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****The Official University of Maryland Class of 2016 Acceptance Thread****

anyone hear anything lately?

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when is the multiple deposit deadline for MD?
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I just got a rejection letter in the mail, dated April 30th.
Dang, still nothing for anyone? Getting really anxious
Dont mean to spam this thread at all but congrats to all of you that have been accepted to UMB.

I am a senior student getting ready to graduate and will be moving to texas in 3 weeks. I have a lot of things for sale in terms of furniture for a very cheap price if any of you are in the area looking for things to buy please let me know. This includes things like a bed/mattress, study desk, dining table with 4 chairs, TV stand, Leather rolling desk chair, coffee table etc. Message me if you are interested in any of these items and i can let them go for a very very cheap price. I would hate to throw these things away when they can be put to better use.

Again congrats on your acceptance!
Hey guys, I interviewed at Maryland a few months ago, and I've been calling and e-mailing ever since (maybe calling every three weeks). I had never heard of this letter of intent thing...does anyone care to explain what it's all about?
My schools health advising office has this on their site.

What is a Letter of Intent and should I send them?

A Letter of Intent is correspondence to professional schools letting them know that, if they were to accept you, it would be your intention to attend their school - a promise note, of sorts. It has been made popular by the student doctor network. The HPAO does not specifically recommend such a letter, as many admissions Deans have made it clear that they are not all that useful. What is useful, however, are well timed updates to admissions offices, indicating your continued interest in the school and any new activities, relevant experiences you have had since your original application. Certainly, at a minimum, you should send updated transcripts (above), but this is also a good time to send a note letting the admissions office know that the transcript is on the way, you are still interested, and you have had these new experiences.

If you are placed on a waitlist, it is also a good idea to acknowledge this update to your status in writing and to indicate that you are pleased to still be under consideration and that you remain very interested.
Disagree with Theory #1. Adcoms are way too systematic to impulsively send out offers of admission. I think the only way people are accepted that soon after their interviews is if they happened to interview the day of/before the committee meeting.

Maybe...maybe not. I interviewed on Dec. 13th and the next day received my acceptance email.
For those who got accepted, what extra curricular activities did y'all have? UMB is my top choice and would do pretty much anything to strengthen my application.
Hello everyone
Anyone had their interview recently?