1. lissadawynn

    RDH to DDS. Give me your advice!

    Hey y’all. I’m applying to dental school next spring and I’m trying to find ways to make myself a more competitive candidate. Graduating from Dental Hygiene school in a few weeks. 3.4 oGPA, 3.2 sGPA. Still have two years of science classes to raise that GPA. Not much in ways of ECs because I’m a...
  2. M

    Volunteering Opportunities

    Hello, my name is Guru Prasad Ramani and I'm a dentist from India. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm staying in Atlanta for a brief period and wanted to find out whether there would be any volunteering activities that can be done by an international dentist. If we can do, where can we find out...
  3. Harshavimal

    DDS after BDS

    I am Indian student and a undergraduate in BDS.I like to pursue DDS from USA what are my requirements to study, do I need any clinical experiences after completing BDS and what financial background should I have
  4. N

    Practicing GP looking into CBSE

    I’ve been a practicing DDS for 4 yrs now. Wanted to do OMS from the beginning of time. Had some serious hardships and didn’t have time for extracurricular activities during school. Then I had to go back home directly after graduating. Now that life has normalized, I’m looking into OMS...
  5. M

    WesternU vs. Colorado (OOS)

    Hey everyone! This is my first post so please go easy on me! I recently got accepted to the DMD program and WesternU and the DDS program at CU. I am a CA resident so do not qualify for in-state at CU unfortunately :confused: I was wondering where everyone thought was a better school to go to...
  6. confused undergrad

    Life as a DDS/PhD?

    For those who have a dual DDS/PhD degree or are in a DDS/PhD program, what is your career like/going to be like? How much time do you spent practicing dentistry vs doing research or teaching? Do you enjoy it and is it what you imagined? Another side question, is it possible for DDS/PhDs to...
  7. thelazyvaca

    Has anybody been accepted/interviewed at MeHarry that did NOT take quantitative analysis? School suggestions would be helpful too.

    Hello folks, I am an applicant deciding on schools to apply to this cycle, and saw that MeHarry requires (urges?) applicants to take quantitative analysis. I have tried searching for this topic, and can not find any posts or website saying that it is strictly required. Also, knowing my...
  8. Punished Angeleno

    USC School of Dentistry Class of 2025 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    Last year's thread: *** The Official USC School of Dentistry Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread *** Hey, everyone. You can post your questions and updates here. Class of 2023 Statistics overall GPA: 3.59 science GPA: 3.51 DAT (AA/TS/PAT): 19.9/19.7/20.1 Class Size: 144 Class of 2024...
  9. F

    how to obtain a license in China with a DDS

    Hello everyone, I am interested in working in China after working few years in the U.S. What is the process for that? Anyone knows? Thank you in advance!


  11. M

    what are my chances for canadian degree completion program (2 year dds)

    BDS and MDS (periodontics) degrees from one of the top 5 colleges in India CGPA- 3.0 (class rank 4th) IELTS score- 7.5 overall clinical experience- 1 year in India publications- 2 (indexed journals) conferences- 4 national (2 papers and 2 posters presented) completed a clinical study for thesis...
  12. M

    Can a graduate from a two year advanced standing program (DDS) from Canada practice in the USA???

    I am an Indian dentist with an MDS degree in periodontics from a reputed government college. Can I practice in the united states if I complete a 2-2.5 year degree completion/ advanced standing program from Canada?? Or should I try and apply for GPR/ AEGD in states? also, what are my chances of...
  13. J

    what are my chances in getting into 2020 fall cycle with these stats?

    I graduated may 2019 with a bio degree, my gpa at my college was a 3.38. Verfied ADEA with out +/- science GPA 3.04 verified adea with +/- a science GPA 2.99. Overall adea verified gpa was a 3.24. september DAT scores: orgo- 21 gen chem- 20 qr-14 PAT-15 Bio- 17 reading-19 ts=19 aa=18 I...
  14. I

    Worrying for no reason - late-ish submission, chances of getting pre-dec interviews?

    I had no idea I was able to submit my application before finishing the supp questions so I waited until I had all of that done before submitting my application (Sept 2.). Not even a week and a half later I got an interview invite from Touro (yay!) but it is in January. Is there anything I can do...
  15. cl24uw06

    Seeking New Dentists in Washington State

    I am seeking highly motivated new or recent dental graduates to join our group practices. Average dentist income in our practices is over 300k per year with the potential of over 1 million on a three day work week. We have establish a proven system to generate patient flow and keep office...
  16. E

    Dalhousie Dental School interview invite

    Hello all, So I was lucky enough to score an interview with the dental school at Dalhousie but I have absolutely no idea how to prepare. Would anybody who have been previously interviewed mind sharing their experience and some resources they found super helpful for the interview? All tips and...
  17. D


    Hey guys I got accepted into school that both offer the DDS-MBA program. Still debating which one to go to, lol. I was just wondering if you guys think that getting the DDS-MBA degree is worth it and do you guys know what else I can get into with that kind of degree?? Thanks
  18. S

    oral pathology master

    hi , i recently graduated from a dental school in Armenia . i obtained a dds degree , my plan is to move to Canada and continue my education in Canada . would it be possible to study for masters or do research with a dds degree in canada if you graduated from a non-accredited university ? im...
  19. N

    Masters Program for Dental School

    Are there any dental schools that have a large student body of students with Masters programs? I am currently in a biomedical masters and wanted to apply to schools with a stronger favoring of masters degrees.
  20. S


    UNDERGRAD: science gpa: 2.58 overall: 2.98 DAT: 19 AA (retaking in sept) MS (bio) overall: 3.74 EC: 100+ shadowing, research, leadership all good What are my chances and where should I apply
  21. M

    Some Mnemonics for Paget's, Scleroderma, CREST

    Hi! I hope you are having a great day :) I have created those mnemonics in preparation for NBDE Hope it helps!, oh, and please do leave me your feedback. Thanks :)
  22. S

    What schools should I apply to?

    Hey guys ill keep this short. Here are my stats: oGPA: 3.42 sGPA: 3.15 DAT(19AA, retaking it June 29th, hoping for anything >19) Doing the Master's of Arts Biomed program starting Aug at Midwestern. 3 shadowing exp >100hrs >200 volunteering hrs. I am applying very broadly - I am a reapplicant...
  23. F

    Inorganic chemistry??

    i was looking at the application and several schools require Inorganic chemistry? Is that their way of saying Gen Chem?
  24. F

    DAT Resources

    what are some of the best DAT resources? I am currently using Kaplan but feel myself getting too caught up with the lesson plans and 3 hour videos.
  25. P

    BDS then 4 years full DDS?

    Has anyone done a BDS degree, and then apply for a 4 year normal DDS program in US/Canada, instead of applying for the Internationally-trained-dentist/Advance standing (2 year program). If I do a BDS degree, will I be allowed to apply for the full 4 year DDS degree program? Or will I not be...
  26. D

    Should I Retake the DAT?

    Currently in pre-dental , I recently wrote the Canadian DAT and scored as follows : RC:21 Bio:20 Chem:22 PAT:19 AA:21 oGPA 3.93 sGPA 3.87 I am fairly confident I could do better on my PAT as I was rushed because I spent too much time on the keyholes (due to the fact there was no visible...
  27. P

    Please give advice Pre-dental (international high-schooler)

    Hello everyone, I am in my senior year of high school and am following the British pattern system (A-levels) in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I plan to become a dentist and work in the US. I am a US citizen and a Pakistani, and I know I can either do: (1) 4 year any undergrad in the US...
  28. S

    Is an education from a TX dental school respectable in the NE?

    I'm a TX resident and only applied to the 3 dental schools in TX, but I'm thinking about living in the Northeast (like NJ) in the future. I will find out if I am accepted this Friday. I have two routes to choose from before I really get in too deep and can't turn back: Option 1: Accept a TX...
  29. B

    How to build your profile as an international?

    Hello, just few thoughts: How do I build strong relations in order to get a recommendation letter from a dentist in the U.S. ? And how do I enhance my profile as an international dentist who does not have GC or citizenship? Does home experience count when viewing applications or they usually...
  30. samiam1007

    Starting a practice / working together with your classmate?

    Do you know of any cases or scenarios in which a dentist and his/her classmate of the same year had started a clinic together? That is, after building up a good chunk of experiences for some years as associates. Say they've been a really close friends for the whole 4 years of dental school and...
  31. B

    ( VERY URGENT PLEASE ) Info about Nova IDP DMD

    Hello dear friends ! I recently applied to NSU IDP DMD program, please if any one has idea about the following share your inputs 1- the process of invitations and bench test (what exactly they ask in the bench test) and what to do regarding the case presentation ? what to read from ? 2- what...
  32. V

    Trying to do OMFS but sim lab grades are low

    Wow I have a similar inquiry but not to the point of dropping out. I am terrible with my hand skills, as well. I try to practice as much as I can but the didactics are also quite demanding so during exam weeks I end up slacking on the sim lab hours which definitely hurts any progress I make. The...
  33. G

    Info regarding dentistry

    hi everyone, I am an undergrad student currently (sophomore). I am in the first semester of my sophomore year, and I currently have a 3.87 GPA with a major in biology. I have 56 volunteer hours as a counselor for a camp for kids with JRA, and I am volunteering currently at Ronald McDonald House...
  34. HealthNombreUno

    Having Doubts...

    New here so please excuse any stupid questions. I've been wanting to go to medical school for almost my entire life. I just love healthcare in general. Recently I've been having doubts about medical school because I can't handle stress that well and I'm afraid I won't be happy working so much. I...
  35. L

    Med school VS Dental school

    Hey! I have applied to both dental school and med school. I got in to both! The problem: I thought that my gut feeling would help me out on this one but it didn't do its part, me very disappointing :P. My question to you guys is what is the pros and cons for both fields? and could you guys pls...
  36. NolesFan1996

    Dental Hygienist to DDS?

    Hey y'all! I'm currently going through a difficult time deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I am a fourth year Biology student at FSU and will be graduating during the Fall 2018 semester. I am seriously unsure of what route to take with my future degree at this point. For the longest...
  37. G

    Rescheduling Interview

    Does anyone know if VCU School of Dentistry allows DDS applicants to reschedule interviews?? If so, what is the best way to do so? I would like to reschedule mine, but want to gain insight/information before I request to do so.
  38. T

    NBDE Part 1 Study Partner

    Hey, I am a dental student from India, in my internship year. I'm planning to give my exam in October or Mid-September. Anyone interested to study together? Via emails, or Whatsapp. Basically just looking for someone who is also giving their exam around the same time and can help push...
  39. K

    Dental School Admission/ Master Student Need Advice

    Good evening, So I would like some advice on Dental school. My undergrad GPA was a 3.01 I had bumps and paths finishing strong because my rents were in and out of the hospital. I went and got a Masters in Community Health and did my Thesis in Oral health at Midwestern University. My Grad GPA...
  40. A

    UC Berkeley vs University of the Pacific 2+3 Accelerated Dental Program

    Hi everyone! I know making this account and being on this website may be a little too ahead of my age (since I'm a senior in high school), but I wanted some feedback and opinions on whether I should attend UC Berkeley College of Chemistry or University of the Pacific 2+3 Accelerated Dental...