1. NextStepTutor_1

    PCAT Free PCAT Diagnostic – What Are Your Chances?

    The million-dollar question these days seems to be: what are my chances of getting into pharmacy school? If there were one correct answer to this question—a magical formula, a golden rule—someone would have answered this for good by now. It’s a complicated question. First of all, your PharmCAS...
  2. L

    Admission Chances?

    I have a 2.78 GPA and 74 PCAT score, what are my chances of getting into a school? If there is a chance how stellar do my other factors need to be? Constructive replies appreciated.
  3. B


    I am selling Dr Collins 2016 w/ 2017 Update & the 3 2017 Pearson Practice Tests along with the Kaplan 2016-2017 PCAT book. Excellent condition with NO writing or markings on any of the study guides or practice questions! Includes all 7 original labeled packets for Dr Collins set in a book...
  4. T

    PCAT prelim score

    Hey guys, I just took my PCAT today and got my prelim score Bio 90 Chem 98 CR 84 Quant 88 Composite 95 I was wondering how accurate are these scores? Also how did everyone think of the essay? Thats what is scaring me the most and I think I went off topic :(
  5. S

    PCAT scores take 2

    So I just took the PCAT again and I'm a little discouraged because I scored less this time. So July 2017: Bio:41 Chem:87 Crit R.:69 Quant:47 Comp:64 And September 2017 Bio:58 Chem:55 Crit R: 72 Quant: 57 Comp: 60 Just wondering what my chances are with this score. I'm applying to six schools...
  6. H

    Pearson Practice Exam #7

    Does anyone know which Pearson practice exam best reflects the difficulty of the PCAT? I did pretty well on #5 and #6, but noticed that #7 was much more difficult. Does the actual PCAT lean more towards #5 and #6 or #7?
  7. H

    Pearson practice exams vs PCAT

    I am scheduled to take the PCAT for the first time this Friday. I have been religiously doing the study guides/practice exams from Dr. Collins for the past two-three weeks and have been doing pretty well on those. I purchased the Pearson exams and took exam #4 a couple days ago and scored within...
  8. N

    November 2017 PCAT online study group.. who wants to join?

    hello everyone, i will be taking my PCAT in november 2017 and i was wondering if anyone taking it around that time would like to study together. i found a site which allows students/groups of people to study together online with a white board and also a microphone(to speak if wanted). i thought...
  9. S

    For Sale: PCAT Kaplan 2016-2017 & PCAT Flashcards

    For sale: * Kaplan PCAT 2016 - 2017 Strategies, practice & review is in like new condition. No writing. * Rea's Interactive FlashCards - PCAT is in good condition. No writing. $30 for both books + shipping. Please email at [email protected]. Thank you.
  10. G

    Selling Most updated 2016 Dr.Collins + 2017 Kaplan PCAT book

    FULL set inluding study guides and answer keys, no markings or tears! Please message me if interested!
  11. B

    Evaluation Please!

    Hello all! I am currently planning to apply to pharmacy school this Fall 2017 for Fall 2018 admittance. Here are my stats: Current GPA: 3.3 PCAT: This is my first ever important standardized test, I did not even take the SAT. I am scheduled to take it on September 8th. Pre-reqs: I have...
  12. H

    Interview before PCAT scores

    Hello, I was wondering if schools usually invite a competitive applicant to interview before they have taken the PCAT? I am applying Early Decision but I won't be taking the PCAT until September 8. I talked to the university and they said that is okay and that I can still apply Early Decision...
  13. H

    linking PCAT CID to PharmCas

    I am planning on applying for Early Decision (Sept. 5), but am scheduled to take the PCAT Sept. 8. I already talked to the school and they said they'll accept the preliminary report. However, I was wondering how I link the PCAT CID to my PharmCas account? There's only a CID input on past PCATs...
  14. I

    Took my first practice PCAT, 83%. Improving Critical Reading?

    Short background, entered college as pre-pharmacy. Junior year became interested in Med-School. Took MCAT June 2017, scored a 506 (average for accepted students, 71st percentile). After receiving my score I thought: "well, lets see what the PCAT is like". As I used a lot of Next Step material...
  15. H

    80th+ percentile PCAT advice?

    Hey guys! I'm scheduled to take the PCAT on September 8. I've already purchased Kaplan, Barron's, and Dr. Collins materials. My goal is to make at least ~80th percentile in order to maintain a competitive application. I was wondering if you all had any advice on what/how to study, especially in...
  16. C

    PCAT Scoring Issue - Need opinions

    Hi guys! I'm an undergraduate student that just completed her first year at a university as a direct admit to Pharmacy School in the Pre-pharmacy program. My overall cumulative GPA at the moment is 3.9. As direct admits, we are supposed to take the PCAT the summer after our first year and...
  17. M

    PCAT (2017) 99% Scorer Advice

    Please note that while my methods might have worked for me, it certainly won't apply to everyone!! Length of studying: 2 months (~4hrs/day) Discussion of materials used: Princeton MCAT (Bio, General Chem, Organic Chem, Biochem, CARs) - MCAT books give you much more in-depth explanations over...
  18. S

    Partially Paid Pharmacy School Tuition?

    If a pharmacy school wants you bad enough will they partially pay for your tuition? I currently have over a 4.0 GPA and just finished the PCAT today with a composite preliminary score of 433 (95th percentile). Gauging the average GPA and PCAT scores of accepted students to certain schools I'm...
  19. Y

    Chances of Getting In With NO experience or volunteer hours

    My stats are: B.S. in Biomedical Science 3.97 GPA (4.0 Science GPA) 99th Percentile PCAT preliminary composite score (took it yesterday) ZERO Volunteer hours/community service ZERO experience in a Pharmacy Never had a job Was in ONE club in college (racquetball) I understand my GPA and...
  20. P

    PCAT - Most true to test options?

    I'm taking the PCAT wednesday and I've been prepping with Dr. Collins for a few months. But I took a couple of Pearson practice tests this weekend as a change of pace and to get a different perspective. One thing I noticed is the Pearson tests were WAY harder than Dr. Collins. Especially the...
  21. I

    Accuracy of Pearson PCAT Practice Tests?

    I bought and took all three of Pearson exams along with taking all 5 of the Kaplan practice exams in the course. On the Kaplan practice exams, on average I didn't do so hot. After reading a couple of threads, it seems like Kaplan's practice tests are harder than the actual. However, I did pretty...
  22. I

    For those who have already taken the PCAT

    Hey, I am taking the PCAT in about two months, and was wondering how many passages are included in biology and chemistry? Is it basically half of the tests, or just a few problems, or even heavier than that? I am just little worried because the test has changed since 2016 and the materials I...
  23. A

    Dr. Collins Pcat

    I have 2016 Dr. Collins for sale along with 2 Kaplan study guides-1 is 2016 and the other is 2017. Message me if interested. Thanks!
  24. TaffyTaffy

    For Sale FOR SALE - PCAT Dr. Collins 2017

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins PCAT 2017 version. Brand new, no markings. $280 (including shipping). Payment through Paypal or if you're in the Orange County, CA area we can meet up as well. For pictures and questions, send me a message or you can also email me at [email protected].
  25. P

    PCAT Dr. Collins 2016 For Sale

    Hello I am selling my 2016 Dr. Collins self-study material for $200. NO writing or highlighting. I also have the Kaplan PCAT 2015-2016 book with one practice test. PM me if interested!
  26. A

    Dr. Collins Guide, Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014, PCAT Destroyer ($130 Including Shipping)

    PM me if interested. I used them to take the exam this spring and they helped quite a bit. I accept PayPal; you will get the entire package for $130 with free shipping.
  27. A

    PCAT Dr Collins Study Guide

    2016 Dr Collins study guide with 2 Kaplan study guide books. Dr. Collins helped tremendously-got into my number one pharmacy school choice. asking about $300 or best offer. Message me about it.
  28. D

    Dr. Collins 2017 PCAT Prep For Sale

    Unused, New 2017 Dr. Collins PCAT 7 Packet Review Please leave your email so I can send you the images
  29. WildWing

    PCAT Ask Me Anything (AMA) Thread Directory

    Below is a list of PCAT Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads sorted by start date. Sep 9, 2017: 99% Sept 8 PCAT, AMA Aug 17, 2017: Upcoming PCAT Takers, Here is Some Advice (Also, AMA) Jul 18, 2017: 99% Tile Composite. AMA Jun 26, 2017: 97 PCAT Composite: Ask Me Anything Jul 21, 2016: Questions? Feel...
  30. W

    For Sale Selling Dr.Collins 2016 Updates, Kaplan 2016-2017, PCAT Destroyer 2015-2016

    Hi, I'm selling Dr.Collins 2016 Updates Good condition Few Highlighting Erased all writings Few tests are missing from biology and math section, but I still have 4 for both of those sections Biology section should not be used as your primary study tool, ONLY USE AS A REVIEW GUIDE, USE...
  31. E

    Looking for Dr. Collins PCAT

    I'm currently looking for any used Dr. Collins PCAT prep books, preferably 2016 and later. Message me if you have any available materials!
  32. swiseman

    PCAT January 2018 without all Prereqs

    Hey guys! First thread here. I'm taking the PCAT on 1/3/18 with only the following prereqs: Gen Chem 1&2, Gen Bio 1, A&P 1, and Microbiology. I will not have Organic 1&2 or Calculus in yet, but I have College Alegbra/Trig pretty fresh. I learned the base of organic chemistry in another...
  33. V

    What are my chances in Texas pharmacy?

    I am a Texas resident at an A&M branch school. I'm hoping to get accepted into pharmacy school for fall of 2018. I wanted to see what my chances were for getting accepted into a school in Texas. My primary school would be A&M because I'm familiar with it, but would really like to go to UT Austin...
  34. Kobethegoat24

    When should I apply for Pharmacy School ?

    I am trying to get as many people's opinion on this as possible. So I am a junior and have taken almost all my prerequisites except for Organic Chem 1 and 2 and anatomy (The most important ones). I need to take my PCAT by october of 2017 and apply between November and march deadline if i want to...
  35. 9

    EXP Button on Calculator During PCAT?

    This might be a really dumb question but is there an EXP (exponent) button on the calculator provided in the PCAT? I don't understand how I can complete questions like the amount of energy emitted. How will I plug in -RH (-2.18x10^-18) on a standard calculator?
  36. S

    what should i do ?!?!? applying to pharm school

    In order to be able to finish all of my pharmacy pre-requisites I would have to take two summer courses (microbiology and calculus) in order to have all my coursework done by winter of 2018.( After the summer I would still have 4 pharm pre-requisites.) My gpa is not the best as I have retaken...
  37. M

    Excited and Afraid

    34 years old BS in sports and health science 2.49 gpa, C (lack of effort due to divorce & guardianship of disabled mother, not intelligence, LOL!) I've been a personal trainer for over 15 years and I've worked for healthcare supply chains and currently, at a hospital. Found a school that...
  38. kadeking

    Can I get in With Little Experience

    So I am sitting at a 3.98 GPA (1 B in undergrad), 4.0 science GPA and a 90 PCAT. However, I have literally no volunteering, community service, or tech hours. Can I get in to some schools based on scores instead of extra-curriculars? Or should I lie and just make up **** for extra curriculars?
  39. MikeS95

    Advice for PCAT Math section

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask what you guys would recommend i do to prepare for the math section of the exam. I have limited knowledge of pre calc/ calc because i took the classes 3-4 years ago and most of what i learned slipped my mind already. What is the best way to make sure to ace this...
  40. 9

    Barron's PCAT

    I haven't heard anyone talk about this PCAT study material in a decade on this forum. Just wondering if it's of any use?