1. X

    Good CV building opportunity in dental office in Washington

    We are a booming GP clinic in the seattle metropolitan area that treat all aspects of dentistry. In addition to common general dentistry procedures, we do oral surgery, implants, root canal treatments, endo surgeries and Invisalign. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the full potential of GPs...
  2. R

    SA Rotating Internships - NY/NJ/CT, OR/WA/CA

    I'm a current third year making my clinical schedule right now. I have two blocks in which I want to do externships at sites where I would like to make a good impression for the match. However, the most important aspect of an internship for me is not something that can be found on the VIRMP...
  3. ADr.1Day

    Heritage Univ (MAMS) 2019-2020

    ~Good Afternoon ~ I just wanted to wish everyone who might be applying to Heritage's MAMS program luck in their endeavors. Also, I couldn't find any current threads for the 2019-2020 SMP Cycle. +pad+
  4. S

    Primary Care or Urgent Care Job Hunt - Is there a classifieds?

    I'm in search of a job in Primary Care or Urgent Care in Washington state. I was curious if anyone is aware of a commonly used and well-kept "classifieds" website that exists for these specialties. I'm finding that the big groups advertise on their websites, but I'd like to keep in mind any...
  5. Y

    Washington Post article today... ugh

    Medical misadventures in opioid prescribing... ‘Unintended Consequences’: Inside the fallout of America’s crackdown on opioids ‘UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES’ Inside the fallout of America’s crackdown on opioids By Terrence McCoy, Photos by Bonnie Jo Mount May 31, 2018 Comments COLVILLE, Wash...
  6. N

    Recent grads licensed in WA-Practicum Hrs for WA Licensure- What Counts? Coming From Out-of-State

    Hi everyone! I am currently a pre-doctoral intern and finishing my last few months of internship...so close to degree conferral. I completed my training in Oregon and just accepted a job with a group practice in WA as license-eligible with the plan to get licensed immediately after internship. I...
  7. lohwey1210

    Please help me make a decision... Oregon or Washington residency status?

    I live in Portland, OR, and I plan on applying MD and DO in a couple of cycles. I am about to move into a new apartment with my partner, and we don't know if we should make the move to the Washington side of the river, or stay in Oregon, so to claim residency in the state where I would be most...
  8. D

    University of Washington closing dept of psychiatry?

    Read this article online this morning. Any word from residents or those involved in the program? Would be a major blow. I cannot post the article link because I just created this SDN account today, but it can be found at the Daily UW student newspaper, under the most popular articles section...
  9. D


    I've been trying to compare these two great schools but would really like the community's input for the pros and cons/ experiences from each college. I am an out of state applicant to both schools. It would be my first time at both locations. My goal is to get into an inpatient residency and...
  10. J

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy - Standby? Class of 2022

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post regarding my recent interview I had with WSU. At the end of the interview, some people received an acceptance right away while others did not. I was one of the few that did not. I did get a letter stating that I will continued to be considered for admission on a...
  11. E

    Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) vs George Washington University

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to come to this thread. Any and all input is valued!! I had the amazing privilege of getting accepted to both EVMS and GW recently. I'm having a dilemma figuring out which one is right for me though. Here's the all important pros/cons list: EVMS Pros: Cheaper...
  12. B

    Help! Choices UMKC, Houston, Washington

    I have an extremely difficult decision to make. I got into multiple schools, which I am grateful for, and have narrowed it down to three. But I have to pay out-of-state tuition for all my schools since my state does not have a dental school (woohoo-- oos life). My top choice was originally...
  13. K

    PTCB tutor

    I am looking for a PTCB tutor in the Renton, Washington area. I have taken the test once and came close to passing. I am looking for someone that has taken the test and passed. I need 6 hours a week of help. The part that I am weakest in is just the English language. English is my second...
  14. L

    NYU vs UCSF vs Cornell vs UCL vs McGill

    I have a bunch of offers but idk where to go. They're all stupidly expensive due to the fact i'm an international student from Canada. But I guess i'd appreciate some insight from alumni or current students attending each university. I'm most leaning towards Stanford or UCSF right now. NYU...
  15. vonrecklinghausen

    DAT Scores (26 AA 30 TS) UCLA, UCSF, UW?

  16. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Advice on Researching MSOT Programs

    I live in California and am planning to apply to Cal State Dom Hills, San Jose State and USC. I'm also planning on applying to 3-5 other schools. I'm considering the following locations: Colorado (Colorado State University) Washington (University of Washington) Chicago Area (University of...
  17. A

    MPH George Washington University vs. Rutgers University

    Hello all, I've been lurking on this forum since I began applying to MPH schools last year. April 15th is quickly approaching, and I need all the help I can get in making a decision. I've been accepted to (among 6 other schools) George Washington University and Rutgers University, both for...
  18. H

    Baylor vs. WashU

    I'm in the fortunate position of having to choose between attending BCM or WUSTL. BCM pros: -I received a scholarship at Baylor, which is already a super cheap school -Closer to home -It's in the Texas Medical Center -Texas weather is more my style -I'll potentially have classmates I knew in...
  19. wabunasabi

    3.2 GPA, 504 MCAT, WA resident with OR heritage

    My freshman year my brother passed away, which had a negative impact on my GPA. I have had an upward trend, but am concerned that my science GPA is so low. I am a first generation student, received the Pell Grant, and grew up/ live in a rural area. This is my first cycle applying to both MD and...
  20. J

    Something strange going on at GWU psych?

    I read online and then talked to some people who say this department tries to fire or does fire a female PGYII every year. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I am wondering if there is more to the story given this is a very high rate for such a small program. This year's chosen one made the...
  21. LindaAccepted

    Medical Washington University (St. Louis) Medical School 2016-17 Secondary Application Essay Tips

    In the top ten ranking for research, WUSOM provides exciting opportunities for medical students to participate in research at the basic science or clinical levels. They are looking for students with strong ties to their communities—with excellent communication skills, a dedication to service...
  22. A

    Partner track Family Practice Physician opportunity Bellingham Washington

    NEW OPPORTUNITY in stable family practice with 5 physicians and 5 mid-level providers. Accepting applications for a partner track Family Practice Physician in Bellingham, WA. Competitive salary and benefits. 4 day work week. Enjoy a stable work environment as an appreciated member of team that...
  23. Litha

    Looking for OR and WA MPJE material

    I recently passed the NAPLEX and am taking the MPJE in my home state (Idaho) next week. I'm score transferring to both Oregon and Washington, and am looking for study materials or pointers from recent students to help with preparing for their MPJEs. Also, I have recent law class materials from...
  24. B

    TX resident apply out of state?

    As a TX resident with solid stats and decent EC's, is it worth it to apply to out of state schools? I've been told my stats are good enough for any school (I know I'd still be lucky to get into a top school because this whole process is crazy) and my EC's are average for a med school applicant...
  25. I

    For Sale Prontopass WA MPJE

    2016 Prontopass WA MPJE for resale for $75 not including shipping and handling. Cards and everything in good condition. http://prontopass.com/index.php?page=MPJE%20Review
  26. P

    MD 3.94, 520 MCAT

  27. D

    GWU Post 2/13/2016 Interview

    From what I've heard, GWU usually gets their acceptances out pretty early, approximately a week post-interview. Has anyone heard back yet from their interview this past Saturday, 2/13/2016? I know it may be a little early but just figured I'd check! Best of luck to everyone in this stressful...
  28. CLE514

    MHA from U of Washington or MPH in HPM from Emory?

    I have been accepted into both programs (yay!), but I am having a hard time making a final decision. I have heard mixed things about whether an MHA or MPH degree is "better" or more versatile. I do not have a particular direction I am set on just yet for my career. Both programs are fairly...
  29. M

    UMass vs Georgetown (vote on poll please)

    Hey Everyone, I am narrowing my acceptances down to Georgetown and UMass and trying to decide between the two. The main concern is cost. Georgetown Pros: -International / Global Health (I have a MPH in International Health) -Diverse population (globally since DC / underserved) -Good location (...
  30. Ligament

    URGENT: Washington State HTA to consider elimination of spinal injection coverage

    I am sharing this with pain physicians around the country in an effort to educate you on how our state bureaucracies wish to deny patients pain relief. Washington state is currently an extreme example, though I suspect it is a matter of time before your state attempts to prolong the suffering of...
  31. B

    Position Swap Anesthesia Swap/Transfer - NYC

    Hello, I am currently matched into an anesthesia program in the New York area to start in July 2016 and would like to swap or transfer to a program in Chicago, Baltimore, DC or Philadelphia for family reasons. Available: PGY2 (CA-1), Anesthesia, New York area, July 2016 Looking for: PGY2...
  32. Judson

    MCAT Study Group - Washington D.C./NOVA/MD area

    I am scheduled to take the April 1st MCAT and am looking to start a weekend MCAT Study Group. Currently, I plan to study Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. I will be studying on evenings and Sundays closer to April 1st. I live in Leesburg, VA and can host groups of up to 8 or so at my...