1. I

    Dr. Collins 2016-2017

    I am selling my Dr. Collins PCAT study guide with the 2017 update. The book is in good condition with slight staining on the tabs of the book due to a spill. There are no pen markings and each section is included in spiral book format. My offer will include a Kaplan biology study along with 3...
  2. neutralobserver

    MCAT not improving, test in 3 days, 3rd retake. HELP!

    Hello all, I know this is a bit last minute, but at this point I am really frustrated and beyond livid with my progress so far. I'll get right into it. I first took the new MCAT in 2016 scoring a 500. Retook a month later, since I realized I didn't have the practice time I needed, scoring 503...
  3. joe7456

    Selling MCAT 2016-2017 TBR, EK and more!

    Hello, I just got into medical school and no longer need these books. I will use venmo for shipping costs and payment; I will show you a receipt of the book shipment with tracking, then you just send me the money via Venmo app. I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes...
  4. ringofkeys

    Should I get this year's DAT Destroyer?

    I have 2016's DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer, but have not used them because my whole undergrad timeline has shifted by a year. Should I get 2017's Destroyer's bc of the new content, or just stick with 2016? Or get the new dat destroyer and still use 2016's math destroyer? I am planning on...
  5. K

    FOR SALE: MCAT 2016 Study Books (TBR/EK/Kaplan/TPRH)

    I have 3 sets of MCAT study books for sale, along with TPRH Verbal book. Full Berkeley Review (9 books)- $275 (like new- most recent edition) (SOLD) Organic I & II Gen. Chem I & II Physics I & II Biology I & II Verbal Reasoning ExamKrackers Complete Study Package 10th edition (6 books)- $175...
  6. S

    First Aid 2016 Anki Decks??

    Anyone have a comprehensive anki deck for FA 2016/2017?? Please don't tell me to google- already did and it resulted in decks that were too old (2014) or those that didn't specify the edition used Thanks!!
  7. M

    Kaplan 2016-17 + Pearson Practice Test

    Selling my Kaplan PCAT book... super helpful, and in good condition. I also have the Pearson practice exams. $30 each, or both for $50. [email protected]
  8. TKHearOnline

    For Sale PCAT (98 Comp) Selling Kaplan and Dr. Collins

    Just took the PCAT and did fairly decent so I'd like to sell my study material to those of you still prepping for it! 2016 Dr. Collins 2014-2015 Kaplan big book McGraw-Hills PCAT pdf file (this I can just email you for free) All in great condition because I barely used them haha! I prefer...
  9. joe7456

    Selling TBR psychology (like new condition)

    For sale is the 2016 Psychology review for The Berkeley Review. It has no writing or highlighting and the text is 100% clean. I will sell it for 45$+ shipping since it is brand new. I will use Venmo for payment. Thanks.
  10. W

    Class of 2021: Holding multiple seats.

    I started this thread to discuss those who hold multiple seats before committing to one school. If you can post what schools you are holding a seat and reason. In addition if you are interviewing soon at a school you would drop your current acceptance to, please share. PLEASE do not be specific...
  11. A

    Looking for rxprep 2016 book

    Hi. anyone willing to sell their used rxprep 2016 book? thanks
  12. C

    USMLE Need CS study partner Los Angeles or Online

    Need a CS study partner. Ideally, in person (near the Kaplan Pasadena center). But if not, online via Google hangouts! Taking the exam in December in LA. PM me (I don't know how this works, by the way, I just got here). Or text four zero one five one five five eight seven eight. Thanks and...
  13. J

    Selling: ProntoPass 2016 Combo (compounding, math, QUICKCARDS, posters, CD)

    Passed the New Naplex with a score of 95, very visual learner- these were great to supplement the RX Prep textbook & very easy to review! Great condition, flashcardsvisual not folded, in rubber band separated categories. Included: -ProntoPass® QUICKCARDS® with Memoronics® NAPLEX® (67 topics...
  14. R

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Creighton Campus Pathway 2016-2017 Application Cycle

    I recently interviewed at Creighton Campus Pathway for OT and absolutely LOVED the school. Does anyone know how many apply and anything else about getting into the school? I'm super nervous to hear back from my interview!
  15. Nose2Grindstone

    Wanted: USMLE RX Triple Play Discount Code (Oct/Nov 2016)

    Looking for a coupon code for USMLE-Rx Triple Play. Help a brother out? Thank you!
  16. Bobik

    For Sale 2016 DAT Destroyer + Math Destroyer

    Hello everyone, I am selling my 2016 DAT & Math Destroyer. Both are in like-new condition as I was careful in not highlighting, writing, or damaging/bending any pages (picture attached). As you may have read elsewhere, DAT Destroyer is excellent preparation material (and helped me get a 25 TS)!
  17. A

    LECOM-ERIE interview 2016

    Hey guys! I have an pharmacy interview at LECOM-Erie next week. (11.1.16) I'm really nervous! Has anyone already interviewed with them already? If so, how did it go for you? Did you hear back right away if you were accepted or not?
  18. bnaimz94

    DAT Done! Score Breakdown/Study tips

    I took my DAT in August and have been meaning to post a breakdown for a while now. SDN got me through a lot of stress during the study process, so I thought I'd do my part in contributing. -- I'm going to give a breakdown/advice on my studying so keep reading if you're interested (it's going to...
  19. Glommy

    *** 2016-2017 MD/PhD Acceptances ***

    Edited to reflect lack of official decision. Post your acceptances here! DO NOT ERASE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! 1) click reply on the most recent list 2) delete the QUOTE tags on the top and bottom 3) add your user name, (Interview date, Acceptance date, any other pertinent info, and if needed, add...
  20. Kasper1000

    *~*~*~* Osteopathic Acceptance Thread 2016-2017 *~*~*~*

    Here's the idea: let's try something slightly different this year. Instead of only a list of usernames and acceptances, it occurred to me that a few years ago, I would have loved to see people say what they thought were their reasons they couldn't get accepted and/or shouldn't try. What did you...
  21. joe7456

    Selling Brand New TBR Physics and General Chemistry (2016 versions) MCAT

    Hello, New TBR Physics (2016)- 55$ plus shipping New TBR General Chemistry ( 2016) - 55$ plus shipping Price is firm. I will use Venmo app to receive cash for the books. Message me to purchase.
  22. 2

    ASA Conference 2016

    Anyone going to ASA? Anything worth doing there for Pain folks? Any good talks/workshops for those in pain who are/will be fellowship trained (ie courses that are too basic wouldn't be worthwhile). Are there any good times for networking? Thanks!
  23. F

    Dat Done!! 9/14/16 22AA, 21TS Breakdown + Study Tips (New study tip for Bio)

    Wow I can't believe it's finally over!! Took the DAT on 9/14/16 and spent the last two months locked in the library and it was totally worth it. I'm a psychology major and just finished my bachelor's in May so I've taken the minimum number of science classes required, so you don't need a heavy...
  24. surgeon-to-be

    Residency application status 2016-17

    And so it begins folks! Applications are in, the programs have started their screening process. Please post here if/when you hear back from programs. I would prefer this to be a stress free zone so no scores, no hyper-competitive messages. Please share US grad or FMG or IMG No of programs...
  25. Itsnotludwigs

    Harvard Dental School Admission Chances 2016!

    Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback on what my chances might be at Harvard Dental School. I figured I'd just be specific to one school, since there are so many posts on SDN about admission chances in general. Stats: I have a 25AA, 24TS and 24PAT; a 3.58 GPA including both my BA in Biology...
  26. L

    MCAT Prep, schedule, applying this cycle w a *terrible* GPA

    Hey everyone, Hope your semester is off to a good start. So just need some advice/insight, especially if you have already taken the MCAT.... please + thank you! I've going to be taking the MCAT in April (tentatively) + was wondering the best route... I had my eyes on The Berkeley Review...
  27. ChefBoyboyarDEEZ

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Current HPSP Bonus/Stipend After Tax

    For anyone wondering how much money you currently (9/16) take home after taxes from the HPSP signing bonus and monthly stipend: Of the $20,000 bonus I took home: $13,750 (about 68%) Of the monthly stipend: $936 x2 per month = $1,872 per month
  28. V

    [2016-2017 cycle] University of Florida Pharmacy

    Hello everyone! Didn't see a thread for UF Pharmacy for this cycle, so i figured that i'd start one. My application with PharmCAS has been submitted & verified. Working on the supplemental app (not sure if that's also due by the 6th for early decision), taking the PCAT on 9/9. Where is...
  29. C

    CPJE site complaint

    Hi, this is my first time posting on here, and I'd like to get some advice on how to approach this disastrous situation that occurred today: About 15 minutes into the exam, I began to notice loud, persistent talking and laughter coming from the 3 proctors in the room outside. It was otherwise...
  30. moose786

    Test Day - what are the new changes?

    Hey, I've seen bits of information on what new options are available to us during the DAT. However, I just want to compile together all the tips/warnings into one neat thread. Examples: -Can highlight during RC now. Does my highlighting carry over to the next question or is it pointless to...
  31. D

    Sleep Medicine Fellowship 2016-2017

    Anyone applying for a sleep medicine position in this coming July cycle ? I am an IM resident, interested in sleep. Applying to about 20 programs across the eastcoast and midwest. Just sent out my applications today. Was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat ?
  32. A

    Raw Score Conversion Table 2016

    Hello! I'm having problems finding a raw score conversion table. There isn't one on the ADA exam (http://www.ada.org/~/media/OAT/Files/oat_sample_test.pdf?la=en) and I've found one from an old exam (http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/score-conversion-chart.1143248), but the reading...
  33. T

    Help with Disadvantaged essay 2016

    Hi!!! This is my first thread on here. I need help with my disadvantaged statement. Please let me know if there are any grammatical errors or problems with structure or content. Thanks for the help in advanced guys. As the first-born child from a single parent household, I have lived a...
  34. F

    New MCAT: I am looking to buy used Kaplan prep materials & books! Anyone have?

    I am looking to buy used Kaplan MCAT (The new MCAT) prep materials and books, anyone have and want to sell? Reply to this thread or email me. Thank you!
  35. moose786

    OCHEM #193 - 2016 Destroyer

    "Which halide will undergo SN2 reaction most readily?" I understand that all 4 choices suck, but I was between B & C when choosing the "most ready to undergo SN2". This is because I thought that even though tertiary halide is generally the worst scenario for SN2 to occur, you still get some of...
  36. jaygemscourgettigan

    University of Limerick GEMS 2016 Incoming Students

    Hey guys, I'm the EU student liaison for University of Limerick GEMS this year! If you successfully applied you should have gotten a congratulations letter with details of a Facebook group. There appears to have been some miscommunication or difficulty in accessing the page Below is the link to...
  37. E

    OAT 2016 Experience

    SDN was one of the most helpful resources I used in preparation for the OAT that I took earlier this month, so I wanted to share my experience--I hope what I share is just as helpful! I started with a big KAPLAN 2015 OAT book -- I tried to read chapters that matched what I was learning in...
  38. Y

    Drexel MBS Program 2016-2017

    Hey, everyone! I recently got accepted to Drexel's Masters of Science in Biomedical Studies which is a two year program. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has already committed themselves to start in Fall 2016? It would also be nice if anyone in the program could give me an idea of...
  39. L

    Naplex 2016

    Hi guys.. first time posting on SDN. I took the NAPLEX today and well, it did not go as well as I had hoped. I focused primarily on the math when I was studying and I was really hoping to do well on that section to help me pass. I only had a few math problems (no allegation/meq/mosmol/drip...
  40. geologynerd

    My chances?

    So I was a little misinformed at my school and was told my stats are a little low. I think they're pretty good and I just want other people's opinions that I am not crazy and my advisers were wrong. BCP: 3.62, without -/+ = 3.69 Science 3.73, without -/+ = 3.78 Non-Science: 3.85, without -/+...