1. Unsweet_Tea_Enthusiast

    MD/PhD apps: Update Letter? What to put on it other than recent pub?

    Hi everyone :) I am applying currently, and I have a new pub (review article, co-first author). I was hoping to use this as a way to communicate my interest in some schools that 1) I have interviewed at or 2) I haven't received II's from. But I realized that I haven't done as much as I had...
  2. okbuy37

    WAMC MD/PHD (3.84/514/TX)

    Hey everybody! First-time applicant here and a bit unsure of which schools I should target. I want to apply MD/Ph.D. but am very concerned about my clinical work and MCAT for these programs. I'm just trying to find schools that should be a good target. Any help would be appreciated:) cGPA...
  3. H


  4. O

    How do literature reviews look on MD/PhD applicants?

    Hello All, Breif introduction: An undergraduate entering second-year; major is chemistry concentrated in biochemistry; GPA: 3.99; sGPA: 4.0; no MCAT yet; biomedical research intern for Aspirnaut at VUMC in Nephrology & Hypertension department (summer 2022); attends Berea College. I am...
  5. P

    Should I list a high school research experience when applying MD/PhD?

    I've gotten very mixed advice on this and wanted some more opinions. Between my Junior and Senior years of high school I got a paid research internship at a pharmacology lab at the university I eventually attended. The internship lasted 8 weeks and I accumulated about 300 hours on the project...
  6. D

    Position Available Dermatology research fellowship / research assistant position available at Vanderbilt

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center's joint research program of PIs Dr. Elizabeth Phillips and Dr. Eric Tkaczyk is seeking a motivated, meticulous, and patient-oriented clinical / translational research coordinator to help advance skin imaging and drug allergy projects related to ongoing...
  7. C

    Alternatives to a PhD at a university with a very small MD/PhD program

    I recently got into a medical school with a very small MD/PhD program. They take about 1 student a year. I'm still on the alternative list for some MSTPs but will likely matriculate into this school. With that being said, I was wondering what other research opportunities, outside of getting a...
  8. O

    Considering internships for the future as an aspirant physician-scientist

    Hey all 👋, I’ve posted in these forums a couple of times, but I wanted to gain some potential advice or pointers on where to apply for undergraduate summer research experience. I currently have an internship position for summer 2022, Aspirnaut/Hal Moses Research Program at VUMC, which would be...
  9. J

    Chances of an MD/PhD

    So, I am trying to apply for an MD/PhD program at either UF or UAB and I was wondering if anyone knew the statistics on those schools. I am a double major in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences with a double minor in Mathematics and Honors; I take the MCAT for the first time in August, and I...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Get Into an MD/PhD Program

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Android | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Applying to MD/PhD programs? Here’s what you need to know [Show Summary] Dr. Herman “Flash” Gordon, an Accepted consultant and former chair of the University...
  11. M

    SMP or DIY/Formal Post-Bacc for MD/PhD?

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my first gap year working in a lab full-time (3000+ research hours and hopefully 2 pubs by June 2022). I was looking to apply to MD/PhD programs for the 2022-2023 cycle but my stats are a bit lacking: 516 MCAT, 3.2 uGPA (3.74 sGPA, pretty severe downward trend...
  12. K

    MD/PhD Reapplication if Previously Accepted at Other Program(s)

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted at one MD/PhD program so far, and I am waiting for (admission and interview invitation) decisions at others. I think I will withdraw admission at my accepted program because of the location. Since applying, I have realized that I want to be in/near NYC for the...
  13. A

    MD/PhD Help Me Decide: Loyola University Chicago vs. University of Maryland

    Hello everyone. I'm new to SDN, so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm incredibly fortunate to have acceptances to two quality MD/PhD programs, but I am having trouble officially deciding which program to attend. I would welcome any honest opinions and thoughts! Here are my...
  14. I

    When do MD/PhD programs typically start?

    Hello! I am having trouble finding the MD/PhD-specific academic calendar for multiple programs — does anyone have insights on when most programs start? I am planning my wedding for May or June of next year (2022), and would preferably want to get married between ending my current position and...
  15. U

    School List Thoughts

  16. bubhu


  17. DocZen1

    Non-Traditional PhD to MD Applicant

    Hi everyone. I am a non-traditional 2020-2021 applicant and just wanted some advice. I will be defending my thesis for my Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, hopefully, Spring/Summer of 2021. I figured out I wanted to do medicine during my graduate career through some of my volunteer/life...
  18. Conchilardo

    Digging for Realism in Reaplication

    Right out front, I will be applying this year, but this does not mean I'm going to be heartbroken if I am not accepted... like the past two cycles. Some background: Associates in biology from South Texas College(2014-2016): 3.85 gpa Bachelor's from University of Oregon(2016-2018): 3.4...
  19. C

    WAMC (MD/PhD) - cGPA 3.95, MCAT 523

    Planning on applying to MD/PhD programs this coming cycle and I'm in a bit of a pickle as to narrowing down the school list. Just for context here's a bit about my stats/where I'm at: Current junior at T20, ORM sGPA 3.93, cGPA 3.95 (not counting this semester), MCAT 523 (130/130/131/132) 3...
  20. K

    WAMC-American student getting master's abroad, potential MD/PhD path, applying this cycle

    Year: I am currently in a non-science, bilingual (Spanish and English) two-year master’s program in Barcelona, graduating this July and likely defending March 2021 (instead of Sept 2020 so that I can use my student visa to stay in Europe for a WHO internship fall of 2020, if that still happens...
  21. E

    MD/PhD or MS/MD?

    Hey, all. I could really use any and all advice that you could give me. I am currently a sophomore studying Computer Science (BS) with a minor in Chemistry due to my pre-med prereqs. I am hoping to go to ~some~ version of grad school with the ultimate goal being a medical doctor that applies...
  22. G

    Seeking advice for my gap years (acquiring additional research experience) -- please advise

    Hi everyone, I am writing today because I am seeking guidance regarding my gap years. I am in a special situation because after trying to decide between a regular MD and an MD/Ph.D., I finally decided to pursue an MD/Ph.D. However, I have only a year of undergrad research--since I transferred...
  23. B

    Help with school list! MCAT 516, GPA 3.9

  24. S

    Interested in psychiatry and informatics in mental health – where to apply (heavily research-based MD, MD/PhD, take a gap year)?

    Hi all, I've posted some stuff like this in the past, but now I have more concrete details that I was hoping would help people give me some better opinions. I will likely be applying to programs this upcoming cycle, and was hoping to get some insight. My problem: I feel like I wouldn't be...
  25. M

    Unique Letter of Intent Question

    Hi all, This is my first post! Anyways, I am currently applying to MD/PhD programs. I am a reapplicant. I was fortunate enough to be invited to interview with one of my top choices (top 3 or 5 schools). I'm preparing for this interview every day leading up to the interview, but I digress. So...
  26. FutureMSTP

    MD/PhD post bacc opportunities

    So, I have two more years until I graduate in the spring of 2021. I have over a year of research in a neurobiology lab where I know the pi so well I can get a great LOR from them. I'm very realistic. I didn't get the best grades in my sophomore year so I won't have a competitive GPA for...
  27. whosnisarg

    Md/PhD Research Experience

    Hey guys! I am preparing myself for applying to MD/PhDs with a Public Health/Epidemiology program in the future. I am going into my second year of undergrad and have now 2 months (albeit only 100 hours thus far) of experience at my local medical school's cardiac research lab and plan to be...
  28. moralis

    Where should I start? MD/PhD, maybe a bit late in the game

  29. T

    What are my chances for an MD/PhD program? Above average stats, decent research experience, below average ECs

    Hey guys, I am planning on applying to several MD/PhD programs this upcoming cycle and was wondering my chances at mid to upper tier programs. Stats: 522, 3.85, attended regular large state school- Texas (nothing too special). Research experience: I have spent two years in a computational drug...
  30. M

    Am I on the right path to be competitive for MD/PhD programs?

    I am a freshman student and I recently created a plan for the remaining years of undergrad. FYI, I did some hospital volunteering here and there during my spring semester but mostly focused on academics to maintain a 4.0 GPA. So this is what I plan to do in order to prepare for the MD/PhD...
  31. T

    522, 3.85, lackluster ECs, WAMC and School List?

    cGPA: 3.85, sGPA: 3.78. (upward trend, 3.95 average after freshman year) MCAT: 522 (131/131/129/131) Residence: TX Race: Asian, Male (ORM) Undergrad: State school, Major: Biology, Minors: Medical Humanities, Chemistry Clinical Experience: 80 hours volunteering and shadowing at a medical clinic...
  32. R

    Do I have the right type of research for an MD/PhD?

    I've been considering getting an MD/PhD, however much of my research has been in behavioral neuroscience (attention research and epilepsy related research with mice) and more recently neuropsychology/neurolinguistics research. I have done research in three labs starting my sophomore year...
  33. annabanana96

    Help me make a school list! MD/PhD

    JesOOoOOss christ the day has come where I make this post. FIRST: Apologies if this is in the wrong area, PLEASE direct me to where this should be if I am in the wrong here. Senior in a tiny college, middle eastern gal (aka white lol), first-gen, NJ resident! Majors: Psych and Chem Stats...
  34. T

    AMCAS Personal Statement vs MD/PHD Essay

    Hi all, thanks for reading! I am having a lot of trouble writing different essays for the primary application Personal Statement and MD/PhD essay. For me, I have one narrative: how I've bounced between meaningful clinical inspiration and taken those experiences into basic research on the...
  35. U

    MD/PhD and MD-only at specific schools?

    Hello everyone, I know there have been a few threads on this topic in the past, but I can't seem to find a concrete answer to squelch my concerns! My overarching question is this--is there a way to know if applying to MD/Ph.D. and MD-only at particular schools won't hurt my chances at an...
  36. D


    Based on the following, what are my chances looking like for Top 20 MD/PHD programs cumulative GPA: 3.66 science GPA: 3.72 MCAT: N/A- I am scheduled to take it in April (Shooting for 519+) African-American Male State of residence: VA Extensive amount of extracurricular and leadership...
  37. L

    Letters from Course Professors vs PIs

    I decided recently to apply to MSTP programs this cycle and I realized that although I will have 4 great letters of recommendation from labs that I've worked in and doctors that I have shadowed, I have not established any relationship with course professors. And I know that most MSTP programs...
  38. T

    Chances? How can I improve before June?

  39. C

    MD chances for Central Asia resident

    Hi everyone, I'd appreciate your opinion on my chances for MD in US. My overall aim is get MD-PhD degrees in US in the future. Thank you. Do you think I can try apply to US now? Research: > 3+ years with international internships > 3-4 high IF papers as a front co-author > 2-3 ongoing papers...
  40. C

    MD chances for Cenral Asia resident

    Hi everyone, I'd appreciate your opinion on my chances for MD in US. My overall aim is to get MD-PhD degrees in US for the future career. Thank you. Do you think I can try apply to US now? Research: > 3+ years with international internships > 3-4 high IF papers as a front co-author > 2-3...