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  1. Ryan_SyedNaveed


    Hey everyone, I am a rising junior in HS. And I was wondering about the steps to get into High School LECOM EAP. Also, for my first two years of high school, im a junior btw, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. Thus, I didn’t take “science-med” classes like AP BIO, I was wondering was that...
  2. jhadedouglas512

    Meharry Masters of Health Science Program 2020

    Hello all! I wanted to start this thread so people can ask questions about the program and to share their experiences! Let's be POSITIVE!!! :p
  3. Kojo90

    Rosalind Franklin Pre Matriculation Program (PMP) 2019 entering class

    Hey everyone! I'm posting this because I do not see a current thread for those who are applying to this program. I can't find much on what benchmarks must be made in the program to gain admission into the medical school. I was hoping you all could share the knowledge on the subject. Also, does...
  4. Kojo90

    Meharry Masters of Health Science Program 2019

    Hey everyone! I'm posting this because I do not see a current thread for those who have been given an invite to apply or interview for this program. I applied to the medical school and was invited to apply for the program. I can't find much on what benchmarks must be made in the program to gain...
  5. I

    Online Science Core Courses at University Fulfilling Pre-Req Requirements?

    Hello all. I am currently in a dilemma as I am finding it very difficult to go back to school to complete my pre-requisites to apply to medical school while working full time nights as a nurse. In the Fall I tried to take a general chemistry course but had to drop out a few weeks after the start...
  6. L

    Med school competitiveness so far and honors thesis question.

    Hey all, ????I am entering my final semester at CU Boulder and am torn whether or not to write and defend an honors thesis. I am seeking opinions regarding if it is worth the time and commitment considering my crazy schedule resume so far (I am aiming for a top 25 MD school)??? -I am not sure...
  7. D

    Individual grades/ A minuses and overall GPA

    I'm a junior and my science GPA is about 3.79. Non science is about 3.9. I am VERY concerned about the number of A minuses I have. I have about five of them on my transcript. Also this semester I'm taking three science classes and two labs and I feel like I'm also gonna get an A minus in every...
  8. D

    Transcripts required by medical schools in the U.S

    I'm an undergrad student currently taking my prerequisites at a university. I know that med schools require that you send all your post secondary transcripts, but my question is about high school transcripts and/or diploma. Do they ask for your school to send a copy of your diploma for education...
  9. S

    Having Volunteering and Shadowing Experiences

    Hey everyone, so if I have both volunteering and shadowing experiences, do I necessarily have to work, for example, as a medical assistant? I understand that having a job in medicine is very helpful in exposing yourself more to the medicine field, but I was wondering if having volunteering and...
  10. E

    MD WAMC? 516/ sGPA 3.8/ cGPA 3.7/ FT employment

    This forum is so cool! I wish I had known about it a few months ago. I don't want to abuse it at the expense of people who really want answers, so disclaimer: I already submitted my apps and I think I can get at least one acceptance. I ask more out of curiosity at this point, so please only...
  11. A

    What to prioritize for Princeton Review materials?

    Hi all! I will be taking the MCAT on September 8th and will be taking the PR Ultimate Course from July 9th - August 24th. For those who have taken the course, which of the pre-class and post-class materials do you recommend prioritizing? Also, how was your experience with the course? From the...
  12. H

    What should I do to get into med school at this point? Bad GPA.

    Hello, I am currently in my 3rd year of UG. I am a pre-med hopeful but definitely unsure but still very much wanna be a doctor. I was a great student in high school in the top 5% of my class and a great SAT score. However, I came into college as an engineering major and took core...
  13. G

    Astrophysics Pre-Med

    I'm an incoming freshman majoring in Astrophysics as a pre-med major. Is there anyone who is doing/has done this before? I would like to hear people's opinions/advice on doing something as difficult as this as a pre-med.
  14. M

    Retaking a prerequisite! Applying for DO school

    So I'm in a bit of a predicament. I originally took Organic Chemistry I at my school. At my school lecture (3) and lab (1) are combined to be one grade and I received a C- and most DO schools need a "C" or higher for the prereqs. I'm retaking the class this summer and avoiding taking it in Fall...
  15. MissPi

    2018-2019 AMCAS Application

    Hi there! It’s official! May 1st has finally arrived.The AMCAS application opens today. Start uploading your documents now! Take your best shot. There is no better time than the present. Best of luck to every applicant. Be encouraged ;). MissPi
  16. D

    What Are My Chances? High sGPA, Low cGPA

    Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite awhile, but this is my first post. I’m currently deciding between preparing for physician assistant or nurse practitioner/CRNA program applications. However, a part of me really wishes I had gone into the healthcare field sooner, and I...
  17. Reaching19


    Hi, I am currently a 3rd year in my undergrad. I am planning to enroll in a postbacc program before med school to enhance my academic standings and better prepare me for the mcat. However, I am wondering if I should take physics (which I will be taking in my senior year) since I will be taking...
  18. A

    Courses to be taken

    The following courses is the courses I will be taking my 1st and 2nd year. I wanted to know if these courses suffice to prepare for the MCAT. -------------------------------------------------------------- Term 1: College Algebra, Public Speaking, Micro Computer Applications, English...