2010-2011 Mercer Application Thread

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Any interview candidates willing to post their MCAT? I don't want to waste money on apps if I have no chance..thank you!

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"Your file will go before one of the next Admissions Committee meeting which is scheduled for either September 15th or September 29th."

I suppose that means there's two of them, but the word 'or' makes me wonder if its possible that there's only one meeting for EDP.
I don't think they're doing rolling admissions for EDP. I think they will make all the calls after the 29th meeting. This is what they said at my interview but with the last letter, I thought they changed it.
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It's already one and no phone call, do you think that anyone was called this morning?
Hey guys,

From what I know, here is how EDP at Mercer works. The last day of interview is on September 23. There are TWO committee meetings, the 15th and 28th. After EACH meeting, recipients of a seat will be notified a day or two from the meeting. If you had an interview before the 15th, and you did not receive a phone call yet or will not, then your file will go to the next meeting on the 28th.

My interview was on the 2nd. I still have not received a call. I am worried too, but what can you do? If it's meant to be, it will happen.

Good luck to everyone. :xf:
I hope to have you all in my class. :)
Hey man. Were you with me in Savannah on the 2nd?
yeah...i can hardly believe that there were not any calls made.
So did anyone get accepted? Has anyone called to see?
I didn't call.... I guess I don't want to hear they called some people. lol I wait till the 29th meeting.
When does Mercer start giving out RD invites? I know MCG has already started giving them out so I figure it will be soon... :xf:
So I emailed Dr. Stephens and she said no acceptances were sent out last week. All the EDP acceptances are going out after the 29th meeting. More waiting.....
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Nothing here. What time are the meetings usually? I thought they were in the evening.
nothing here either.... not sure when meeting was/is over. Looking at last years thread, most received their call the following day.
Yeah I did that too Bryant, so sad it has come to that just to get somewhat of a clue
guys, this is gut-wrenching.
meeting was to be at 5:30....and i guess since there was only ONE meeting this time for EDP and all the EDP applicants, the meeting was longer than usual; hence, HOPEFULLY, we will all be getting calls tomorrow. Who are reapplicants? I am one. :xf:
I'm another! I've been staring at the phone since 6pm :(

Hope it works out soon!:xf:
tell me about it...ive been doing the same...watched the braves get closer to the playoffs but then the game ended...ugh.

I can only do so much to keep me occupied. Youtube now...

good luck to all!
I got my phone call tonight at 7:50 from Savannah...good luck to the rest!!!!
I received my call about 9:15 pm. I'm in! Good luck to you all. Those of us who are in, let's stay in touch.
I wonder if I should even get my hopes up for a call tomorrow? Surely they would have called everyone tonight if they called anyone at all :(
I sure hope i get a call tomo...did yall have dr. russ?
I didn't realize they were starting to call last night! Has anyone gotten a call today? Also, if we are not accepted EDP, will we receive any notification that our app has rolled over into RD?
my roommate told me not to post last night b/c people would get too nervous but i got my call last night...see you guys next fall!!!!!!!!
Yeah. I'm getting depressed. I hardly slept at all last night. **sigh**
has anyone received an acceptance call today?
I just found out this morning. Accepted. Good luck to everyone else

I got an email instead of a call so keep an eye on your inbox. Good luck to those waiting!
im in!!!!!!!!!!!!

got the call 30 min ago!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE!
Nothing like getting a call in the middle of a boring class to be told you are accepted to med school. I had tears... Dont judge me! :)
Grats guys! It's been a long time since I've looked at a Mercer thread. You guys are in for a good ride!
Got in today at 2:17 in the middle of class! Haven't smiled this much in a while!!!!!
everyone on here got in...if someone didnt, just keep the faith!

congrats to all!
RD Interview invite for next week!

Do they really only give invites over the phone? Thats what the complete email said but it seems strange. I guess because the applicant pool is so small they can do that? Good to know RD invites are out...
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