med school admissions

  1. Dr.NigerianQueen

    Confused about what to do

    (This is my first time posting so I am not sure if this is the right forum. Please redirect me if I’m wrong) I am going into my last semester of undergrad (will graduate May 2020). I have several questions I wanted to ask. Quick Stats Overview - URM (AA) - cgpa (rn) = 3.38 (will explain below)...
  2. Cosmicv1bes

    Seeking advice

    Hello friends! I hope you are all having a great day. After searching a long time on SDN and Reddit for people in a similar situation, I think my story is different enough to warrant its own post. I am an ORM and I applied to DO schools in 2016, but I graduated with a poor gpa (~3.0 both sGPA...
  3. S

    Rutgers Research Assistant Program

    Hey, this is my first post on SDN, so I apologize if I am breaking any sort of rule by posting this here. I have a couple questions about the Rutgers Research Assistant Program, so if anybody has done this before, or knows about it, I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions. 1...
  4. Python Forever

    Gonnif Med School Importance Factors Chart?

    I saw a post gonnif made (well, a photo he posted) about a med school importance chart. It was a 3x3 table I think, with med school admission factors ranked from most important, medium important, and least important. I thought I saved it, but I didn't, and I cannot for the life of me remember...
  5. P

    california med schools IS vs OOS

    Hi everyone. I've heard different ideas about in state vs out of state acceptances into California med schools? Some people say all UC prefer in state while others say they prefer out of state over in state. Does anyone else have stats to back up either claim/any ideas regarding IS/OOS admission...
  6. E

    when can I be justifiably worried about not receiving IIs?

    I'm a little disheartened about the application process and am hoping for some realistic opinions on whether or not my application is competitive. I submitted 31 secondary applications between early July - mid August to a range of schools (all MD: 26 of which realistically within my reach based...
  7. booknerdz

    MCAT for a third time?!

    I’m a recent graduate (URM/disadvantaged/3.64 GPA) and just got my second MCAT score back. 494. Pretty discouraged because I spent months studying. I used Khan Academy, Kaplan, and the AAMC materials. I decided to study on my own since I didn’t have the money to pay for a professional...
  8. F

    gap year or no gap year?

    so to begin, I do not want to take a gap year. am firmly against the idea if I do not have to. in terms of research/EC's I believe I am a pretty strong applicant with 3.9+/hopefully will receive a good MCAT score, taking in Jan. I am a little worried about physician shadowing and clinical...
  9. 68Whiskey

    Army Enlisted to Medical School?

    I have found that I could apply for Nursing, and PA schools while enlisted, and commission. Does anybody know if there is a program that I can go to medical school in a similar way?
  10. M

    Med School Wife - Looking for General Info

    Hey there! My husband's just applied to 9 schools in the past week. - PCOM (PA, GA) - VCOM (VA, AL, SC) - KCU-Joplin - WVSOM - BCOM - LECOM (FL) He has two degrees: Biology (w chem minor): sGPA 3.83, cGPA 3.84 Athletic Training: 3.97 MCAT 504 1000 clinical hours Army vet Great LORs from...
  11. A

    Gap Year + Application Advice

    Hey everyone! I had decided a while back that I would be taking a gap year after undergraduate school. I recently graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in biomedical sciences and a 3.97 GPA. I have a bit of shadowing experience with surgeries in a foreign country, and...
  12. J

    To Post-bac or not to post-bac

    Hi everyone! Was hoping to get some advice about what to do with the year coming up. I am applying next month to both MD and DO, though MD is preferred and have also applied for a post-bac master's starting this fall. I think if I do well in the post-bac, I have a really good shot at getting...
  13. F

    Should I pursue masters, just apply, or DIY post bacc?

    Hello, I just wanted to see what the best option for getting into med school. I had a 3.2 cgpa until my senior year. At the beginning of my senior year, I was a victim of an assault. It really took a toll over me. I withdrew from most of my classes.... I received a F in organic & my semester...
  14. V

    Switching from DVM to MD.. UofT Med admissions?

    So I’m in 2nd year undergrad and until this point I’ve been preparing to apply to vet school. I’ve recently had a change of heart, and am considering applying to UofT in my third year. I have a question! -for FCEs, do they take off the lowest one per year (total 3) or is it the lowest 3...
  15. G

    How pleasing does my pre-med journey sound so far?

    Some of the stuff i say may be irrelevant but i don't know every single thing that factors into a good applicant so ill just spew out whatever lol 2nd year African American female Physiological Sciences 3.38 GPA cum 3 clubs; premed one ( which i am on the executive board as social chair) ...
  16. DrPotatoHead

    Heading into College- I want college to help me prepare for medical school

    I've been really motivated to become a doctor for the past five years ever since my mom was saved after a brain tumor was removed from her. I slacked off most of highschool but really have been changing the past year and a half as my future becomes more relevant. I understand the obvious...
  17. S

    BSN, RN (Student) to M.D . . . Advice?

    How would you prepare for medical school?
  18. M

    Singapore 22 Jan 2018- University of Dundee Medicine and Dentistry Alumni and Information Event

    Greetings all, The University of Dundee Schools of Medicine and Dentistry will be hosting an alumni and information event at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore for: (1) Dundee Medical or Dental graduates (2) Prospective students who are interested in studying Medicine or Dentistry at the...
  19. B

    HELP: What are my chances?

    Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Asian cGPA: 3.85 sGPA: 3.79 I'm currently a junior public health major at ut austin. i plan on applying summer of 2018. haven't taken the mcat yet (plan on taking it next march, right before applying). i "became" pre-med this summer, so i guess you can say i'm kind...
  20. E

    Electrical to Med

    I am an electrical engineer with seveteen years of power sytem design experience and currently employed as an electrical engineer in USA. I am a Canadian with international education in electrical engineering. My major was power and my experience is all about working with substation design and...
  21. S

    How much of an increase in gpa should i expect from a post bach program?

    (current junior) Unfortunately most of my math science courses were during my first 1.5 years of college when I had a parathyroid tumor which affected my ability to study, exhausted all the time, felt bad, etc. Once i had the tumor removed, I felt great and I'm doing better in my courses. So I...
  22. Humerus84

    Strange Relation to School (Non-legacy)

    Hey everyone, So I find myself in a bit of an interesting position. I finished submitting my primary and secondary applications to all of the medical schools I am applying to this cycle back in August. Just this last week I was having a conversation with my grandmother about the schools I was...
  23. M

    3.65c 3.74s chances/school list

    I'm a current junior at a highly ranked state school. I'm looking for insight on my highest school prospects to apply for, I havent taken the MCAT yet, but I'd like to see what to aim for. I have a 3.65 cumulative, 3.74 science in major, a chemistry major, biochem minor and music performance...
  24. F

    MSU COM interview

    Hello! anyone at MSU COM wanna chip in and talk about how they like the school (or dont)?
  25. M

    D1 Athlete School List

    Hi, I'm a Division 1 Athlete and have numerous awards like all conference and all region for it. I also have a 3.7 GPA with an upward trend. I have a 507 MCAT score. I'm wondering how many schools to apply to if money isn't a concern. I want to play the numbers game and apply to the most...
  26. N

    Please help, What are my chances!! In need of some guidance

    Hello all, I'm a 24 years old finishing my degree in Biology and public health from a private university in NY. My undergrad gpa is about 3.1 and premed reqs are: General Biology 1: A General Biology 2: b+ Gen chem 1 class B- Gen chem 1 lab A Gen chem 2 class B- Gen chem 2 lab 2 Organic Chem...
  27. palumacella

    Do Carribean Med Schools care for GPA??

    Do Carribean med schools look heavily into gpa? I'm hearing a mix of yes and no. I know St. George's factors in gpa. I'm looking into St. Matthew's, Ross and AUA. I've seen little to no mention of gpa requirements on their websites, which is why I need clarification. Thanks.
  28. P

    What type of volunteering?

    I am currently a pre-med major with the hope of becoming a pediatric neurologist. I know one of the most important things I need to watch before medical school is the volunteering. I currently have the opportunity to go to a 4 day/ 3 night camp for the National Epilepsy Foundation. This would...
  29. S

    Should I give up my dream of becoming an MD?

    I apologize in advance if this is too long for anyone to read but I don't know where else to turn to, I'd like some realistic advice. I have never ever wanted to become anything else or seen myself becoming anything else other than a doctor. I am just worried about my transcript and how schools...
  30. W

    QUESTION: Started the semester with 14 credits and ended with 11 Cr

    QUESTION: Started the semester with 14 credits and a Withdrawal (W) resulted in finishing it with 11 credits. According to my school, I did not end the semester as a full time student so will this look bad to med schools even though I'll still graduate in 4 years?
  31. H

    How do 2 W's affect me?

    I audited a class at another school and the grade I received technically did not count toward my GPA at my base school because my base school does not accept outside credits. I had a family emergency and had to drop the class thereby giving me a W. Will med schools factor in and/or care about...
  32. gmianosi

    MD School List Advice

    Maine Resident, White female, foreign born and fluent in an Eastern European language (does that even matter?) School: Large, public research uni in New England Major: Biochem and Molecular Bio Minor: French, Chem cGPA: 4.0 sGPA: 4.0 MCAT: First try (Jan of this year): 128,128,128,127--511...
  33. omgitsagreatday

    Help with School List!

    Hi all, I am a rising senior, applying to med school this summer. I am trying to figure out my list of schools that I will be applying to. I have a draft, but I'm not sure if it is well-balanced and such. Let me know what you all think. Here are my qualifications: GPA: 3.9 (Biology Major)...
  34. kozmo1994

    Australian Med schools for American students

    Good evening I am an American citizen who just graduated with a BS in Health sciences and I am planning to apply for med schools in Australia. I want to live in Australia after graduating so I am not really concerned about practicing in the US. Med schools in the US are really expensive and...
  35. K

    DPT to MD transition??

    Hey guys, So I've been accepted to PT school at NYMC (graduated this past January-- I'm 21), but I had a change of heart and realized physical therapy isn't my passion-- medicine is. I've always been involved in sports and wasn't really sure what I wanted to do career-wise so I went with...
  36. S

    Study Abroad for Pre Med?

    I have wanted to eventually earn an MD PHD focusing in neuro-degenrative diseases for as long as I can remember. Also, I have always been a great student; I graduated in the top 2% of my high school completing my studies in 3 years and then spending a year on foreign exchange. Unfortunately, I...
  37. L

    Messed up in community college 5 years ago - What are my chances?

    Hi all. This is my first thread and I just have a few questions regarding my chances for med school. Sorry to be that guy. My general info: Year in college: Junior Major: Social Work Minor: Psych Clinical experience: 5 years in a SNF therapy gym, outpatient gym, and ALF gym. (hands on contact...
  38. L

    Duke-NUS Scholarship

    Any tips about how to get scholarships in DUKE NUS and what they kind of scholarships or loans they offer for non-SG residents / international students?
  39. Philtheparakeet

    Is this a stupid decision?

    I was accepted to a DO school in the southeast. I applied to several schools (both MD and DO) in my home state (NY) and no success. I've already paid my deposit, but I am seriously considering retaking the MCAT and reapplying this cycle and hope for some success in my home state. Current...