1. P

    Gap Year Decision! SMP? Research?

    I graduated from undergrad this May, and I will be applying to medical school next summer. I am taking my MCAT this August and so far I've been averaging around 510. I am at a huge crossroads on what to do this next year. I graduated from a top 30 college with 3.59 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA with good...
  2. D

    SMP Georgetown vs BU

    Hi all, First time poster long term lurker here! Hope anyone who sees this is doing well and safely hiding out in quarantine. I applied last cycle unsuccessfully (cGPA3.56, sGPA3.3, MCAT 511 with decent volunteering, ECs, and full time work in clinical research) to allopathic schools with 0...
  3. Y

    AZ Midwestern University MABS 2020-2021

    This thread is for the incoming class of MA/MBS at Arizona Midwestern program for people hoping to matriculate into AZCOM and into the dental school. I was accepted in January, the interview was very quick and simple. Anyone from previous years, please post your thoughts on the program and the...
  4. J

    Rutgers New Brunswick MBS vs. Case Western MSMP Fall 2020

    Hello! I am currently trying to decide between the MBS program at Rutgers New Brunswick and the MSMP program at Case Western for Fall 2020! Both programs seem really good, but I am having a lot of trouble deciding between the 2. If anyone has also applied to either of these programs or is/was in...
  5. D

    Very Non-traditional Applicant, Looking for Advice/ Guidance

    deleted for time being, apologies
  6. D

    Non-Traditional Student - Best Way to Overcome App Weaknesses?

    Twelve years ago I was a pre-med chemistry major, where I completed 1/2 year of Biology, 1 year of Gen Chem, 1/2 year of Physics, and 1 1/2 year of Calculus. I ended up changing majors and transferred to an art school where I earned a BFA in painting and drawing. After graduating I took courses...
  7. C

    School list help/WAMC

  8. M

    Geisinger MBS vs. PCOM MBS 2020

    Hi guys! So I recently applied for SMP programs these stat cGPA 2.8, sGPA 2.5, and MCAT 495. I got accepted into Geisinger MBS program in Scranton, PA, which is a 1 year program at an MD school. I also applied to PCOM PA/GA program which provides a certificate after 1 year. Both schools are...
  9. WeAreDOoMD


  10. R

    Loyola MAMS vs UCincinnati SMP?

    Hello, I am still waiting on 1 more decision but I have been accepted to the Loyola MAMS program and the UCincinnati SMP. Could anyone give me some input on which one would be a better choice and the reasons why? I have looked into both programs and they seem extremely similar to me, so I'm...
  11. DentTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  12. DentTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  13. C

    Do I need Post-Bacc? DIY or Formal?

    Hi everyone. I have been a frequent visitor to SDN and have finally decided to create my own post. I would appreciate any help you could provide! Background: I am a recent graduate with the hopes of becoming a doctor. I struggled my first two years and it really negatively affected my GPA (info...
  14. insaiyan-premed

    PCOM vs LECOM vs Bluefield SMP

    Does anyone have more insight into these programs? From what I've searched,; PCOM class is between 120-130 every year and about 50 students get in (both year 1 & 2 students). I called about the conditional acceptance and the rep said no seat is really offered until after the interview. LECOM...
  15. F

    2 Year SMP applicant applying for 2021 admissions in need of advice

    Hello, Thank you for any and all advice and taking the time. 22 yo student in first year of a 2 year SMP. Undergraduate stats: 3.25 cGPA, 2.7 sGPA, MCAT first attempt: 504. Trended upwards through 4 years. Attained 4.0 in first semester taking Physiology and Biochemistry in SMP. Plan on...
  16. stilltryingtogetintoMD

    SMP Decision Help!

    Hi all, I am applying to both MD and SMPs this cycle and need help deciding between SMPs. I want to stress that if not accepted into an MD program this cycle, I will reapply next cycle before starting a SMP. I have been accepted to: Tufts Biomedical Science Tulane Biochemistry Tulane Anatomy...
  17. P

    Seeking advice on gap year plans

    I am currently a 4th year undergrad with a 3.38 cGPA/3.06 sGPA. I've worked as a medical assistant for over a year now and have a lot of clinical/volunteer experience with underserved communities for 2.5 years (also volunteer as a scribe here). I was in one research lab for a year and then...
  18. J

    Advice needed for SMP or Postbacc (Stats provided below)

    Hi Guys, First time posting here but I've been reading this site for some time now. I am currently applying to SMPs and Postbaccs for Fall 2020 and I am not sure at all which programs are the best fit for me. Ultimately, I'd like to join an SMP/Postbacc with a linkage to their DO/MD school...
  19. jstkeepswimming

    Reinvention Journey - looking for feedback!

    Hello all, So I'm currently working on reinventing my resume for medical school and am looking for advice on where to go from here. I have an idea of what I want to do but feedback is always appreciated and welcome. Due to my unfortunately bad grades in community college (and early undergrad at...
  20. M3_SixSpeed

    EVMS Med masters vs. LECOM vs. Heritage MAMS Wa. State

    Hey all, Wondering what you all would suggest the best masters program would be out of EVMS med masters 1 year, LECOM and Heritage MAMS. What I did like about EVMS is its 1 year and potential to matriculate to an MD program. problem with EVMS is I rarely find any info about it on the forums. The...
  21. D

    Should I retake pre-req courses from 10 years ago if I did an SMP?

    Hi everyone! First time poster. About me real quick: I graduated in 2012 at UF with a 2.56 GPA with my BS in Microbiology. In 2018, I regained some confidence and decided to try for med school again. I took some classes at a community college (Straight As in 3 science classes +labs and...
  22. halo1789

    Low sGPA, nursing student, 503 mcat

    What are my chances getting into DO school? I live in Mississippi SGPA- 2.7 which is very low I know CGPA- 3.2 I never took physiology in undergrad and only took one anatomy course. i went to an SMP and took medical physiology one and two and got C’s in them because I had no clue about...
  23. W

    USF or CUSOM for post-bacc/SMP

    Hi there! I am new to SDN and I am looking at different post-bacc/SMP programs before I apply to medical school. I just graduated this past May of 2019 and I am currently doing some clinical hours/studying for the MCAT. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice or their personal...
  24. drclueless

    Advice on next step, cGPA 2.9, MCAT: 509 SMP?

    Hello, I’d like some guidance on what my next step should be in the pursuit of MD/DO. Sorry if i sound like a robot in this post I just wanna get the point across haha I am in my last semester of undergrad, graduating with a BS in in Human Physiology. I slacked off in school and currently...
  25. H


  26. N

    Would I be a good candidate for an SMP?

    Hi SDN, I'm a Canadian with an AMCAS cGPA of 3.6 and an sGPA of 3.1, neither of which I believe are high enough as an international applicant to US med schools. I understand that most SMP applicants have lower numbers, but would it make sense for me to do an SMP? I contacted Georgetown, my...
  27. S

    Advise for a Mid-Cycle Contemplator

    So to put things short -- I am facing a future with many different paths and was looking for some input. I am currently in the midst of the 2019-2020 cycle. I applied to all of the TMDSAS schools (including TCOM) early, have submitted all of my secondaries, and am currently waiting for...
  28. A

    Help with SMP/MD acceptances

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gain some feedback regarding SMP programs. I browse enough threads on here and figured it was just time I posted my own. I currently have a undergrad + post bacc cGPA of 3.1 as per the aamc scale. I am hoping to have a 3.14 by the end of the fall sem and a 3.18 at...
  29. S

    3.45 SMP :( but strong upward trend. Do I have a chance??

    Hi guys! I just finished my SMP and finished with a 3.45 which sucks but I do have a strong upward trend. I actually took 56 credits over two years and in my last year (36 credits) I finished with a 3.78. My low GPA is specifically from the first year. Do I still have a shot Do I have a chance...
  30. D

    Gap Year Ideas: Should I do a post-bac/SMP?

    Advice please! I am not applying this cycle; I will be applying next cycle. Undergrad- Tulane University (graduating May 2020) Hometown- Ft. Lauderdale, FL Major- Neuroscience Minor- English cGPA- 3.3... I had an awful semester during the fall of my junior year (first time officially being...
  31. N


  32. J

    Nontrad applying to DO, MD, or SMP. In need of advice.

    Hi everyone! I am a 28 year old female interested in becoming a physician. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice on my strength as a candidate, if I need to do an SMP or post-bacc, etc. I graduated in 2014 with a BS in Biochemistry and minor in biology. My GPA is poor: cGPA is 3.25...
  33. F

    Need help with SMP decision making - 4 days to decide!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this and I know this question has been asked before but it seems like people sometimes give good advice or have points I myself would have never thought of so I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to see what you all think. TLDR at the bottom. My Background: I graduated...
  34. W

    LMU SMP vs. Midwestern Masters (Illinois)

    Hello all, Having trouble deciding between the two. Received acceptances to both. Final GPA (including post bacc) 3.23 cGPA 3.12 sGPA Post Bacc GPA (19 credits upper division science) 3.95 cGPA and sGPA MCAT: 507 (124 CARS) LMU SMP Pros: - guaranteed acceptance pending 3.4 GPA in the...
  35. F


  36. K

    SMP and post bac???

    So I’ve been a lurker here but I was hoping to get a few questions clarified. I did my undergrad at a research heavy uni (UCD) ~sgpa 2.9, cgpa 3.2) and now finishing up my 1 year formal post bac at a state university which I did well in. Now I’m looking at SMP and considering if I should do one...
  37. O

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Science(MBS) 2019 thread

    Anyone been accepted or applied this year?
  38. Nik_Died

    SMP or Informal Post-bacc. GPA 2.8/3.1, DAT 20

    Hey everybody! First I want to say I really appreciate anytime you put in to reading/ replying to my post. Thank you in advance. I'm not asking about my chances per se, just looking for advice: SMP or informal local Postbacc. (BTW i’ve read EVERYTHING about my position here on SDN), but here’s a...
  39. B

    Med schools that look favorably on an SMP?

    Hey all, New to sdn, thought I'd give this a shot because I've been researching for hours and I can't figure it out!! It seems like there is no easy way know what medical schools I'd have a chance for admission at given my non-traditional background. The MSAR and all other resources only look...
  40. premedbrah

    CalMed MBS 2019-2020

    Hello! I just applied and have been granted an interview for the MBS program at CUSM. Anyone else currently applying or in the program?