ECs: volunteering in many university clubs, elementary...
  36. T

    Atlantic Bridge From high school

    Hey guys, i am planning on applying to the six year program from canada and i am wondering if they weigh science marks more than other marks. I have a 93% in biology, 90% in chemistry, 90% physics, but 75% in advanced functions and about a 74% in english. I am currently doing my co-op at the...
  37. J


    Is anyone here applying/applied to RCSI Bahrain for sept. 2017?
  38. K

    Medical Indemnity/Malpractice for UK Elective? MPS and MDU withdraw coverage

    Hi, I posted this in another forum, but am hoping someone here may have advice! I'm an Irish citizen and I study medicine outside the UK and Ireland, but within the EU. I'm married to a British citizen and my permanent home address is in th UK. I have a few electives lined up for my final...
  39. K

    Medical Indemnity/Malpractice Insurance for Elective in U.K./Ireland???

    Hi, I'm a medical student who studies in the EU with Irish citizenship and I'm married to a U.K. Citizen. I have always been able to get medical indemnity coverage through MPS for clinical electives in the U.K. and Ireland. However, as of October 2016, they have stopped covering citizens who...
  40. M

    Dermatology HST in Ireland?

    Hi everyone! Im about to apply for Medicine Basic Specialty Training in Ireland and was wondering how hard is to get into Dermatology Higher Specialty Training afterwards. Is it really competitive? Is it easy to go straight from BST to HST? I am also interested in Dermatology training in the...