1. W

    Other 7 on 7 off

    Good evening, I’m a first year medical student and would like to know what other physician specialties besides IM-Hospitalist and private practice offers 7 on 7 off schedules within organizations? Interested in pursuing other things outside of medicine.
  2. oldschooliscool

    AMC vs VA Lifestyle

    Hi everyone, first time poster but I’ve lurked for years. I’m preparing to submit my rank order list for clinical psychology internships, and I’m trying to figure out which route (VA vs Academic Medical Center) offers the “best” lifestyle post-internship. Here’s what I mean: Throughout my...
  3. E

    IM / Hospitalist (after residency)

    I'm almost done my MS-3 and coming closer to making a decision on what I want to do. I've search extensively on my questions written below, but was either outdated or unsatisfied with the answers. Hoping for some clarification. In addition to the work, I value family time > travel > hobbies. I...
  4. jacob42

    How much pharmacology/psychopharmacology do you use/are you allowed to use as a psychiatrist?

    Considering whether I want to go into medicine. If I did, psychiatry is one of my major leanings as a speciality. I really love pharmacology and psychopharmacology—especially theorizing about things like augmentation strategies and visualizing how all these drugs interact in the brain...
  5. PreHippocrates

    Looking for what college mental health jobs are like

    Hey everyone, Please let me know if this is talked about elsewhere, but I couldn't find another thread. Background: I'm a PGY3 in the Northeast, and will be staring my 2-year CAP fellowship this summer. I'm interested in practicing in the Pacific NW after fellowship. I have a growing family...
  6. R

    Best 20K Car for accepted MD

    Graduated undergrad this year. 21yo. Working full time at a gap year job that’s paying ~50k/yr. So far this cycle I’ve thankfully gotten 2 acceptances so I’ll be starting school next year! Want to get a decent car for myself for around 20k and I’m stuck between a used Audi A6 or a used Camaro...
  7. C

    Thinking of doing dental over med school

    Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well. So the past year, I have been rethinking medicine. It seems that medicine takes over peoples lives even outside of work, even after training. The idea of dentistry sounds appealing because (like medicine) you’re involved with people, science, and can have...
  8. C

    Tough Decision

  9. M

    Career-Personality Fit?

    Hey all, MS2 here. I know that all sorts of medical specialties can be made to fit the doctor, but regardless of that various fields are known for certain types of lifestyles. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on types of specialties (including fellowships!) to look into for someone...
  10. C

    Skiing/hiking/biking in med school

    I am a very outdoorsy person that goes outside on weekend trips just about every weekend to go skiing, biking camping, and hiking. I love to work hard during the week so I can leave campus on the weekend and unwind. I wanted some advice if this sort of lifestyle is possible in medical school and...
  11. agdcmg7

    Relationships, kids, and struggles of medical school.

    Hello Future DOctors, I was just wondering how everyone is able to keep their relationships together at home with their spouse and kid(s). We moved out of state away from our extended family support system and it has been a rough year. We have one daughter, who has adjusted well, but the time...
  12. C

    Recent data regarding burnout in PM&R

    In light of recent lectures at the AAPM&R conference as well as recent studies (see links below), I was just wondering if anyone in the field could share some insight onto why PM&R is listed in the top of some of these "burnout" surveys. Its understandable that in general, medicine is facing...
  13. P

    Neurology but drawn to procedural specialties

    I really enjoyed our neurology block and am attracted by the great job market for neurology, but I see myself in a procedure-heavy specialty. Great work/life balance is also important to me. I want to enjoy (enough) what I do at work but also have plenty of time outside of work for hobbies...
  14. Piglet2020

    MD Help me choose - M1 Considering Multiple Specialties to Explore

    Hello, I’m an incoming M1. I haven’t decided which residency to pursue as I want to explore what’s out there. More about myself: F in early 20s, quiet & introverted, don’t mind seeing blood but prefer less surgery-heavy specialties I’m aiming for a less competitive to mod competitive specialty...
  15. S

    How to make $$$ in ObGyn with still a few hours to spare

    Is it possible to make a very nice salary and have a good schedule and time for vacation in ObGyn? ObGyn has a bad rep for lifestyle and isn’t regarded as a top earning speciality in the same way as Ophtho, Plastics, etc. Given it’s poor rep for lifestyle and just mediocre rep for payscale...
  16. X

    MD Whats a good specialty for someone who doesn't have a strong passion for medicine?

    I have realized going through medical school, especially 3rd year clinical, that I do not have a strong passion for medicine. Especially as of late, I have just been going through the motions and trying to avoid anything medicine related as much as possible. Some may say I am just burned out...
  17. I


    Hi I am Imoto. I am an International Student from Cote D'Ivoire (in West Africa). Currently I am pursuing a bachelor in Medical Biology in a university in the US. The thing is that I know I want to be a doctor most likely a surgeon but I am not sure I want to do that in the US. My dream would be...
  18. CalendarJ

    Lifestyle and Sleep

    Hello! I'm hoping to get some more background on the lifestyle and workloads of physician scientists. Do you often have to work overnight? Is it socially acceptable to work <60-hour weeks? How do you see lifestyle vary between fields, specifically with physician scientists? Background: 3rd...
  19. L

    How do you deal with the paperwork in family medicine/primary care

    Hi guys, I am a 3rd year med student who really likes outpatient medicine, and is highly considering family medicine. What gets me down is hearing the huge amount of paperwork that is somehow more unique to primary care. However, there may be hope as I hear conflicting things on the amount of...
  20. T

    Specialities where 30-40 hours is possible, happy with 80-120K per year

    Hey all I'm a third year medical student, I've got the grades and letters to be competitive in the fields I am interested in (Derm, Peds and Ortho) but I'm feeling pretty burnt out I have a lot of hobbies I would like to pursue, I don't really care about salary but don't want to work more then...
  21. B

    Lifestyle as a army internist?

    Can anyone comment on the lifestyle of being an general internist in the Army? Do you work only hospital or only clinic, or a mix? Do you have a choice on what you want to do in that regard, i.e. Just be an internist working outpatient 8-5 vs internist working 7 12's on, 7 off? Thanks for any...
  22. M

    Got into medical school, not excited about the location. Does this really matter in medical school?

    Hello everyone, I recently got accepted into medical school and its in the middle of nowhere. I am honored to finally be a med student and excited to start my career in healthcare, but the only school I got accepted into is in a rural location. I would like some opinions from those who were/or...
  23. lohy121

    Thinking about Vet Med

    Hello everyone. I am very new to the whole veterinary scene. I am a freshman in college and have recently started considering becoming a vet. I have always been interested in medicine and I love animals so I feel like it would be a very good job for me. I just have a few questions about it. What...
  24. catmullclark

    Creatives in Medicine - Where are you?

    Artists, musicians, producers, photographers, cinematographers, etc. where you at? What/who inspires you to continue creating at the same time that you're pursuing medicine? New: Given that so many of you have these creative interests outside of medicine, what's on your radar right now in terms...
  25. T

    Surgeons, what are your colleagues like?

    In other words, are surgeons friends with their colleagues? I know that as a surgeon you spend so much time in the hospital and working that I figure a lot of your friends would come from work. However, I feel like the surgeons I've seen and met have been married, older, very serious, I guess...
  26. G


    hi, I am an undergrad pre med student. I would like to stay in state if possible. There are two MD and two DO schools in my state. I was wondering, about the DO schools, what debt is like after graduation and residency and getting a career. They are more expensive than the MD schools here. Looks...
  27. D

    A day in the live of a DVM student [Guelph University]

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the program is like. How many courses do you take per semester? What are they like? Does school run during summer? How many hours/week are you in school? What is the workload outside of classes? I'm a graduate (research) student...
  28. Dihydrotestosterone

    Med > ortho or Dent > OMFS?

    Hi I want to apply for medical/dental school*, and I need some advice**. I know I really want to specialize in surgical specialties *** , I did some research on different medical and dental specialties, read many topics here, watched some of the procedures on youtube etc, and I came up with two...
  29. C


  30. T

    What could I expect when exiting a surgical residency and fellowship in my late 40s?

    I begin medical school in a couple months, and I am beginning to think about surgical specialties, so I can get on board with relevant research projects during my preclinical years. I have a couple years of experience working in the emergency department of a trauma center, and I am very...
  31. X

    Changing landscape of ob/gyn

    How quickly is the landscape of ob/gyn changing to become more lifestyle friendly? (ex. some hospitals have laborists, larger call groups) (I am sorry if this has already been posted, I have looked around but have not found much/ the posts I have found are older)
  32. S

    Uro vs ObGyn

  33. K

    How are you finding your work/life balance and quality of life out of residency?

    Hey ladies - You’ve finished residency, you’re now living the life as an attending. You knew once you graduated that you wanted a ‘work-life’ balance (whatever that looks like for you), hit the gym again (get that pre-med body back right?) and have time for your family, friends, cooking...
  34. E

    Help with Residency: Ophtho vs. Obgyn

    Any comments or advice would be great (Profile: I'm a male MS3, and want to stay in the U.S.) I'm more interested in the level of patient care in Obgyn I'm more interested in the subject material and work-life balance of Ophtho Things that I strongly value/are important to me: -Patient...
  35. Upstage

    Your Daily MCAT routine

    I've just started studying for my MCAT again a few days ago, and was curious how other people planned out their days and what were some things you all did to make 5+ hours of study per day not feel so long and feel like you still have a life! So far it hasn't felt bad at all, but i'm always...
  36. J

    "Lifestyle" specialties in 2017

    Hi guys, There seems to be a lot of cynicism about "lifestyle" specialties on these forums. I was hoping some current residents/attendings would be able to chime in on this subject. To me, lifestyle means less than 60 hours per week, pay over 300k, and a moderate call schedule. I understand...
  37. Doctor J

    Longevity factors

    Hey folks, You've all been really helpful to me in the past and I'm hoping you'll help me yet again. I haven't seen this topic come up for discussion yet. Forgive me if it has. I'm trying to decide the factors that a group can offer that will lead to longevity. Specifically, what are the...
  38. sloanetaylor

    Program-Specific Info / Q's What is UIC's OTD program like?

    It's my number one school - will be applying for Summer/Fall 2018 entry. What was the class load like? What specific things do you like about UIC's program v others? Are students at UIC hyper-competitive or do they like to work together and help their peers? Thanks for any input! Any other...
  39. C

    Nursing vs. the life-consuming medical lifestyle

    I am currently a nursing student in my first semester. Nursing is so boring and I can't stand the lack of science in the curriculum. I guess I didn't understand that in nursing school I wouldn't be learning anything NEAR what people learn in medical school besides vital signs and such. Maybe due...