1. F

    University of Miami MiBS 2022

    Haven’t seen much about this program on here. I was wondering if anyones applied to UM’s MiBS program for fall 2022?
  2. medshousing

    Renting Miami, FL, USA-Spacious, Comfortable Private Bedroom with Attached Bath

    www.MedsHousing.com 5170 Southwest 60th Place, Miami, FL, USA This is a spacious, fully-furnished, private bedroom with wall-length closet space and a large, attached private bathroom with a full-length mirror and seating at the extra-long vanity. The bed is an extra-long, Tempur-pedic single...
  3. dpt_7

    UM University of Miami DPT 2024

    Hey everyone! I just interviewed for the University of Miami's DPT program on 10/16 and wanted to open this thread to hear from anyone else who is applying or has already been accepted. Feel free to ask any questions if you're still waiting for an interview and if you've already been accepted...
  4. Q

    Miami vs Jefferson vs Tufts

    Wanted thoughts on these schools and their relative prestige differences, seems that both produce great grads and all have ample opportunities for research. What does everyone think about these schools, especially relative to one another? Especially for a future career in surgery?
  5. L

    Anesthesiologist Assistant Jobs and Salary in South Florida

    Hi all, I was looking to ask someone about the South Florida job environment for Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA): for example what hospitals (or others) are hiring or have hired AA in the past in South Florida? Are there any in Miami-Dade (I believe I saw some in Broward but nothing in Miami)...
  6. F

    Position Wanted PGY-2 FM/psych in FL

    Hi all, PGY 1 here currently in the south looking for a position in anywhere in Florida! I love my program, it’s seriously amazing but having some family with medical issues in Florida and it’s really difficult being away. Looking to swap into another FM or into psychiatry for 2020. Thanks for...
  7. G

    Private Room and bathroom for rent in Miami Florida (Aventura area)

    Looking to rent one private room and bathroom in the Aventura area. The room is fully equipped with a queen size bed, 50 inch tv, Netflix and private bathroom. All utilities included.
  8. S

    Miami vs USF

    USF -Tuition: ~34k -Pros Cheaper tuition Cheaper cost of living New downtown campus Updated facilities Emphasis on STEP in courses/exams TGH, Moffitt are great hospitals I work in research at USF now and my PI is awesome and could maybe figure out a way to stay involved as much as a med...
  9. P

    University of St. Augustine Miami

    I was just recently accepted into the 2019 fall program for the University of St. Augustine in Miami. Had anyone else been accepted and, if so, do you plan on attending the program.
  10. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's USA Miami Campus MOT May 2019 start

    Hey guys, I just interviewed at the St. Augustine campus in Miami on 11/9.I thought I would make this thread to notify each other when we receive letters!
  11. D

    UM DPT Class of 2022 Acceptance

    Hey Everyone, I was googling in search of finding any forums talking about the acceptance process for UM DPT and came across a thread from last years students that shared who had already been contacted, accepted, and also wait listed. I figured it would be a good idea to do the same here. I...
  12. gokro

    Lucrative Rheum Job Opening in Sunny Miami

    A great area to raise your family in a safe and supportive community, enjoy 300+ days of sunshine per year, work with a terrific team. Single specialty (rheumatology) private practice seeks fun, upbeat BC/BE rheumatologist looking for healthy work/life balance. Be busy from day one. Strong...
  13. J

    DO Shadow in Miami

    Hi everyone!! First time in the forum. This is a long-shot but does someone know any DO's I could possibly shadow in Miami? I live right next to FIU in Miami-Dade county. Thank you in advance and sorry for bothering.
  14. B

    Roommate Incoming MS1 looking for roommates in Miami starting July

    Hey everyone, I'm super excited to start med school at U Miami Miller later this year, and I was hoping to cosign a lease for a 3 bedroom apartment in Brickell with 2 other people. I'm 27 years old and male, have no preferences for gender, looking for apartments with individual bathrooms...
  15. S

    2018-2019 University of Miami Miller School of Medicine MiBS Program

    Hello! I've searched far and wide for a thread on this new program at Miller and can't seem to find any. I've recently been accepted and just wanted to gage the applicant pool/know if anyone else had been interviewed and/or accepted. Cheers
  16. E

    University of St. Augustine (USAHS) DPT, Miami Campus, Fall 2018

    Hey all. I received an admittance letter to the USAHS Miami Campus for Fall 2018. I just wanted to know if there's anyone else out there also considering this! I'm from California and I've never been to Miami so I've been scouting housing pages to find reasonable rent. If anyone has advice -...
  17. M

    Hofstra vs. Downstate vs. UMiami - help!

    Summary: NY resident whose main goals are to 1) enjoy medical school and 2) put myself in position to match into a competitive residency if I choose to go that way (ortho or ENT? but still totally undecided). My family lives on LI right near Hof and my girlfriend will be in Manhattan for the...
  18. H

    Dartmouth vs. UMiami

    I just got accepted to Dartmouth and would love thoughts about my upcoming decision! Dartmouth Pros: -Prestige/name recognition -Really solid match list -Small class size -Amazing feeling during interview (subjective but true for me) -Clerkships around the country -P/F grading Cons: -Location...
  19. M

    Miami (MD/MPH) vs FIU (MD)

    Thanks for clicking. It sounds like an obvious choice but please hear me out: Miami MD/MPH Pros - MPH is nice for primary care residencies - Great match list for UM in general (no specifics for this program's performance) - Relationship with UM for residencies - Great students and staff -...
  20. musclesmiyagi

    Barry vs Scholl vs Temple vs DMU

    I got accepted into Barry & Scholl, currently waiting on a response from Temple, and will interview at DMU this week. I was wondering if anyone could give me insight into what you like/dislike about their programs, especially if you are a current student at one of these universities? Good...
  21. T

    GW vs UM

    George Washington vs University of Miami Hello everyone, I am having a tough time here. The big thing for me is that I would prefer GW but feel it might hinder me from getting into a more competitive specialty. GW Pros Honors/Pass/Fail (compared to Miami's grading) Commitment to community...
  22. MedicalDoge

    All Help Welcome! Emory v Miami v Dartmouth

    Hello again! I have narrowed my choices down to 3 awesome programs. I can't believe I am in such a blessed position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards Emory or Miami at this point. My general interests are in neurology/neuropath, infectious disease, and pathology...
  23. H

    UMiami MD vs MD/MPH

    Hey all, After only getting DO acceptances, I'm happy to finally have received my first choice MD acceptance! I have been accepted to both the MD and MD/MPH programs, but have only weeks to decide which I would rather attend. I'm really interested in hearing the difference in training aswell...
  24. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St. Augustine MOT - Miami

    Did anyone apply to St. Augustine's campus in Miami? I have an interview there in January. I know they are waiting on their accreditation, which makes me nervous, but the Miami area appeals to me so I applied to multiple schools there. Any insight/feedback on this campus or Miami program would...
  25. N

    Miami Miller vs. State School

    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Pros Accepted to the MD-MPH program. Strong interest/background in public health—I don’t see the MPH as an “essential” to my medical career, but I am drawn to this dual degree program specifically because the MD/MPH components are so well...
  26. U

    The University of Miami Department of Dermatology in Miami, FL is offering a 1-2 year dermatologic s

    Description: A great opportunity for a highly-motivated individual who is interested in participating in clinical/translational research involving various aspects of cutaneous oncology/dermatologic surgery including, but not limited to, scars, lasers, advanced imaging devices such as optical...
  27. M

    UM Miller vs BU

    I've posted this a few times on different places around SDN, but I think this is finally the right place to present my scenario. Here it is: UM Miller Pros I am married and both my family and my wife's family leave relatively close Weather I did my undergrad here so I already have a strong...
  28. U

    The University of Miami Department of Dermatology in Miami, FL is offering a 1-2 year dermatologic s

    The University of Miami Department of Dermatology in Miami, FL is offering a 1-2 year dermatologic surgery research fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Keyvan Nouri Description: A great opportunity for a highly-motivated individual who is interested in participating in clinical/translational...
  29. L

    Miami DPT

    For anyone waiting to hear back from UMiami, I called today. I was informed that notifications will be sent out to everyone tomorrow if you're still waiting to hear back after being interviewed.
  30. JJBlackrainbow

    Study partner in Miami, FL

    Hi everyone , I'm looking for a study partner based in Miami , FL. I work a part time job at Miami Miller UM, female, US-IMG, speak both English and Spanish. Please let me know if you're interested in studying for CK/CS with me.
  31. K

    Creighton vs Miami

    Does anyone have any advice when choosing between two schools? I have recently been accepted at both Creighton and Miami and I can't decide which to choose! It would be very helpful if anyone could provide some of the pros/cons of either school from personal experience if possible! What kind of...
  32. H

    Looking for housing in Miami, Fl

    Hello, Looking for available short-term housing in Miami, Fl for 2. The term would be 3 months starting mid-February. Please let me know! Thanks!
  33. R

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Seeking from Barry University who can give me their opinions on it

    I'm having trouble finding people who have gone to Barry for Occupational Therapy. If you have, please let us know if you were OTD or MSOT, what year, and if you enjoyed the program or not/pros and cons, and anything else you want to share. Also, were the loans worth it? I know tuition is steep.
  34. B

    Miami Vs Mayo-Florida Neurology

    Hey everyone. I need some advice from people who know more than I. This thread is really more about program styles than these schools specifically. I interviewed at both and REALLY like both programs, people were great at both programs. I'm going to rank these as my top 2 but I can't put one in...
  35. K

    Miami Children's vs Jackson Memorial Peds programs

    Can anyone who interviewed or is a resident at either of these programs give me some insight? I will be a rather competitive peds applicant next year and my SO just matched for his dental speciality residency in the area. Any information will help!
  36. T

    University of Miami DPT

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has heard back from The U following their interview? I am so anxious to hear back from them, but it seems from past threads the earliest people hear back is around January and as late as March. Good luck to the rest of you fellow applicants!
  37. R

    Florida Interventional Radiology Symposium for Medical Students - FREE

    Where: Hyatt Regency Miami, 400 South East 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33131 When: Saturday December 5th, 2015 FREE for Medical Students! See attached flyer for medical student discount code and registration information! Learn about this amazing field which continues to expand the frontier of...
  38. H

    what are my chances? Should I retake my GRE?

    Hey! I'm currently in the process of applying to a lot of schools: Baylor, Miami (my undergrad), Duke, Belmont, USF, UCF, UF. I took my GRE today and wasn't pleased with my scores. I got a 159V and 155Q. I know I could have done a lot better on the quantitative portion I just got really nervous...