1. M

    sGPA >> nsGPA

    How should I approach my sGPA being much higher than my non-science GPA (engineering major)? My sGPA is ~3.9 while my cGPA is 3.78. I know schools care more about BCPM, so does it make sense to apply to schools where my cGPA is on the lower percentiles assuming that my high sGPA will be...
  2. N

    sGPA vs. cGPA: How big can the difference be? What's competitive?

    I know that MCAT plays a huge role, but I was wondering about how it would look if cGPA is abt 3.85 and sGPA is 3.65 (for a non-science major)? Would the difference between the cGPA and sGPA be a concern to ADCOMS? Would that sGPA even be considered competitive for top schools? Thanks in...
  3. birchtree47

    Worries about prereq grades

    Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well :) So, I just rounded out the second half of my sophomore year and am looking back at my GPA. At the moment, my GPA is a 3.805, and will either be a 3.8229 or a 3.8035 depending on what I get in this one liberal arts class. Although I recognize that...
  4. A


  5. Leftpaw

    Under 3.0 sGPA. Still viable for a good optometry school?

    Hello! From calculating my GPA, I ran into a problem - my sGPA is right under 3.0...like a really high 2.9. To explain this number, the sGPA was raised from a lower level by a massive post-bacc effort, which spanned for years, that consisted of many upper-division science courses with hundreds...
  6. I

    Postbacc, SMP, or Retake courses? (HELP)

    I am an undergraduate student at a state school. With the incentive to graduate in early (recommendation by my HS counselor), I used all of my AP credits and community college credits to finish and get a BS in psych in 3 years. I went to my last choice school (was an environment which was not...
  7. D

    low sGPA alright cGPA

    My sGPA is around a 3.37 but my cGPA is 3.77. I got a 520 on MCAT. What are my chances at MD school?
  8. T

    Unbalanced sGPA and cGPA. Uneasy about school list. WAMC

    Hello all. I am currently a senior in undergrad and working on developing my school list. Unfortunately my cGPA and sGPA are rather unbalanced due to poor decisions made during high school (dual-credit). This leaves me pretty confused about what schools to apply to. Any and all advice is greatly...
  9. Pricefield

    What are my chances of getting into a top 50 NIH Funded Medical School

    Hello all, First of all: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to reply to my thread. The reason why I want to get into a top 50 NIH funded school is because graduates from these schools in particular have an increase in matches into a Dermatology residency, which is the field...
  10. Argentarius

    Undergraduate Courses During Grad School

    Because I'm gonna take some undergraduate-level courses during grad school (at the same school where I'm doing my masters) would they end up in my normal GPA/sGPA or in my graduate GPA?
  11. gu5andr3

    MD WAMC: 3.91 cGPA, 3.85sGPA, 523 MCAT, URM & Disadvantaged

    Hey everyone! I just looked at my AMCAS sGPA and didn't realize it was a 3.85. I already sent in my apps under the assumption that my sGPA was close to my cGPA. I'm just curious if you guy think I'm overshooting? Also if you have any suggestions for other schools to add to my list, I'd really...
  12. LCRUF

    Calculating Science GPA for Dental School

    Hey guys, I need some help on how to calculate my science GPA! Also, I have to re-take Physics 2 lecture so will the grade I receive when I re-take the course get averaged into my first attempt or is the latest attempt the one that counts towards my science GPA? Thank you in advance:)
  13. C

    Taking Remedial Coursework Online

    I would really appreciate some advice on this because my advisor is not super clear. I am an international student that studied in the US, and want to know if there is any way to make up a bad grade in a pre-req that I have already taken. I have already graduated, so can't do the "A+ in Biochem...
  14. T

    cGPA/sGPA and interpreting the MSAR

  15. JavaDocHopeful

    Answered my own question!

    Asked a question before digging into old posts. My bad!
  16. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Science GPA

    Hi there! I've been looking around for a solid answer and seem to be getting mixed results. Is the sGPA all science grades averaged (science electives included) or is it just the courses required for medical school (general bio and chem, orgo, physics, statistics, and calculus)? Thanks!
  17. A

    sGPA calculation

    If I'm not mistaken the cGPA is only for undergrad, but does sGPA carry into grad programs/post-baccs? I'll be taking physics, biochem, and orgo lab as a post-bacc and wasn't sure if these courses would be counted towards my sGPA.
  18. S

    Math not part of science GPA?

    Hello! First post in the podiatry forum :) I was looking through the AACPMAS course descriptions (I can't post links yet because I'm new) and realized math wasn't under science. Is this a recent change? All the older threads I've seen about course descriptions seemed to say math/statistics was...
  19. N

    2.95sGPA or 3.01sGPA? Make a difference

    i know my final sGPA is gonna be either a 2.95 or 3.01sGPA, after this semester.. my oGPA is a 3.3, and i was wondering if it makes a big difference? My first 2 semesters sGPA was a 1.9 and 2.6, so I’m on a big upward trend.
  20. Z

    MD & DO Should I apply or wait? What are my chances?

    Hi, all! I would appreciate some advice as there's a void in pre-health advising at my university at the moment. Scripps College, Claremont CA graduating 2019 Major: Human Biology & Cross-Cultural Health; Minor: Spanish Female, white, 21 y.o. Southern CA resident cGPA: 3.71/ sGPA: 3.29 Goal...
  21. F

    Need help! Should I not apply this cycle? Cumulative GPA is not the best but Science is great.

    Hey ya'll: So long story short, I've been in college for several years and decided I wanted to do medicine 3.5 years ago. Since then, I have averaged a 3.7 GPA and have a sGPA of 3.65. I've done tremendously well and worked very hard. I plan on taking the MCAT this summer (Summer 18) and...
  22. N

    Can i get in with 3.0 sGPA?

    Simple question.. 3.3 oGPA, 22 DAT, i have my PS ready, LORs ready, and ive volunteered and shadowed 150+ hours each. I have leadership (President of Pre-Dent Club, etc..) Im applying early in June and im just nervous about my sGPA. Im also applying to 15+ schools, but would like any help on...
  23. itsJazz

    I'm doing horrible this semester... Should I still apply?

    Current GPA sits at a good 3.28, SGPA 3.25. I did an internship at a dental office for a semester and currently hold an officer position in 2 organizations. I also work. Have over the minimum 100 hours for both shadowing & volunteering hours. I honestly don't think I'll get an A in any of my...
  24. Y

    What are my chances?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for some advice on how good my chances are based on my GPA, hypothetical MCAT score, and extracurriculars. Also is there anything else I can add to my resume, or do to increase my competitiveness? (white male, age 25) By the time I apply I will have: ~10 months...
  25. D


  26. D

    WAMC...First time poster, please help!

  27. S


    please ignore I posted in the wrong section
  28. A

    Abysmally low sGPA — What should I do?

    Hi all, I'm a 21 year old senior at an accredited university in Puerto Rico. After much indecisiveness, I've set my eyes on studying medicine in the U.S. However, for the past three years, I've managed to pass most of my classes (I'm an Anthropology major) with little to none study habits and...
  29. L

    Applicant Specific Chances at St. Louis University SOM (SLUMD)

    Hi all, Sorry ahead of time to post this kind of a question. I know it is nuanced, but I have searched through the posts, looked at AMCAS stats and SLU's self reported stats but am still a bit unsure about my chances. Looking to see if anyone may have insight or experience with SLU that can be...
  30. K

    MD 3.58 cGPA / 3.33 sGPA / 523 MCAT || What's realistic?

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be applying to med schools next cycle and am worried that my GPA is going to severely hinder my application. GPA: Private university known for grade deflation, though that's not an excuse cGPA= 3.58, sGPA= 3.33 (All A's and B's with exception of one C+ in Genetics)...
  31. L

    Should I apply this cycle?

    My application is pretty much complete (PS done, editing work and activities section but everything else is in) and I got my MCAT score back today. Here are my stats: MCAT: 513, 89th percentile, 128/127/129/129 sGPA: 3.38 cGPA: 3.62 Majors: Biology and Women, Gender & Sexuality Part of the...
  32. flotsam

    Apply now vs. wait for one last post-bac grade

    Hi all, Should I apply now without this last grade (with an sGPA of 3.36) to make sure I'm on the early side, but exclude this final grade from my sGPA? Or, should I wait it out and hope I get my new transcript processed by the end of June and submit by 6/30? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
  33. SterlingMaloryArcher

    A GPA Discussion (Low cGPA, High sGPA, Trends, and HS College Work)

    Really how important is cGPA? I know if it's extremely low you can be screened out (by a computer?) What's typically the cutoff point for this? Although I feel cGPA is kind of run in the ground. When people ask "What Are My Chances?" wouldn't a much more relevant way to look at cumulative GPA be...
  34. P

    500 MCAT, 3.55 GPA

    500 MCAT Chem/phys - 124 CARS - 126 Bio/biochem - 125 Psych/Soc - 125 I'm going for MD but if there's no hope, then I would go DO. I know that I need to retake the MCAT for a better chance, especially for MD and that is my plan. However, my question is: Do you think low tier MD schools will...
  35. R

    "Easy" science classes looked down upon??

    Hi everyone! I was talking to my advisor today about how since I have the space in my schedule, I would like to take classes in the sciences that a biology major wouldn't take, just because they interest me. I told her I wanted to take intro to environment, astronomy, Jurassic physics, Etc...
  36. F

    Postbac vs SMP for 3.1 sGPA

    Hi all, I recently graduated from an Ivy League school with a 3.63 cGPA and 3.1 sGPA. All of my science pre-reqs were Bs or B+s, so should I retake them all in a DIY postbac and gun for As, or instead take upper level undergraduate classes in biology? I'm confident that I can get good grades...
  37. P

    High SGPA with Bad Pre-Req Grades?

    If I have mediocre (3.0-3.3) grades for all or most of my pre-reqs, but have an overall good SGPA (3.6-3.7) due to being a science major and thus having that many more BCPM courses to make up for my poor pre-reqs... how does that look to adcoms? The reason I am asking is, couldn't a science...
  38. N

    Science Writing as BCPM?

    My biology department has an upper level class called Science Writing for the Public. Would this class count towards my sGPA since its in the bio department?
  39. F

    Science GPA calculation

    Hi all, Sorry if this was asked before but do we calculate our science GPA manually? Or is it calculated automatically on the AMCAS application when we enter the classes we took? If I have to calculated manually, how should I go about doing that? Thanks!
  40. L

    sGPA 3.3/MLT/ Nontrad

    I'm a nontraditional applicant. I graduated around 2012 with a sGPA of 3.3 with an internship at a genetics clinic under my belt. I did 30-40 clinic hours at a pharmacy the same year as I applied to several MT/MLT programs. I received an associates in laboratory technology along with 72 hours of...