1. C

    Spouse with moving job

    Does anyone here have a spouse or partner who has to move often for work? I’m finishing residency in a specialty and am concerned about potentially having to move every 3 years for a decade or so and having to postpone starting my own practice or becoming a partner somewhere. I’m not married but...
  2. DK2

    Relationships/Dating in Dental School

    Too many current dental school students and practicing dentists tell me that relationships (especially LDRs) and even marriages don't survive dental school. At this point I'm starting to think it's not so much a matter of "if", but more a matter of "when". I want to know what your all's...
  3. S

    Geography Bias in IM Residencies

    Recently my boyfriend accepted a job 4 hours away from where I'm going to medical school so it looks like we will be doing some long distancing. We plan on getting married- we've been together since college and have known each other since elementary school, but his career choice (an engineer)...
  4. KatsuCurry

    Best Medical Schools to find a wife?

    Look I'm excited to learn the basic sciences and do research at med school, but I'm also trying to find a wife (perhaps more important). What schools have good dating cultures and a lot of intermingling? I've heard good things about Wake Forst, USF, any others?
  5. C

    Pre-SLP switching to Pre-Med... with a not-so-supportive boyfriend and family. Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, So, I am currently studying Speech-language pathology at college that offers their program mostly online, which is great but here's the thing... I really feel like if I continue and become an SLP, I'd be settling with a career that I'm not totally invested in. I've wanted to be an...
  6. A

    Online Study of Long-Distance Relationships

    Participants Needed for Online Study of Long-Distance Relationships The Du Bois Health Behavior Lab, run by Dr. Steve Du Bois in the Psychology Department at the Illinois Institute of Technology, seeks research volunteers: adult couples (age 18+) in long-distance relationship arrangements...
  7. B

    Choosing a med school based on significantly other

  8. I

    Relationship problems during Step study

    This is my first time posting in any of these forums, so apologies if I'm doing this wrong. I'm an MS2 currently studying for Step 1, and my exam date is less than a month away. For the past year, I've been dating an MS4 in my program, and besides some bumps, I thought things had been going...
  9. 2

    Aspiring Doctor Dating an Aspiring Actor?

    Hi everyone! I am really looking for some insight, opinions, and advice on my situation. I am in a serious long distant relationship. I am an aspiring doctor and he is an aspiring actor. Distance is definitely something we can cope with and somewhat find convenient. However, we do visit each...
  10. M

    Scribe-Doctor Relationship

    Hey Everyone, I am currently a pre-med(and a scribe) and will be applying next cycle. I have faced sort of an obstacle at work... The physician I work the most with asked me out. I am 22 and he is 30...... Normally this would totally gross me out, however, I am terrified that I won't be able to...
  11. Humerus84

    Strange Relation to School (Non-legacy)

    Hey everyone, So I find myself in a bit of an interesting position. I finished submitting my primary and secondary applications to all of the medical schools I am applying to this cycle back in August. Just this last week I was having a conversation with my grandmother about the schools I was...
  12. M

    Interns friending residents of Facebook

    Is it normal for interns to friend residents on facebook, especially in less than two months after starting rotations?
  13. D

    On Networking: Give and Connect

    Networking doesn't have to be this contrived activity. The best networking resembles making friends - and it starts with giving and connecting. If you want to get better at networking, read this: Give and Connect
  14. D

    Starting LDR with SO. Tips?

    Hi There, I'm a long time follower of SDN; my boyfriend has used it for a while but I just read forums here and there for information. We've been together for a little over 1.5 years, are very serious (talk about the future all the time), and after living only a few miles away from one...
  15. 8

    In relationship purgatory with my LDR (med school student advice?)

    Hello all, I am currently in a LDR with my boyfriend of only a couple of months. We met on a dating app last year and we both live in two different states. We decided to meet each other in March which is when he asked me out and we became "official". My boyfriend is currently in med school...
  16. moxymed


  17. D

    Moving across country for residency--good idea?

    I'm looking into family medicine residency programs currently and am considering going out of state. I'm tired of being in the same area in which I was raised and went to both undergrad and med school. However, there's a few factors I'm considering and want people's input. First, if I do in fact...
  18. P

    transferring medical school

    Hi, My boyfriend and I just got into different med schools this year. As you can imagine we are both really excited to start this next journey but we also love our relationship and are scared of being apart for 4 years. Both schools are similarly ranked and we have similar credentials. I have...
  19. A

    My boyfriend doesn't understand how difficult pharmacy school is... How do I help him understand?

    I'm in my P1 year of pharmacy school. It's going well grades-wise but my relationship is on the backburner. I do what I can but I have ADHD and studying/school is incredibly difficult for me to begin with and it seems like in order to do well and not fail out of school, the rest of my personal...
  20. F

    Rotation Selection

    I'm an OMS-II getting ready to go on rotations. I have no idea what I want to go into and was curious for some ideas of what rotations to do to help me narrow this selection down... I have vague interests in surgery (I worked with a general surgeon for 6 years), ENT, neurology, cardiology.. but...
  21. SharkBait13

    Need participants for study on relationship offenses, forgiveness, and religion (15 min or less)

    The survey should only take about 15 minutes. Your responses will be completely confidential. There are two studies, one for perpetrators of an offense (preferred!) and one for victims (less preferred). In order to participate, you must 1) be over 18 years of age, 2) currently be in some form...
  22. beautifully_entropy

    Pre-med dating not med-student

    My boyfriend and I had already been together 4 years before I decided to begin my pre-medical studies. Where I am studying undergraduate now we are only 3 hours away, so it allows him to visit me ~once a month and it works out really well. We've been able to make it work so far, but I'm worried...
  23. J

    Please Participate in Research on Closeness in Relationships -- win $100 gift card!

    I am writing to invite you to participate in my IRB-approved study (Einstein #2015-5609) investigating how relationship satisfaction relates to feelings of closeness in certain experiences that mark life as a couple. Closeness is a very important aspect of relationships, yet there is still much...