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  1. D

    525 on the MCAT AMA

    I got a 525 on the MCAT last year, ask me anything.
  2. M

    Best MCAT One-on-one tutoring

    I have seen that multiple companies such as NextStep, Princeton review, and kaplan offer one-on-one online tutoring. I know that it is usually more expensive then the courses but I think tutoring would be the best, and most effiecient way to help my studying. Any recommendations on what...
  3. Singerpremed

    499 (124/123/124/128) --> 512 (126/130/126/130) in 40 days

    9/19 MCAT: 512, 87%tile CP-126: 67%tile / CARS-130: 98%tile / BB-126: 65%tile / PS-130: 96%tile 6/30 MCAT: 499, 47%tile CP-124: 44%tile / CARS-123: 36%tile / BB-124: 42%tile / PS-128: 84%tile Hi guys this MCAT journey has been long and hard for me. Today, I was absolutely shocked to find I...
  4. Doctor_Faith07

    Selling MCAT Practice Exams, Section Bank, Question Banks (Chemistry & Physics), and Flashcards

    Willing to negotiate! Please inbox me for details! :) Sent from my iPhone using SDN mobile
  5. T

    SOS Section Bank vs Memorizing Content??

    Okay this probably sounds horrible but pls give your homeboy a chance. My MCAT is in 2 days. As in, in 48 hours I will be done. This probably sounds crazy but I actually have next to nothing memorized. I was going to dedicate today and tomorrow to memorizing everything I need to know (by which I...
  6. nostra_damus

    Advice for Taking 9/9 MCAT!! Please help!!

    Hey guys, I was really worried about not having improved that much since I started studying late June and was honestly thinking about putting the MCAT off until January. I just took the AAMC FL though and feel a little better about where I stand. This has been my progress so far: Kaplan FL2...
  7. W

    Feeling lost along the pre-med journey - Please advise

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on the forum even though I've been a long-time reader, so please forgive me if I unknowingly break any forum rules. I could really use some advice on my particular circumstances and where to go from hear. Thank you in advance for reading my story...
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  9. A

    MCAT Advice Needed

    Hello Everyone, I'll just get into it. I have about a week and a few days left until my MCAT and I have just started studying CARS now. I know this is pretty bad, but generally I have moved my exam constantly for over 2 years for one reason or another (related to fear/anxiety/commitments etc)...
  10. H

    I increased my MCAT score by 17 points in 3 weeks

    This is just words of encouragement, I thought I wasn't smart enough. I increased my score by changing my mindset. 6 weeks into prep I scored the same score on my practice exam that I had on my diagnostic. I wanted to give up, before I study I tell myself that I can do this and I deserve that...
  11. sstb64

    MCAT Studying. How's it going?

  12. L

    Actual mcat vs aamc fl 2017

    I took an aamc scored exam, the first one so far and are the passages on that correct length? I feel as if there were much shorter than what they should be. Does anyone know how long on average the passage lengths for each section on the actual mcat? I got a 514 on the aamc scored fl 1 which I...
  13. T

    For Sale Princeton Review MCAT 2017 Self Prep Course + Books

    Bought TPR's online course in April only to find out 2 weeks later that I was accepted! The account does not expire until January 2018. The books are BRAND NEW and the workbooks UNTOUCHED. Selling Online course and books for cheaper than what I paid for. Comes with: ALL BRAND NEW 1st...
  14. E

    Atlanta Study Group MCAT August 2017

    Hey! I'm looking for a study group in Atlanta for the summer for anyone taking the MCAT, preferably in August or before.
  15. FirstOrder55

    2017 83-Day MCAT Study Plan (using Berkeley Review, Kaplan and Khan Academy Cross-References)

    Hey Everyone! I mainly developed this plan for myself, but I thought I would post it here! I have updated all the references from the @mcatjelly, @SN2ed, and @_Nymeria_ study guides for a 2017 Study Plan. Credit to them for the inspiration! I'm simply uploading it in hopes it might help someone...
  16. B

    DO What are my chances?

    So I got my April 28th MCAT scores back last week, and I'm wondering if I should retake the MCAT before applying to DO schools. Here are my stats: - MCAT: 504 total with sub-scores of 124/124/128/128 (BB/CP/CARS/PS) - cGPA: 3.92 - sGPA:3.85 - non-sGPA: 3.99 - B.S. Biology major, Spanish minor...
  17. I

    MCAT Retake?

    Hello Just wanted to get some opinions on whether i should retake the MCAT. Last time I took the MCAT i got a 498 and I have been studying over the course of the year on and off, though. Recent practice test i have taken , ive gotten max 505 on NS and lowest 498 on kaplan. I am afraid if i...
  18. C

    Uneven MCAT Score and Realistic Stretch Schools

    I just got my MCAT score back and I am planning on applying in the next week or two. C/P: 132 CARS: 124 Bio: 130 Psy/Soc: 130 Overall: 516 I am worried about my CARS score, but I do not want to retake the test. My GPA is 3.92. My stretch schools include Duke, Vanderbilt, and Emory. Do I have a...
  19. A

    High Yield MCAT Topics- please help!

    In an effort to try to solidify some things before my test which is 3 weeks away, I would appreciate any input on what the high yield items are. My books do not explicitly tell me, I have looked at the Kaplan quick sheets but they are lacking in many areas. Also any other tips on how to best...
  20. jennaalee

    MD What score do I need?

    I just finished my junior year of school. 3.8 overall GPA from small, private college. Sciences/math GPA is 3.6, otherwise GPA is 4.0. Recently began working as a medical scribe, but otherwise I do not have a lot of clinical hours. I'm doing biochemical research in the fall, but I can't put that...
  21. Nicole Kidd

    May 23rd 2017 Score Release Date

    Thoughts? Share some joy? Lessons learned? UPDATE: Scores are just posted 11:11 am ET. Best luck to all of you! Let's keep calm and carry on.
  22. TheGreyOne

    Recommended MCAT study time?

    Looking to start an MCAT Prep course this week and take the mcat September 9th. Is this enough time to do well on the mcat? This is assuming a rigorous study schedule of around 8 hours a day studying.
  23. drewbins

    Uneven MCAT Score - MSTP

  24. Ezra Redden

    April 28th 2017 MCAT Reaction Thread

    This thread is for any reactions and comments on the April 28th MCAT exam from last week Friday.
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  26. P

    Needing direction

    Hello, I just need some type of advice on what to do. I graduated from undergrad with BS in May 2014. I am now completing my MPH this coming May. I have decided to apply to medical school next summer (June 2018). Since I have now been away from the sciences that are on the MCAT for 3 years, I...
  27. susheeto22

    MCAT postpone?

    Hi all, I am scheduled to take the MCAT on 5/19, but I do not feel ready and want to postpone until 6/16. Im not sure if I should just work my butt off and get it over with, or possibly compromise an acceptance to med school because my application is behind others. Any advice?
  28. owlsandturtles

    **Official August 2017 MCAT Thread**

    I haven't seen a thread for August yet so I thought I'd start one! How is everyone's study schedule looking?
  29. P

    MCAT on 04/28/17

    Hello everyone, I am taking the MCAT on 04/28/2017 and despite working my butt off the last few months I still do not feel like I am prepared. I took the self-paced Kaplan course, and I averaged about 508-509 ish on kaplan FLs, i got C/P 86%, CARS 75%, B/B 92%, P/S 83% on AAMC sample, 513 on...
  30. Dox4lyfe

    Mcat physics 2

    Could I get away with just using mcat prep books for physics 2 content or do I need to take the class? Im asking because I only have space in my schedule for either physics 2 or cell bio and I need to choose which one to take before the mcat.
  31. P

    MCAT April 28th, Not Feeling Confident

    I took an AAMC practice test about a week ago and I scored a 502. Chem/Phys: 124 CARS: 128 Bio/Biochem: 126 Psych/Soc: 124 I'm not feeling confident about getting 508+ when I'm taking the test in a week. I've been getting prepped to apply this coming cycle and still want to (planning on...
  32. N

    Study Group August 2017 MCAT date

    Hey All, I am attempting to retake my MCAT in August and I was wondering if any of you would like to join a online study group since I've heard they can be really helpful. We can hold them twice a week and go over questions we all found confusing or review concepts together. If any of you are...
  33. N

    MCAT Retake Advice?

    Hey guys, So I am planning on taking a Masters degree in the Fall starting in late August which is meant to last a year long and I want to retake my MCAT before my classes start. i am graduating from undergraduate next May and this is the third time I am retaking the MCAT and i need to do...
  34. cherryblossomsgalore

    More CARS Practice?

    Hello, So I finished all of the CARS QBanks from the AAMC, what are some recommendations for more CARS practice? I planned to redo the CARS QBanks again but at a later time when I forget them lol
  35. Z

    Jan 28th taker- 504 HELP

    Hey everyone, I got 504 (125/125/129/125) on 1/28 test and I am pretty bummed about it. AAMC F1 505 (I bombed CARS here) (3 weeks prior) F2 516 (1 week prior) I studied for about 3 months while in school and working part time and took ~14 practice exams. I felt prepared and finished fast on...
  36. M

    For Sale 5 bucks for the AAMC Official Guide flash cards + your shipping

    selling the AAMC Official Guide flash cards for 5$ + your shipping cost contact me at (954) 496-1126 I respond to text very quickly
  37. P

    Need Help with CARS ASAP!

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone who is good at CARS would be willing to teach me a few strategies? I am very slow at reading and comprehending the entire passage. Maybe I don't know what exactly to focus on while reading. My test is in 5 weeks. I have tried many different approaches, but...
  38. W

    Chapel Hill/ Raleigh MCAT study

    Hey guys, I'm taking MCAT in June. I'd like to have someone to study with. I'm currently working in a research lab full time in Durham, so probably few hours a week studying together would be good. If you're interested in, please send me a private message. Thanks, Wendy
  39. W

    Varsity Tutors MCAT practice resources

    Hello, Has anyone used Varsity Tutors' practice resources? If so, what did you think, were they helpful at all and is it worth spending time on their resources?
  40. M

    July 22 MCAT/ Applying late August TMDSAS

    I have rescheduled by April MCAT to July 22nd because I am not ready at all. I have not been able to study because of some health problems I have faced which has put me behind in my studying. cGPA: 3.25 sGPA: 3.10 Although my GPA is no where near competitive, I have had an upward trend in my...