1. miks007

    Application Guidelines for Internationally Trained Dentists applying to USA

    What is more valuable on the resume when applying as an international dentist on CAAPID: Dental Assistant experience in foreign country or research assistant in foreign country?
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  3. N

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of St. Augustine SAN MARCOS MOT Summer 2021

    Anyone out there waiting for their decisions letter or email from san marcos campus for the summer 2021 cohort?
  4. Z

    US anesthesiology residency - transition to UK

    Hi, I am currently in a US anesthesiology residency with possible plans for fellowship afterwards. While my hope is to work in the US after training, I have personal reasons that make me want to keep the option open of moving to the UK (where I am allowed to live and work) in the future. From...
  5. D

    Becoming a dental hygienist in the US or Canada as an international student

    Hello. I am thinking about becoming a dental hygienist in North America. Thus, I have conducted research on the application process, but so far, I am fruitless to find any Citizenship requirements. Can you please tell me : 1)Can I even apply to this programme in these countries with my foreign...
  6. M

    Can a graduate from a two year advanced standing program (DDS) from Canada practice in the USA???

    I am an Indian dentist with an MDS degree in periodontics from a reputed government college. Can I practice in the united states if I complete a 2-2.5 year degree completion/ advanced standing program from Canada?? Or should I try and apply for GPR/ AEGD in states? also, what are my chances of...
  7. S

    Malaria-resistant red blood cells for malaria patients?

    Infectious disease docs, Do you recommend transfusion / exchange transfusion of malaria-resistant RBCs for Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients (especially now that parasites are becoming drug-resistant)? Some background for those unfamiliar with malaria: Type O RBCs (universal donor...
  8. Saint Richie

    EU Dental Licensing Laws

    Hey guys, so I tried doing my own research online but have come short of any useful information. I'm currently a dental student in the US working at getting my license in the US. I'm also a dual citizen of Italy. I know that US law does not allow foreign dentists to practice there, and the EU...
  9. S

    University of St. Augustine DPT FALL 2020 Thread (YELLOW CLASS)

    Haven't seen a fall 2020 thread. Only see a summer/spring one. Comment if you're applying for fall and which campus. I'm applying to San Marcos Campus. cGPA: 3.39 pGPA:3.3 GRE: combined 291 141V 150Q 3A scienceGPA:3.02 Observation Hours: 190 Letter of Recs: 4 when I applied: 10/15 ...
  10. D

    Should I go to Med school? I am on the fence. details inside

    Hello! I really need some advice regarding whether I should go to Med school or not. It is going to be long so the Basic question is- should I go to Med school if I think about going to biomedical research? shouldn't a PhD be sufficient? The following details are important in order to...
  11. C

    Revalidation by AEGD

    I Know that some American States accepts to licence with AGDE course. Is this way, a good way to work in USA like dentist? Can I make AEGD in some State and work in another one?
  12. K

    Canadian Friendly US Dental Schools

    I know I will not make it into Canadian dental schools due to the rough first year I had (due to major illness). I am a music major currently in my second year. My first year GPA was 2.4 (like I said, I was very sick), but first semester of this year, it was 3.3, which bumped my CGPA up to 2.74...
  13. S

    Can't get into medical school, any tips?

    I have posted something like this before. Thank you to everyone who commented on that, I just think I need some more direction and specifics. I graduated at a Canadian University with a 2.42 cGPA. I failed physics as well. I graduated with a Human Biology and Psychology Major. Now currently...
  14. P

    University of St. Augustine Miami

    I was just recently accepted into the 2019 fall program for the University of St. Augustine in Miami. Had anyone else been accepted and, if so, do you plan on attending the program.
  15. Z

    please someone help!

    hi everyone... i’m new here and new to the point where it took me half an hour to figure out how you communicate on this forum (my God!! i’m dumb)... i want to know about residency in usa...would you help me out here?
  16. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's USA Miami Campus MOT May 2019 start

    Hey guys, I just interviewed at the St. Augustine campus in Miami on 11/9.I thought I would make this thread to notify each other when we receive letters!
  17. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Florida OT Applicants 2018/2019

    I saw a post like this for Texas so I thought I would do the same for Florida. When you hear back share it with the thread! University: University of Tampa Major: Allied Health Overall GPA: 3.35 - might be slightly lower on OTCAS not sure (3.25 ish on OTCAS?) Pre-Req GPA: 3.3-3.6 (depending on...
  18. H

    Help me with your opinion

    I am a 4th year medical student abroad in a 6 years system, I still have more 2 years to go.My family is moving back to the US ( I am a US citizen ) and I really wanna stay with them, do you advise to come to the US, take the prerequistes in a year an apply or just finish what I got left and...
  19. A

    Is it really worth to be a doctor in USA?

    Hello everyone, I've been lurching around for a while and this is my first post, hope you can give me some guidance I'm a MS4(out of 6) from latin america, studying at a solid local institution. I could match anything here at home, and lately I've been thinking about practicing in the USA, but...
  20. D

    Any Canadians that graduated from Med in Ireland that are currently practicing in the states?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there were any recent success stories from Canadians who graduated from Med school in Ireland and are currently practicing in the USA following the completion of their residency. If you don't mind sharing could you discuss: - Your journey - Additional obstacles you...
  21. S

    Global Mental Health - PhD programs

    Hi, I'm hoping to find people currently enrolled in Global Mental Health PhD programs anywhere on the globe. I want to get a sense of the kind of experiences they've had within the program and the balance of cross-cultural perspectives within. On a more logistical note: A sense of how...
  22. D

    GP in uk after FM residency in us for us img

    I am planning to settle in uk after doing residency in family medicine. So is residency from here recognised in uk because they have a longer course i suppose. If anyone knows what is the method of applying there and is it possible?
  23. P

    BDS then 4 years full DDS?

    Has anyone done a BDS degree, and then apply for a 4 year normal DDS program in US/Canada, instead of applying for the Internationally-trained-dentist/Advance standing (2 year program). If I do a BDS degree, will I be allowed to apply for the full 4 year DDS degree program? Or will I not be...
  24. humerus_pt

    University of St Augustine Spring 2019

    Hey guys! Just wanted to create a forum for those applying to USAHS for Spring 2019 (St. Augustine location)! I initially planned to apply for Fall 2018 but decided not to because my stats aren't competitive. My advisor (Juan) reached out last month & suggested that I apply for Spring 2019, so...
  25. DrSheev

    MD & DO USA-UK Research Internship – Advice

    Hey everyone! Just needed some advice. I am interested in research opportunities in the summer, however, the UK is rather limited in this respect. Medical students in the early years of their degrees often don't get the opportunity for research, unless nepotism is at play. I was quite...
  26. G

    University of Saint Augustine Flex DPT vs Full-time Residential Program

    Hey everyone, so I plan on applying to University of Saint Augustine (St. Augustine Campus) for their spring 2019 start date; however, I'm undecided on whether I should apply to the flex program or the full-time program. I was hoping to get any type of insight from any of you who are either...
  27. C

    UK Trainee (resident) looking to settle in USA

    Hi Need some help guys. I am sure questions along this line have been asked before but not in specific detail. I am a UK trainee in cardiac surgery. I have my USMLE's. I would like to move to the USA and obtain an attending post. I am in the process to obtain a fellowship in the USA to gain...
  28. H

    Where to study? (Hungary, Italy, USA, Canada)

    Hey, So I'm a junior in high school and I want to study med. My counsellor told me that it's practically impossible to pass the MCAT in USA and Canada as a foreign student if you're not some kind of a genius. They told me that Hungary was beneath my level and Italy would take some hard work but...
  29. pikaboo

    Does my BDS GPA matter?

    I am a Canadian who is studying at an Egyptian (British-curriculum based) dental school, I am done Part 1 NBDE and has a good score. My school isn't very fair in their marking of exams and has caused many issues for my friends. I was wondering does my GPA in the BDS matter in the application for...
  30. B

    General Admissions & OTCAS University of South Alabama 2018 Acceptance

    Has anyone heard back from the USA OT department on when they will release acceptances? I heard they just finished their last rescheduled interviews on Friday, February 2nd. Maybe we will hear something by the end of this week!
  31. P

    University of South Alabama DPT Interview

    Hi guys! I have an interview with USA on Feb 16th. Can anybody tell me what kind of questions would they ask and how do they conduct interviews? Thank you
  32. W

    South Alabama Interview

    Hey guys. I interview at USA November 15th and I was curious if anyone has gone through this interview before? I'm looking for some common questions that are asked and any advice would be awesome! I'm also curious as to how fast those 70 seats fill up. I feel like a November interview isn't late...
  33. N

    How to become a doctor in USA? (From Ukraine)

    So here's the thing.. I'm a US citizen studying in a medical university in Ukraine. I have two more years of education left and I graduate. The question is how can I become a surgeon in the US? (specifically - a plastic surgeon) What are my steps supposed to be after i graduate? Do i start...
  34. C

    Philadephia Vs Kansas Vs Marian University for the DO Program?

    Hello Everyone, I am currently a four year undergraduate student in Canada (Ontario). I am planning on applying to a DO program in the USA... The purpose of creating this thread is to gather some information on which USA Universities provide the best DO Programs, in terms of facilities...
  35. I

    Coursework & Fieldwork University of St Augustine - Physics and Biology Prerequisites?

    Hello! So, I'm applying to University of St. Augustine - San Marcos MOT Program, and I'm wondering if these classes can fulfill my physics and biology prerequisites: USA's Motion & Movement Requirement~ Physics, Physical Science, Biomechanics or Anatomical Kinesiology. Must include motion and...
  36. doctorpanda

    USA vs Taiwan healthcare system

    I'm a family medicine resident in Taiwan. I'm interested in the differences between the healthcare systems in the US and Taiwan. Taiwan is known for it's universal health insurance system and that posts a lot of problems alongside the benefits. Since I will be writing about the Taiwan...
  37. doctorpanda

    US vs Taiwan healthcare system

    I'm a family medicine resident in Taiwan. I'm interested in the differences between the healthcare systems in the US and Taiwan. Taiwan is known for it's universal health insurance system and that posts a lot of problems alongside the benefits. Since I will be writing about the Taiwan...
  38. I

    Medical School Search Help!

    Hello everyone! I am premed as of right now but I am already looking at medical schools. I am trying to see if there are any other schools out there like St. George where the first year your studying abroad in the UK. The third and fourth years your clinical rotations are in various UK, US, and...
  39. 1

    Too early to start?

    Hello! Let me introduce myself: I'm a Romanian starting 10th grade(out of 12) in a few months. I've been thinking about going to a medical university in the US. I've been looking at the MCAT study plan (the one to study in 3 months). I've been thinking to buy all the required materials to start...
  40. pikaboo

    Canada and USA ?!

    Hey guys I am Canadian but I study dental school abroad. I wanna know if I do the American board exam will I be able to work in Canada with my American dental license ? Also if I specialize in the states (because it's much easier ) would I be able to work back home in Canada as whatever I...
  41. pikaboo

    Am I at a disadvantage ?

    So I want to get into a 6y OMFS program in the States or Canada (I am from Canada but studying outside North America ) and I was wondering am I at a disadvantage to someone who graduated from a dental school in North America given I have completed my boards and great score on CBSE as well as rec...