1. Lexington2012

    LA Times says CVS is causing drug errors because of understaffing.

  2. Lexington2012

    The FTC has started a 3 day period where they are attempting to collect complaints regarding hidden/deceptive fees. This includes DIR fees

    The FTC has started a 3 day period where they are attempting to collect complaints regarding hidden/deceptive fees. This includes the heart-crushing DIR and transmission fees. They need to hear about the abusive tactics of the PBMs. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD! You can comment about DIR fees...
  3. H

    CVS Leave of Absence due to COVID?

    I work as an intern for CVS and came back with a positive Covid test today. My supervisor had me call HR to let them know and begin the leave of absence process for my 14 day paid quarantine. Does anyone know how the process works and how long it usually takes? This is my first time ever taking...
  4. Aimee19

    CVS Questions as a Technician. Advice Appreciated!

    I am a senior pharmacy technician who used to be working at Walgreens and now have moved in to CVS. They have a great and intention to train new employees by the help of mobile trainers who show up at stores. Although they are helpful, the phramacists and otjer techs usually are so busy and not...
  5. P

    CVS Transfer

    I am a pharmacy manager in the Detroit area. I am planning on moving to the Cleveland/Akron area around October of this year and getting a job as either a manager or a staff pharmacist. Any advice/ perspective on when I should let my DL know about this and about the transfer process in general...
  6. Kobethegoat24

    How to find out if a medication is a controlled medication at CVS?

    So I am a pharmacy technician at cvs pharmacy. I know most of the common controlled C2 and C3 medications. However, there are ones that have me questioning if they are controlled or not such as trazodone, which for some reason I always thought was a controlled medication. I was trying to find a...
  7. P

    CVS vacation time question

    Hello all, I’m a new FT pharmacist with CVS. I’m confused with vacation payout and accrued vacation hours. To note, I never had a full time job before so I’m learning more about my benefits. I was told I would accrue about 13 hours of vacation later this year. If not used then it’ll be paid...
  8. A

    cvs and giant offers

    I got an offer from both cvs and giant pharmacies. I'll be working with cvs as an intern for 8-10 hours a week. With Giant, I still have to do the paperwork but Im definitely going to be working with them (for a fact) but i'd be working as a tech. Im not sure how many hours I'll be working with...
  9. A

    BioEngineering Student Asking About Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Training

    Hello all, I am a BioEngineering Student, and I am currently doing a Senior Capstone Project on Chorionic Villus Sampling. My team and I have been researching and interviewing various doctors about the procedure and how residents and medical students often train for it. However, we would...
  10. B

    CVS Emerging Leader Program

    Does anyone know if a 6th year intern (graduating May 2019) can start the Emerging Leader Program? Also, what is it, how long does it take, and what can you do after you complete it? From my understanding, this is something you have to do before you can become a DL. Also, where can I find more...
  11. P

    Pharmacist Trying to Transfer

    Any advice? Spoke to my supervisor back in May in need of a transfer and till this date nothing has happened. Constant calls, emails, texts. I even decided to help with the process and reached out to the leaders where I will be moving. Now I have an offer lined up and the new supervisor...
  12. B

    CVS vacation time new grad pharmacist

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how vacation time gets determined at CVS. I have been with CVS for 5 years as a part-time tech and intern and am graduating in May. I was told my part-time time does not count towards any vacation time. However, I know pharmacists that have started...
  13. P

    CVS Pharmacist Floater

    What is CVS floater pharmacist's schedule/PTO like? How early in advance do you get a schedule for the week? Is it easy to schedule weekends or time off? How does PTO work for floaters?
  14. L

    Will CVS rehire an intern that quit?

    Hi, I am wondering how difficult it is to be hired as a pharmacist by CVS if you previously worked as an intern/tech for a few years, but resigned while in pharmacy school. Any input or anecdotal stories are appreciated.
  15. Kevin.Mero

    Transgender Woman Says CVS Pharmacist Refused to Fill Hormone Prescription

    What would you do if you were the Pharmacist? Transgender Woman Says CVS Pharmacist Refused to Fill Hormone Prescription “It turns out Arizona is one of seven states that expressly allow pharmacists to deny filling a prescription on moral or religious grounds.” CVS said it fired the pharmacist...
  16. B

    Pharmacy is slowly going down. CVS/WAGs is a true def of modern day slavery. What are our options?

    Hello, RPh community, After a couple of months with CVS as a floater, I quit due to what I felt was a mental and physical abuse to the RPh and techs. I told my DM it's not ethical to understaff every pharmacy I go in order to save more money. Hence, it could overwork the pharmacist and might...
  17. studentpharmacist1995

    CVS Pharmacist Job Offer 2018

    Hello current/future Rphs! I am a P4. I have gotten a grad intern offer with CVS at a district 90 miles away from my hometown in South Florida. I accepted it as there seems to be no jobs any where. For those who work for CVS, what is the process if I would like to be near my hometown? Should I...
  18. A

    CVS Metrics help?

    Struggling to get a grasp of all metrics CVS wants us to know. Anyone have a brief description or explanation for the key metrics? Also does anyone have tips and tricks on reaching the metrics and improving ones store? Thanks!
  19. G

    CVS didn’t pay me?

    Hi all. To get to the point, I’m a P1 student who works every other Saturday. I usually get paid the Friday before the Saturday I usually work. Last Friday however, I did not receive money in my card nor did my account online have a pay statement for the Saturday I’d worked (10/28 not...
  20. H


    I was just recently hired at CVS as a pharmacy tech. I worked as a tech before, but took some time off to focus on school and getting into pharmacy school. Now that I’ve been accepted into pharmacy school I wanted to get back into the pharmacy and take the PTCE. Does anyone know if CVS offers...
  21. A

    Grad Intern reply

    Had an interview a couple weeks ago for a grad intern position with CVS. I felt like it went great, but haven’t heard anything back yet or received any offer. How long does it typically take to receive offers? Is it closer to when the internship would end, March 31, 2018?
  22. P

    CVS 401(k)

    I know that new pharmacists can contribute to a 401(k) three months after they start, and they are fully vested from the beginning. However, CVS doesn't begin to match until after the first year. My question is do they match your contributions for that first year or do they only start matching...
  23. P

    CVS Interns

    Interview Q; why do you want to work at CVS and not Walgreens? How did you answer this? what other questions do they ask?
  24. S

    Which one new grad Cvs or Wags

    Sooo is cvs really that bad? I was just given an offer that I have yet to officially accept (they gave me 14 days). The reason I haven't accepted it is bc I was waiting to hear back from Wags but they want be able to get back to me until next week (DM is on vacation) which puts me at Day 15+...
  25. U

    Extracare Pharmacy Benefits Rewards Program

    "I've been picking up my prescriptions here all year and you guys always scan my card but I've never gotten any rewards" "I used to get rewards but now I never get them" \halp Is there a way to backtrack and give somebody the rewards they were due for the past year? From my understanding...
  26. 2

    does cvs train their pharmacists to work at coram?

    for pharmacists that work at cvs: if you were interested in transitioning to home infusion/coram, how likely are you to get that job? does cvs have any training in home infusion? do you have a better chance of getting into Coram if you're already a pharmacist at cvs? what is it like working...
  27. M

    Application Question

    When writing a letter of interest, how important is it to know who will be reading it? I'm applying to CVS online, and I'm unsure who to address my letter of interest to. Is it really considered bad form to use 'To Whom it May Concern'? I've searched online for who might be the hiring manager...
  28. M

    CVS Intern Termination

    I was recently told that I "fell out of the system" because I haven't worked in a long time. This means I was terminated/separated from the company. However, I was told that I am eligible for a rehire. I am currently in my fourth year and now I'm worried that this will affect my employment in...
  29. A

    Experience with CVS

    So, I'm applying for pharm school next year. I've been working as a tech at CVS for a few months now, but all I hear about is the negative stigma CVS has.. I recently got offered a job at Medicine Shoppe and one in a local clinic. (I already volunteer in a hospital pharmacy) Should I switch...
  30. aznkukuboi

    So why is CVS system so inefficient?

    So, I've done rotations at Walgreens, Target (PDX), independents, and have worked for both Rite Aid and CVS. CVS is known to be the "best" pharmacy through sheer volume and number of stores, but their system is ridiculously inefficient to a point that it slows me down a good 25% compared to...
  31. animalsasleaders

    Becoming an intern CVS

    We just applied for our intern licenses in Pharm School. My question is: what exactly happens when we are promoted to interns in our pharmacies? So we receive a new title, and then initially work as a tech with an intern license until we gain more skills throughout school to do more pharmacist...
  32. animalsasleaders

    General CVS Pharmacy Questions

    Hi all! I've been working at CVS Pharmacy for about a month now, and today was my first day of pharmacy school. I know there's a lot to being a tech (not to mention a pharmacist), and overall, I just want to be good at my job and have a good understanding of all things pharmacy before I move on...
  33. M

    Questions about CVS pharmtech job

    Hi! I'm currently a second year biology student who has plans to go to PA school once I complete my undergrad. I recently applied to CVS to be a pharmacy technician, and I just had a few questions. I know that a drug test is required. I'm a medical marijuana user, and live in California, so I...
  34. P

    Working at Safeway as a pharmacist

    It has been quite some time on here since I've seen any posts or comments about working at Safeway as a pharmacist. Can anyone who works at Safeway or has worked there give any insight as to whether to take a position at Safeway as a pharmacist. Is the pharmacist expected to be the cashier also...
  35. AllyLynnn

    Pharmacy Technician hiring process

    Hey! So I went to the interview for pharmacy tech, it went well and a couple days later he called me to offer me the job. The manager asked for my email and said I should recieve an email shortly. It has been a week, I called the manager and he said they are having a problem with the emailing...
  36. G

    Good places to gain pharmacy experience?

    Hi everyone. I'm currently a rising sophomore and i was originally planning to apply to pharmacy school this upcoming year. But now I'm not so sure anymore because I've been applying to so many places such like cvs, Harris teeter, etc. for pharmacy experience and I've not been able to go through...
  37. X


    Hello all, I am a bit confused on the whole pharmacy school process in general. I am not enrolled in a program for pharmacy right now, rather I am attending a 4-year university majoring in chemistry, which I regret not applying for 6 year pharmacy programs straight out of high school (now...
  38. DrAriPharmD

    How is it working as a pharmacy intern at a retail/major chain pharmacy?

    Hi everyone! Previously, I've worked at CVS as a pharmacy tech for a few months while in undergrad. I didn't get a chance to learn as much as I would have liked to, but it was still a pretty good experience. Now I am about to start pharmacy school in the fall, and was looking at applying to CVS...
  39. DrAriPharmD

    What exactly is the difference between a pharmacy extern and a pharmacy intern?

    I'm having trouble finding a clear answer on this. I'm applying for different jobs now (CVS, Walgreens, hospitals, etc.) and some things I've looked up have said that an externship is unpaid and basically like shadowing. Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help people! :)
  40. NonchalantTeen

    CVS Internship Program

    I will be starting pharmacy school and was thinking of applying to the CVS Internship Program in Maryland. However, I have been hearing horror stories about how CVS works their interns long hours (more than 8-10 hrs/week) during the school year, despite how busy that student may be. I would love...