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  1. A

    Which program should I choose to help my app? Baylor Post-bacc vs Arkansas MSB?

    Hey guys, I'm applying to these two programs and idk which is better and/or best for me. Some brief background, I have a cGPA and sGPA of 3.0 as a bio major, with my last 60 hours being ~3.7 and last 2 years ~ 3.5 of mostly upper level hard sciences, MCAT 500, I have published 1 lit review, have...
  2. I

    Got a DUI when I was 17, its sealed now. How will this impact Med Apps

    I got a DUI when I was 17. I was on probation for a year and didn't get in trouble so I got my record sealed and was allowed to withdraw my guilty plea. Haven't been in any trouble since. I am wondering if I should mention this in my apps. I learned a lot from it and it was a serious personal...
  3. dentalchamp98

    Dental switch to medical school

    Hey guys, so I’m a first year dental student and been having doubts as to whether or not I should stay in dental school. I have always known that I wanted to be some sort of doctor but I have a parent in the dental professional that influenced me to choose dentistry. I will not be seeing...
  4. J

    school list help

    Post moved to WAMC:
  5. J

    How old is too old?

    I am 29 and considering getting my undergrad and then heading off to med school. I have owned a business in media but don’t feel that I am doing what I want to be doing. I can’t shake the idea of being a doctor. Has anyone ever gotten their undergrad late in life and gone to med school? Will I...
  6. M

    Advice for possibly enrolling in SMP

    Hello, I am just trying to get some guidance for some next steps to get into medical school. My cGPA is 3.67 and sGPA is 3.57, MCAT 511. For my gap year I have been working as an EMT and have other non health related ECs while still in school. So far I haven't gotten any interviews. I have...
  7. S

    Pls help me choose schools

    I know ppl might roast me about my stats being good but I have extreme anxiety due to no one believing in that I will get into med school besides like 3 friends (love them so much my support system) and I cry all the time about them lol. I am so anxious I am not competitive enough just because...
  8. N

    Biology Prerequisite Minimum Requirement

    I am a Canadian student and took 1 full year biology course with lab in first year but I got less than a B-. However, I took a third year animal behaviour course (a biology course) that was a year long with lab and I got an A. I also took two other biology courses in first and second year where...
  9. Y

    My first interview! :D

    Hey guys Just completed secondaries 10 days ago. Been blessed to already receive my first II from a SUNY :) (Am I allowed to say the name of the school or does that go against some type of privacy policy?) Anywho, I can't believe that the earliest date available already is December 1... Jw in...
  10. Y

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Just completed all 34 secondaries this week (damn premed committee took 4 months to send in my LoR...???) Hope I'm not late Feeling relieved getting these out of the way and can relax at nights after work Just wanted to say good luck to everyone and hope we all get blessed with our top choices!
  11. Future Dr. Juice

    Chances of getting into postbacc?

    Hi everyone, I am new to SDN and I am looking for help in regards to my chances of getting into a career changer post-bacc program. I have one semester left in undergrad and I will be graduating this December, 2020. I am a psychology major at an HBCU with a current cumulative GPA of a 3.43, I...
  12. Y

    In your opinion, which med schools are the super-heavyweights?

    the creme de la creme cream of the crop not just top 20, but that specific list of schools that has that "wow" factor everywhere. The schools where the absolute best applicants apply and matriculate to without giving their other acceptances much thought (besides like money and some other...
  13. H

    WAMC? ORM, 508, 3.86cGPA/3.78scGPA, strong clinical exp., MD/DO

    What are my chances? Hope the detail is more informative and helpful than it is annoying to you. I’m applying for 2021. Thanks for reading From New York, no other ties. 24 y/o white male (will be 25 if/when i matriculate) Finished undergrad december, 2018. Undergraduate major: anthropology...
  14. premeddd121612

    does this count as an IA for med school applications?

    Hi! Long story short, fall of my freshman year of college (2017) I was out with friends and drank way too much. On my home, I was stopped (not by an RA, but by a university police officer) and was required to go to the hospital. He didn't charge me, I didn't get in any trouble with him, he just...
  15. Y

    MD My premature school list. any thoughts?

    ORM from New York cGPA=3.70 from Stony Brook University (in my gap year currently) sGPA=3.68 from Stony Brook University 1st MCAT=503 (126,124,127,126) 2nd MCAT=522 (132,128,131,131) Clinical hours=400ish (just got a medical assistant job but couldn't add the planned 2500 hours on my AMCAS)...
  16. T

    Pharmd to MD or DO

    Hello everybody, I am finishing pharmacy school 2021 with a 3.5-3.6 GPA and thinking of applying to medical school next summer. I have 2 publications and 5 years working in both clinical and retail setting pharmacies. I went to pharmacy school after undergrad because I had a 2.89 gpa and didn’t...
  17. jguha

    Geisinger vs Rutgers NJMS

    Just wanted some pros and cons to each Medical School and which one you'd choose. Anything helps
  18. llyskc

    SUNY Upstate Medical School Early Assurance Program (2020 cycle)

    I recently applied for the SUNY Upstate EAP program and have been looking around for any information about it. Seems like nobody really posts about this program. Anybody else applied? On that note, any past applicants know approximate stats and figures for the program and the...
  19. W

    Does type of clinical experience as a premed matter (pathology)?

    Hello, I am a rising senior in high school. Before you leave or tell me to post this in the high school premed forum instead (which I already did), I would like to say that what I hope to achieve from posting this here is a more focused perspective/advice particularly in my field of interest...
  20. W

    Does the type of clinical experience matter to medical schools?

    Hello, I am a rising senior in high school. Before you tell me to post this in the high school forum instead, I want to say that this question is more med-schools admissions related rather than premed admissions related, and I hoped that this forum would be better equipped to answer this. Does...
  21. K

    How do medical schools view non-traditional gap year jobs?

    Hi everyone. I am going into my second gap year and am applying for the next cycle. I have scribed and worked in research along with all of the other typical pre-medical/gap year jobs. I am moving to another state and am not looking for another $10-$15 per hour job. I was recently offered a job...
  22. H

    Wait a years and reapply to US or go to the carribeans

    Took the MCAT once and did terrible (486). Studying to take it again in June (it feels impossible) but got acceptance to SGU which allows me to start this August. I’ve applied to other US schools and did not get in anywhere which is not a surprise considering my MCAT score. Didn’t do too well in...
  23. elloL

    3.96 CGPA, 3.92 SGPA, MA resident - Applying to Harvard Medical 2021

    Hello, this is the first post that I've created. I have been reading SDN posts since my Junior year of high school, but as admissions deadlines near, I have decided to start using it more seriously. A little bit about myself: I am 22 F, Caribbean black, bisexual 1st generation, bilingual with...
  24. T

    Bachelor degree mandatory?

    Hello, So I’m getting my pharmd this semester and thinking about applying to med school after. Most medical schools state that you need a bachelors degree and can apply with any major but I’m about to finish pharmacy school without a bachelors degree. I finished all the prereqs in 3 years and...
  25. hihihihihsdifs

    Acceptance to a DO school but considering gap year for MD

    Hey everyone! I currently have an acceptance to a reputable DO school, however I am considering taking a gap year to make myself more competitive for MD schools. The only thing holding me back from doing so is the fact that I took my MCAT four times. My current stats are a 3.74 GPA and a 510 on...
  26. rntodoctor

    Pass/Fail Pre-Med Courses

    Hi all! I'm currently a Registered Nurse turned Post-bacc Pre-med student. Due to the circumstances of this semester (finals were cancelled due to Corona Virus outbreak on campus), I was wondering about the risks of having a class reported as pass/fail on my transcript. We were given the option...
  27. J

    EC’s and Personal Statement

    Hey! I’m new here, this has probably been answered. Just wondering in regards to the application if you discuss something in your personal statement should you not list it as an extracurricular? Or can you talk about it in your personal statement and then list it as an EC and further discuss...
  28. S


  29. DentTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  30. DentTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  31. F

    Really Messed Up and Need Some Advice!!

    Hi, I know there's probably tons of these stories out-there but it would be helpful if I got some advice. So long story short, when I was inn High School I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, that was my goal. However, I really got into app development and programming so when it came time to pick...
  32. G

    Thoughts/advice on applying to MD/PhD Programs

    Hello SDN, I'm currently planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the coming summer/fall. I'll briefly post my stats and relevant experiences below, and some concerns I have. Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated! -cGPA: 3.6 (sharp incline after sophomore year, ended with three...
  33. Potinator

    Experience for med school

    Hello. I’m a junior biology major and am planning to apply to osteopathic schools in the future. My cumulative gpa is about 3.5 but my science gpa is about 3.23. I know this isn’t very competitive but I wanted to know what my best options would be to improve my application. I am currently...
  34. J

    Poor First Semester?

    Hey Everyone, I'm a pre-med student who has currently finished their first semester at college and I have to say that I'm not pleased with my grades. Of course, this is on me because for some classes I could have worked harder, I believe just getting used to the new lifestyle and rigor of...
  35. D

    Caribbean Medical School - Xavier Med

    Hey! I was recently accepted into Xavier medical school in the Caribbean and was wondering if anyone else has gone there and what the quality of the education is? I talked to an advisor and their first-time USMLE pass rate is 96% and residency placement match is 70%. Thank you in advance!
  36. D

    Complete Work hours overestimation

    Ok so I have a feeling youll just tell me im being neurotic and worrying over a nonissue but on the off chance that this is an actual issue which I should address, I figured id ask. I was recently glancing at my amcas application and I realized that I had overestimated my projected + prior hours...
  37. G

    Future end dates for volunteer/clinical hours on med school application?

    I was wondering if we can put the end date of our volunteer/clinical hours as being the end of college, which would be about a year after applications are sent out. Of course, only do so if it is true, but still, how would admissions committees look at that? Would the hours count and carry the...
  38. D

    What are my chances?

    Hello, and thank you all for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. Major: Biology (minor in chemistry) cGPA: 3.53 sGPA: 3.48 MCAT: 503 EC: - Four Year college athlete (senior year captain, two-time all-conference (not sure if this is important)) - 1700 hours volunteering (mainly...
  39. W

    Update Letters

    Hey everyone! I applied to a medical school via early decision, so I will be accepted, rejected, or waitlisted on or before October 1st, 2019. I recently started volunteering as a scribe/translator at a local free medical clinic that caters to the Hispanic and Latino populations. This is...
  40. A