1. Asclepius293

    Low Step 1, 1 week late STEP 2 CK on ERAS

    Hey all, Applying family medicine as US MD this cycle. 212 on STEP 1. Going to take STEP 2 next week, submit my application 9/29, then update programs with STEP 2 score on 10/6. I realize that I’ll be at a disadvantage with the low step 1 and no step 2 score with possibly getting screened out...
  2. mcsteamy13

    How competitive am I to match Neurology at a strong program?

    Hi there! I am very interested in neurology and I'm wondering what sort of programs I can be competitive for. I just have no idea what to expect honestly. I am a 3rd year DO student. So far, my application includes: Step 1 - 233 COMLEX 1 - 610 Other - Founder/President of club (non-neuro)...
  3. P

    Study time for step 3 based on previous step scores

    Just started studying for step 3 and hoping to take it by end of the month since I'm on a relatively easy rotation in my residency program. Based on my past step scores (264 step 1, 275 step 2), how long do I realistically need to study for step 3? My thought was to spend most of my prep time...
  4. gobirds_flyeaglesfly

    3 years out of school, only 2 months to study - 25 AA

    I've written and re-written this post a few times. I'm just going to shorten the story and say that I shouldn't have had a chance. I graduated in 2017, haven't thought about science since, accepted a promotion that came with a cross-country move (right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic)...
  5. artist2022

    Official AADSAS Q&A Thread 2020-2021

    Hey guys! As the application opened today to start filling out, I'm sure there'll be many questions about how things should be done, what to include where, etc. so let's keep all the questions posted to this thread so that 1) the forum isn't flooded and 2) people can search for their questions...
  6. W

    Submitting AADSAS without DAT Scores

    Hey everyone! I have already submitted my AADSAS app to my (1) state school, and it has been verified. I have yet to take the DAT (set for July 15). Does anyone know which dental schools are reviewing applications without receiving DAT scores first? Besides that, my application is fully...
  7. D

    Bad MCAT Score

    So I don't want to go into too much detail, but basically I studied full-time for 2 months this summer without any distractions. I got 500 on my first AAMC FL and then 504 on my second AAMC FL (three days before the test). Just got my score back today and I got a 498... I bombed the science...
  8. D

    MCAT in a week and a half but I haven't reached goal score yet

    Hi! So last week I took the AAMC Sample test. After using the score conversion I calculated that I got a 500. 123 C/P 128 Cars 123 BB 126 P/S I just took the AAMC FL2 (exactly 1 week later after spending 7 days reviewing content that I got wrong on the sample test) and got a 504. 125 C/P 128...
  9. superman0420

    What are my chances?

  10. G

    490 on second FL (4 weeks into content review)

    Hi, So I sit for the exam mid-June and have been performing poorly on the FLs I've taken: 56% on AAMC SAMPLE and 490 on Kaplan FL #1. Before I gather advice, I should inform you all that I have NOT completed content review (not even halfway through the books, it seems to be taking forever) AND...
  11. B

    nbde exams

    Hello. When I pass the NBDE exam can I do it again if I want better scores ? Or I should wait 5 years until the validity expires?
  12. P

    Putting the "trick" to rest

    There has been a lot of discussion on this board concerning the trick to find out if you passed exam prior to the release of the score report. Could people please post experience with the presence of a link to a new application and its association with a subsequent failure once the score Report...
  13. A

    How do I improve MCAT score? (especially chem/phys)

    Howdy, So my first Princeton review full length I got a 499 (123/123/127/126) and I just took another PR full length today and got a 505 (123/126/127/129). My issue is with chem/phys obviously. How can I improve this score? I have approximately 30 days before I take my official MCAT (Jan 19th)...
  14. D

    Level 3 score?

    I took the COMBANK practice exam for Level 3 and scored a 702. Then a week later I took a COMSAE and scored a 418. What the heck? The 3 digit conversion used by COMBANK was based on the conversion tool from the NBOME. Then I take the COMSAE and my score decreases by ~300 points???? COMSAE was...
  15. A

    1 month till MCAT

    Hi guys, My MCAT exam is January 19th and Im going to have approximately 35 days to seriously study for it once my school semester is over in December. I spent about 2.5 months doing content review/light practice with princeton review during the summer already. At the end of the summer, I...
  16. B

    BCPS results

    hey guys, was wondering, for those who did the fall BCPS in last years- when did you recieve your results. I know BPS says couple weeks but not too accurate of when results come out. Anyone here did BCPS fall 2018.. Thank you :)
  17. DrHalsey

    Help with AACOMAS personal statement

    Below the line is exactly what is in my AACOMAS application. I am most concerned about the note at the bottom, is it acceptable? Or does it come across as pushy? I know that new MCAT date is late so that is my stealth way of asking them not to throw out my application before the scores are in...
  18. T

    508 retake and uneven breakdown?

    Alrighty folks just got word of my mcat score and a bit disappointed 508 (128/123/127/130) As you can see everything else is fine but CARS killed me...if I had even scored an average 125 then I would be happy ugh!! I've never scored that low. Is an uneven breakdown a red flag? On AAMC, I scored...
  19. rajp98


  20. T

    MCAT Practice Exam Help

    Hello everyone, I am a new member to SDN. So today I come seeking the advice of anyone who may have some helpful insight to this beast of a test. My honest goal here is to score a 507 or higher. I am currently a month out from my MCAT exam date, and I am just beginning the AAMC Practice...
  21. southjersey54

    Comlex Score

    Just got comlex score back.....458, totally was not expecting this low of a score but it is what it is. Want to do pathology. Chances of getting into a pathology program? Any insight appreciated. Sooooo bummed right now.
  22. P

    How much impact will an MCAT score have?

    Hello all, During my senior year of university around mid-January, I excitedly registered to take the MCAT in June, hoping that I would be ready for it. After graduating with a 3.50 GPA, June comes around and it turns out, finals and other personal ordeals had taken more time than I thought...
  23. I

    Dr. Collins 2016-2017

    I am selling my Dr. Collins PCAT study guide with the 2017 update. The book is in good condition with slight staining on the tabs of the book due to a spill. There are no pen markings and each section is included in spiral book format. My offer will include a Kaplan biology study along with 3...
  24. A

    Advice requested: How to proceed with MCAT studying

    I just took my first TPR MCAT full length exam after doing 2 months of pure content review and a few practice passages occasionally. I scored a 499 (123/123/127/126). The content review was mainly just taking the TPR online classes and reading through the TPR book set. All practice passages that...
  25. K

    Send scores to every school?

    Is there any reason I shouldn't select every school to send my scores to? Does it matter if I don't actually apply there?
  26. L

    DATBC vs DATqvault BIO

    On DATBC, thus far, I have been averaging 19-21 on the bio exams ranging from 26-32 correct, using almost all the time. however... I took DATqvault's free bio sample exam, finished with 30 minutes to spare scoring a 34/40. Now I am not sure what to believe in terms of whose test is more...
  27. Canavero

    Official DAT scores to AADSAS

    Sorry if this questions seems RADICAL, but I am struggling to find info. So when I applied to take the DAT I selected the "send to all schools" option (At least I think I did). I took my DAT on the 29th of May and since I have uploaded the unofficial scores into my AADSAS application. Here is my...
  28. student-of-life

    Had timing issues on May 18th test - should I do a quick turnaround repeat?

    Hi everyone. Reading the different discussions on SDN has been immensely helpful for me, so let me preface my post by thanking everybody in this community - there are some really special people on here, and seeing that has made me even more excited for med school. Okay, now for my question: On...
  29. Tantalum

    USMLE Step 1 Score estimate?

    Just based on the fact that I score an average of 80% on a Random Timed UWorld Block, what can you estimate my step 1 score to be? I have taken practice tests in the past and I plan to take one in a few days, but I am just looking for an outside opinion and current estimate of my score at the...
  30. F

    will a June 16th MCAT date put me behind ?

    I am taking the MCAT June 16th (score release July 17th). One of my biggest goals was that I wanted to apply as early as possible to be in the first wave, but due to unfortunate circumstances my mcat was pushed back to June 16th. Now I don't plan on selecting schools before my MCAT is released...
  31. E

    MCAT immediate score please help

    hey! I take my MCAT in a few days and I have heard that you get an estimate score immediately when you finish the test such as 505-510. But I can’t find ANYTHING online. Do that give you a percent correct or what? I know the scales score comes out a month later and I know how that whole process...
  32. L

    DAT(PAT) score

  33. Y

    IL MPJE Results Wait Time

    If you recently took IL MPJE via license transfer/reciprocity, how long did it take you to get your results, and how did you receive them? Mail or email?
  34. Y

    Aiming for Step 1 score of 240+

    Hi! I am a second year MD student taking the step 1 in july 20. My semester ends May 11 which gives me about 9 weeks to prepare. Anyone has any suggestion or tip on how to prepare during those 9 weeks if I'm aiming for 240s? Things to do and things to avoid doing. I have uWorld, Rx, Pathoma...
  35. S

    DAT Score

    Hi all, I hope you all are doing well. Just took my DAT today and wanted to get some feedback regarding chances into getting into dental school. This is my second time taking it. Let me know what you all think. First Attempt PAT: 18 QR: 17 VR: 18 Bio: 18 GC: 19 OC: 20 TS: 19 AA: 18...
  36. S

    MCAT Percentile Discrepancy?

    Hey everyone, I did a quick search to see if anyone else has posted regarding this and didn't find anything, but I apologize if it is a duplicate. I just finished my first Kaplan practice exam with an overall score of 499, distributed as follows: 123, 125, 126, 125, in Chem/Phys, CARS...
  37. I

    canada DAT test Breakdown (Nov 2017)

    ty for response
  38. Kobethegoat24

    When should i take my mcat?

    So i need help, I am graduating this july of 2018. I am thinking of taking 2 gap years (applying the summer of next year). I had originally planned on taking the MCAT this summer after graduating but some have told me thats not enough time. So I was planning of taking it december of 2018 (next...
  39. Z

    Wondering if I should bother applying...?

    Hello, I am hoping to hear back some input on my current situation. DAT: PA:22/QR:18/RC:20/Bio:20/GC:18/OC:13/TS:17/AA:18 I graduated from a 2 year college first with a GPA around 3.5, then transferred to a university to get my bachelors with a 3.92 GPA and 3.77 Science. I took a gap year in...
  40. 8

    MCAT too low for great MSTP?