1. bulvos

    MD & DO Sleep and Anxiety Research Survey

    Hello Everyone, We are reaching out to provide the opportunity to participate in a sleep and anxiety study comparing medical students in the United States and Egypt. We understand the demands that come with performing in medical school, and managing sleep is a major factor in well-being and...
  2. B

    Would having disability accommodation for anxiety and OCD decrease the value of my med school application? If so, by how much?

    Hello Members of SDN, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. :) Quick Summarized Question: I have OCD and just started a post-bacc program for med school. I am considering applying for disability accommodations, but am concerned about how med schools will perceive that. Would having disability...
  3. H

    Below average M3 - feeling worried about specialty choice?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering what fields do "average" or "below average" med students end up in? I have been below average my entire preclinical (we are a true pass-fail system in preclinicals but they release average scores and standard deviations), got a 230 on Step 1, and am looking to go...
  4. B

    Trying to Overcome Anxiety/Panic Disorder in First Year

    I’m a first year optometry student, currently in my second semester. I worked so hard to be in this position, spent years working as a tech and fell in love with this field. I also have anxiety/panic disorder that I’m medicated for (at max dose for my antidepressant), have had therapy for, etc...
  5. A

    Feeling like I won’t be a good doctor

    Second year vet student and having a hard time believing I can actually turn out to be a good vet. A little bit of back story is that I have generalized anxiety disorder and this feeling of ending up as an inadequate doctor has been growing for the last semester. Grades/tests have been great but...
  6. P

    [IRB approved] Study examining brief, online interventions for anxiety and depression; please share!

    Hello SDN community! I'm a doctoral candidate in a clinical psychology program recruiting participants for my dissertation study examining two brief, online versions of an evidence-based intervention for anxiety/depression. Please consider participating if you are interested and/or consider...
  7. synapsis123

    Deferring an acceptance?

    If your school allowed you to defer acceptance for a year, no questions asked, would you? I ask this because after a stressful year, application cycle, and gap year job, I'm feeling burnt out. I 100% want to be a doctor, but I am also interested in pursuing other interests and traveling for...
  8. D

    Seroquel for Anxiety?

    Hello. I need help with figuring out this choice of medications.
  9. M

    Applying for HPSP/ SSRI's/Navy Dentistry

    Hi all! I want to start by saying I've done a good bit of research on the HPSP, all branches of military dentistry, and all of the disqualifications. I have not applied for the HPSP yet, just in the process of talking to a navy recruiter. It's always been a dream of mine to serve in the Navy as...
  10. T

    Personal Statement Advice for a Student who struggled in Undergrad?

    Can anyone give some advice on how they got through their personal statement? This is the most stressful part of this application for me at the moment because it's so hard for me to talk about myself without accentuating my flaws academically. My main issue is because during undergrad I...
  11. J

    MD & DO Research Survey: Medical school students & Anxiety

    Help me collect data for my research and take the survey below! Medical School Students & Anxiety Background: I am conducting a cross-sectional study of anxiety in first and second year medical school students for my Capstone project. I am using forums like these to help collect data. If you...
  12. L

    Talking about anxiety/panic disorder when applying

    Hi there! My brother is a doctor and told me to not share my story about how I conquered social anxiety/panic disorder as ADCOMs would view this as potential risk for the future. I truly took the hard road and faced my panic disorder head on and dealing with this hardship is one of my greatest...
  13. W

    Mental illness in dental school

    I'm sorry but this is going to be a long post. Background: I have anxiety/depression. I have battled it since junior year of high school. I never got help for it and I suffered through college. However, it didn't impact my grades and I applied to dental schools. I have received interviews and...
  14. P

    Clinical Psychology PhD - Trauma/PTSD Focus

    Hello, I am looking to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs and am interested in finding faculty that have research focuses in PTSD, trauma, and emotion dysregulation. Even better would be a PI that also utilizes MRI. Any guidance/information would be appreciated!
  15. A

    Graduating soon with no EC's, feeling late in the game

    Hi everyone, I was hoping some advice could give me better perspective. I'm about to graduate with my BA in Biochemistry, and I've been having conflicting feelings. I was excited to volunteer at the beginning of this school year, but the training was so lacking and the environment so toxic that...
  16. futureortho14


    Hello SDN! If anyone out there is like me, you are having another sleepless night due to thinking about how you aren't accepted to any dental schools and the lovely anxiety paired with it! Has anyone else NOT heard from any schools? I have applied to 13 and been rejected from 2 (Temple [dec...
  17. T

    MCAT Advice - To take or not to take

    Hi to anyone who sees this. So I am going to do my best not to whine or complain because I know many people have had it far worse than me, but I am not sure what my next steps should be in this situation. So this is my second time taking the MCAT. The first time I took it, I voided it. I was...
  18. F

    Feeling isolated and stressed in Dental school. Advice?

    Hey everyone, I'm a D2 student, and I'm wondering if any of you have advice/similar experiences. Basically I find the people in my class to be competitive and not very understanding of each other's struggles with mental health. For example, I confided in a classmate that I used to speak to...
  19. 4

    USMLE Took Step 1 without an NBME

    Hello! I took my step 1 without taking a recent NBME. I took an NBME (#13) like a year ago before any prep and scored a 160. I know it's awful and it drove me crazy. I have serious anxiety problems! I made the decision to never take another NBME and just prep for this exam and take the exam...
  20. P

    NAPLEX/Residency Nerves and Anxiety

    hi everyone, I’ve been studying nonstop for my boards, and I can’t help but feel discouraged. I feel like there is so much that I dont know, and I’m not ready to be a resident. I did very well in school and on rotations, but somehow it’s different when you now have to re-memorize everything in...
  21. T

    What alternative medical careers can I pursue if I give up?

    Hi folks, I'm currently in the middle of a Master's program. Trying to earn a new GPA. Currently I'm at a 3.53. I've gotten the hardest classes over with so hopefully it'll get up to 3.7 or so when done. My undergrad GPA was 3.0 which is humiliating. In undergrad I was severely sick for 3/4 of...
  22. Z

    Explaining a Lower Set of Grades

    This is weird, but I apply to medical school in about a year. I started medication for depression and anxiety one week before I started college. I was a 4.0 student in high school, but my medication has put me in kind of haze, and now I'm pretty average at a 3.45. I have ADD as well, but...
  23. P

    Could i still go university

    So just lately i decided id like 2 work in the medical field. But i have anxiety and idk if i could cope with university. Bt i wanna do it but would i be allowed? As my anxiety gets pretty intense i end up getting sick from it if its bad enough. So i dont know if i would be allowed? Does anyone...
  24. isamvp

    Beating depression and anxiety in medicine school?

    Everyone guys! I hope you all are doing alright First of all, I want to apologize, as my mother language isn't English. I'm a Spanish girl currently studying my second year and today I had my first appointment with a psychiatrist who told me that my depression and anxiety symptoms (which have...
  25. P

    Anxiety in medical school

    I'm an MS1 who's struggled with anxiety since middle school. I've kept it under control my whole life until my second semester of medical school. I don't know how else to describe it other than a "mental breakdown." I've had to take a medical leave of absence from medical school because of what...
  26. K

    Lost my faith in the MCAT after certain discoveries.

    Let me explain the background regarding the title. (And if anyone e (or the Mods) knows a better place this thread should be, let me know. Just don't delete it without letting me know) (This will get long, so bear with me if you can - no judgement if you don't) I graduated HS with a 2.7...
  27. E

    Joint Hypermobility and Anxiety

    Hi All- Sneaking in here as a premed to ask for some opinions. To be clear, I am NOT asking for medical advice for me! I came across these articles while researching some topics for orthopedic patient info sheets at work, and I wanted to know what the professional opinion was on them. I...
  28. ZanB

    Is it me or is med school on EASY mode when you stop smoking weed everyday?

    Like i swear to god I couldnt understand sh** before but now that I stopped its so easy. Like im not even lying.
  29. G

    White Coat Syndrome

    Hi everyone. I am a 1st year pharmacy student and this week my class will be learning how to take blood pressure readings. The problem is that whenever someone at the doctors takes my blood pressure I get nervous/anxious and I end up with a high reading. In class and for the next three weeks...
  30. Y

    December 1st anxiety

    So december 1st is not close seeing as this is just the beginning of october, but these past couple of weeks I've been having so much anxiety and panic attacks because of it. Having had a couple of interviews by now, it's killing me not knowing whether I'll be accepted to my top choices or where...
  31. U

    MCAT preparation plan for the risk-averse (feeling doubt)

    Thanks in advance for any input. This post may initially come off as a bit self-involved, but that is just to provide context for a little-articulated issue that I suspect effects many (often extremely successful) pre-med students. In particular, I refer to those students whose approach as...
  32. niagra_falls

    DAT in 10 days help me !!!

    hello all , my DAT is in 10 days and i feel tired of studying , i still have to do some practice exams and finish bootcamp but aside from that is there any advice someone could give me about the day they took their test ? i feel preety nervous about it and i know that ill be done will all the...
  33. X

    Social Anxiety and awkwardness making MS3 a nightmare?

    I am half way through my surgery rotation and I am struggling like hell. I am the student who is usually quiet, and fumbles with instruments. My nervousness for the next day makes it impossible for me to study or sleep at a decent time and I end up looking even dumber. I constantly drink alcohol...
  34. chemdoctor

    How to get over testing anxiety?

    Any tips on how to get over testing anxiety? I keep getting stupid questions wrong, and they're easy questions. It's getting really frustrating. How can I get over the anxiety that I have? I'm sick of making stupid mistakes.
  35. Ray_of_Sunshine_MD

    Dual Enrolled-Chances of Getting Into MD program at 20?

    Hello SDN members, I would like to get your advice on my chances of getting into medical school, specifically an MD school, at the age of 20 with getting my Biology degree early? To further explain, I technically started college at the age of 15 while being in a unique dual enrollment program...
  36. BlueBee20


    hey all! i'm starting to get antsy. i've turned in nearly all of my secondaries, and i've been watching the school-specific forums and seeing people get II's already. the self-doubt is seriously sinking in... what if i don't get any interviews?? how have others coped with this feeling...
  37. S

    another neurotic self-doubt question

    This topic has most likely been beat to death, but I could really use some reassurance or realistic advice. I'm a rising sophomore and I've been hardcore doubting myself and my intelligence since getting to college. I went to a pretty subpar high school and was near the top of my class despite...
  38. chemdoctor


    How do you guys fight testing anxiety? I have it and it's REALLY bad. Like what's the worst that's gonna happen?! I fail and so what?! I can still be happy, never give up and try again! Right?! I keep telling myself that, but it's so hard :( Any advice? I wanna go to med school obviously and I...
  39. M


    So I will be taking my MCAT on 6/16, but on the AAMC FL1 I ended up with a 499. Along with that I know that I am having severe anxiety with the MCAT. I was thinking of taking it on 6/16 but voiding my score. This would be my second time taking the MCAT, but I feel taking it in the testing center...