1. PHDtobe_

    Applying to clinical psych internships this year, current pending DUI charge (from 2021) versus convicted DUI?

    I (25 y/o female) made a dumb mistake and drove home after going out last year (feb2021). I had a few drinks, on an empty stomach after working all day, and ignorantly thought that if i stopped drinking by 10:30ish I would be good to drive by 2. I really had no knowledge of BAC and how long it...
  2. P

    PhD/PsyD APPIC Internship Site & APA site visit

    Wondering how folks feel about applying to an internship site that states they are currently accredited until Jan 2022, and have their site visit then. They don't say anything about how long they've been accredited for, or how confident they are they will be re-accredited. I really like the...
  3. loveroflinehanandresick

    2022-2023 APPIC Internship Interview Invitation Thread

    Here we go, folks! Please use this thread and this corresponding Google sheet to share information about the 2022-2023 APPIC internship interview invitations. You're more than welcome to PM me the information to stay anonymous and I'll post it for you! Please use the following format- Official...
  4. S

    Applying to Canadian Internship as an American

    It has come to my attention that both US and Canadian sites are listed as available for match on the APPIC directory. Neuropsychology is my area of specialization and there were a number of neuro internships in Canada that really caught my attention, but I wasn't sure as to the true feasibility...
  5. O

    Help comparing two psych MA/PhD programs!!

  6. E

    APPIC Internship Phase II Interview & Support Thread (2021)

    Hey my fellow Phase II-ers. I figured we could start up our own thread for Phase II. Hopefully this is a safe space where we can provide each other with support, advice, and post about interview notifications. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves during these challenging times.
  7. E

    American PhD Student Applying to APPIC Site in Canada

    Hello, I'm an American PhD student in school psychology applying for an internship through APPIC. I have applied to a school district in Canada, but I'm not sure which visa would be appropriate for me, given I will not have my degree but will not be a student, technically (although I'll still be...
  8. N

    Insight into APPIC Internship Sites

    I’m wondering what questions to ask to get a better sense of the culture of a site.
  9. G

    PhD/PsyD Challenges as Intern with ADHD

    Hello everyone! I have ADHD and internship has brought out the worst of my symptoms. I’m on medication and working with a MD, but everyday I feel like a failure. I have a therapist, but ones covered by my insurance don’t really have training in “executive functioning” or adult ADHD (a very...
  10. Piquica

    Logging Peer-to-Peer Supervision on Time2Track for APPIC

    Hi all! I'm hoping to get some guidance on logging peer-to-peer supervision hours on Time2Track, with an eye toward APPIC applications. I am currently working as a peer supervisor at my University's clinic for assessment practicum. A few questions: 1. I will assist during 3 hours of supervision...
  11. M

    APPIC Internship Phase II 2020

    I thought I would start a thread for those of us going into phase II. I found the other threads helpful for support, advice, and updated info on interviews and notifications. So although I am stoked for everyone who will be successful in phase I to those of us in phase II good luck, we are all...
  12. mypointlesspov

    Internship Rankings

    Hi All, Sorry for another internship post, but I'm looking for some guidance on ranking sites. I have talked to my three supervisors so far and I am still lost on what to do. I interviewed at 8 sites and have 9 positions to rank. This time last year, I thought that I would be happy to have an...
  13. neurodoe29

    APPIC Internship Match 2019-20-- Phase II

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread in advance for those of us who either know that they will be in Phase II since they received no interviews in Phase I (hello, me), or who end up in Phase II after not getting matched in Phase I. Hopefully this can be a great source of support and...
  14. M

    Anyone else afraid of not matching?

    I am sure it’s an irrational fear, but APPIC’s matching process makes me so nervous. ;)
  15. D

    Do Me A Favor?

    I am applying for Internship this year and I was hoping I could get someone's(preferably a doctoral level clinician) eyes on my APPI essays? They are all completed, but I was just hoping for some initial thoughts, reactions, feedback. And obviously, if there was something blaringly wrong it'd be...
  16. M

    Question about asking for a letter of rec for internship at a practicum I'm starting next week.

    Hi all, I was looking for your expertise on a question regarding a letter of rec for my predoctoral internship. I am starting a practicum next week and I'm planning to apply to internship this year (2018-2019). Would it be appropriate to ask my supervisor to write a letter of rec for...
  17. mypointlesspov

    PhD/PsyD School Counseling hours for APA Internships?

    Hey y'all, A fellow student in my program stated the following in response to a class discussion (wording is slightly altered): "It's unfortunate that the training we get in schools isn't considered clinical hours. I was shocked to hear that school counseling hours are not counted as clinical...
  18. C

    PhD/PsyD Rural Pre-Doctoral Internships

    Hi all, I was discussing pre-doctoral internships with a peer and we both have decided to seek sites in rural / frontier communities. Does anyone have a list of rural sites? I've started a list but figured it'd be worthwhile posting to see if anyone has one created already. Thanks!
  19. mypointlesspov

    PhD/PsyD School PsyD & the APPIC Match

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I am in my third year of a university-based PsyD program. Ever since starting, I've set myself up to enter the match. Historically, many students in the school program have not entered the match, though this is changing now that we have a...
  20. ImSkyKid

    Internship Interview Questions

    Folks in the internship invite/rejection thread had the idea of creating a thread about interview questions, so viola. Please feel free to share materials you have or sources you have found helpful for you to prepare. If you have example questions from previous years, it would be cool to know...
  21. cookie88

    PhD/PsyD What is considered an internship/residency acceptable to the Office of the Surgeon General?

    *I'm not sure if this was posted somewhere else but I couldn't find it, please delete if duplicated* I've been recently looking at civilian job posting working with the military. I attended an APA program, but due to not having an advisor (she abruptly quit my institution) or much guidance...
  22. G

    Does couples matching work?

    My partner is a year below me in the program and the two of us are trying to decide whether or not couples matching is a good idea. Does anyone have experience with or advice for couples matching that they'd be willing to share? Is it going to cut our chances significantly of being matched?
  23. SpacePsych


    I was searching the forum for previous Post-doc threads, and noticed there was not one for this year. Here's the one from 2015-2016. I was thinking this could be useful for discussion of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), as well as the new Uniform Notification Date (February 27, 2017) according...
  24. S

    PhD/PsyD APPIC References Question

    Last year APPIC moved to the standardized reference template. While it (from what I hear) was a disaster, it seems this year they are continuing with that format. My questions are as follows, and may be only interpretive in nature: The section instructions state that "Your reference is...
  25. S

    Opinions Needed FAST: What to do!

    Hi all, I need opinions, and fast! I'm in an APA counseling psyc program after completing a terminal masters and practicing for one year. I want to get opinions on how likely it is to match to APA internship site with the typical minimum of 400 hours? It seems possible that I can complete my...
  26. NY-Psych-Dream

    PhD/PsyD Moving Cross-Country for Internship

    Hi all, I'll be moving from California to New York City for internship. My family is moving with me and we're trying to figure out details. My NYC friends and colleagues have been helpful in tips on looking for apartments, but the move itself has been difficult to plan. We don't intend on...
  27. R

    2016 APPIC Internship Phase 2 Interview Thread

    Running list of notifications/interview invites from sites participating in Phase 2. Feel free to PM me or post the following info on the thread, and I will keep track of it here: - Site & Track - Date of Notification - Method of Notification (mass/personalized email, phone call, etc) - Type of...
  28. S

    PhD/PsyD APPIC internship phase II

    Hi all! I'm a canadian psyd in phase II of the APPIC match process. I'm interested in casting a wide met to increase my chances of matching, so I'm planning on applying to US sites in this round. Does anyone have suggestions for sites that have a more psychodynamic, interpersonal or experiential...
  29. futureapppsy2

    New article on publication productivity and the APPIC match

    Whilst searching for articles on publication productivity, I came across this new OnlineFirst article from Training and Education in Professional Psychology : Publication Productivity of Professional Psychology Internship Applicants: An In-Depth Analysis of APPIC Survey Data...
  30. D

    PhD/PsyD Internship question for APPIC accredited?

    Is it bad form to ask an APPIC-accredited internship site in interview if they intend on pursuing APA accreditation?
  31. S

    2015-2016 APPIC Internship Interview Thread

    This is a running list of interview notifications and rejections for the 2015-2016 APPIC internship application cycle. Please utilize the following format when providing information on interview notifications: -Site name & Match ID number -Track (if applicable) -Invite or rejection -Date...