1. D

    I was admitted to a new school after being dismissed from my original school.

    As this new cycle begins, I want to give some encouragement and advice to dismissed students. I was officially dismissed from my original American medical school. I applied to medical school again and got into to another medical school (American, not Caribbean). Before applying, I scoured SDN...
  2. M

    possible dismissal from BS/MD

    Okay so let me break it down. I am currently an M1 in a BS/MD program. I look a leave of absence because I wasn't doing so well and was so drained from coming right out of HS into this program and getting my BS in 3 years and then doing medical school online during a pandemic. I got AMAZING...
  3. D

    Dismissed after not passing 2 blocks - what do I do?

    Hi all. To keep things brief, I am an MS1 and I was recently dismissed from my school because I did not pass 2 of my first 3 blocks during my first year. I was really shocked to learn that my administration went straight to dismissing me and not offering remediation for the courses NOR the...
  4. Leftpaw

    Chance at getting into another school after suspension / dismissal

    Hello. As explained in another thread, I was dismissed from optometry school at the end of my 1st Year Fall Semester for academic reasons - failed one lab and lecture. I attempted to appeal and that fell through - the committee upheld my suspension. I was wondering how likely it could be to...
  5. Leftpaw

    Dismissed from Optometry School for Academic Reasons. Need Advice.

    I am in a predicament: **** has dismissed me for academic reasons during my first year / first semester. I failed one lecture and one lab (only passed the other courses), appealed to the academic committee and failed the appeal. After crying and gnashing my teeth for a few days (I take...
  6. mintypons

    Failed COMLEX Level 1 twice, considered for Dismissal soon - options?

    Hey all, I’m seeking some advice because I am trying to be as prepared as possible for what lies ahead. I am an MS3 in a DO school and currently on a Leave of Absence that was used to retake my COMLEX Level 1 exam. In Years 1 and 2, I had a GPA of around 2.67, but I did not have to remediate...
  7. StudyMedMan

    Facing Possible Dismissal Due To A Very Unique Experience and Am In the Appeal Process. What do y'all think?

    First, thank you to anybody who reads this and takes the time to consider my situation and give me feedback/tips about my chances for appeal. I will start with an accurate account of what happened leading up to my situation and how I got to this point. This is the last situation I ever saw...
  8. iluvmedicine2

    Is Caribbean Med School an option for me?

    Hello, I was recently dismissed from a U.S. osteopathic medical school for academic reasons (failing courses during my first year) and I’m weighing my options for the future. Following 5 application cycles in the States, I seriously considered going the Caribbean route, but decided against it...
  9. S

    What's my options?

  10. H

    Dismissed from optometry school...going to appeal. UPDATE: REINSTATED

    Hello, I hope you can take the time out to read about my situation and offer some advice (particularly if you have been in a similar situation and what you did to move forward). I recently graduated in May 2018 with a B.S. in neuroscience and a minor in psychology. I then started optometry...
  11. B

    Academic Dismissal - options after?

    So recently quite a few students were academically dismissed from a Big 3 Caribbean school due to grades (they set the passing grade differently each semester using some algorithm and the Hofstede theory supposedly, no one really knows how they determine it). So curious to know if time is taken...
  12. B

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  13. N

    Help me evaluate my chances in the 2019 match (IMG)

    Hi. I was initially an IM resident (2016) in a community hospital but was dismissed for problems in professionalism and patient care in my PGY-2 year. Now I am applying for the 2019 match again and would like to know different opinions from experienced people. Here is a brief summary of my CV...
  14. T

    MD Appeal letter for dismissal from University

    Hi, I just dismissed from University due to GPA below 2.0, and except diagnosed with cancer, the other part of the reason is that my final paper for my writing class last quarter involves Academic integrity and I receive an F for that course (which I suppose to get an A)...Should I also include...
  15. B

    Dismissed after 1st year but I want to apply again.

    Recently, I was dismissed from a DPT program. The program is one of the programs in the country that are going through accreditation process and I was in their first cohort. Currently, my emotions are still raw especially during my faculty meeting, professors stated "That my dismissal in the...
  16. G

    MD Dismissal due to academic dishonesty for attendance

    Hello everyone, this is my first post under the student doctor forums. Unfortunately, it is a post I thought I would never make. I have to be blunt here and say that I am currently devastated by the news I got this morning. I was dismissed from my school due to academic dishonesty with...
  17. X

    Dismissed from Dental School Advice needed

    Well the title says my problem but I have more questions. I was dismissed from dental school (D1) after failing my Anatomy course+lab. I had a hard time with all of my book based courses, barely scrapping by with a passing grade on the other science courses. However, I was in the top of my...
  18. D

    IMG PGY-1 Terminated from residency - SERIOUS HELP NEEDED

    Hi everyone, I am a PGY-1 who was recently dismissed from IM program due to academic deficiencies. I am going through a really hard time and I think it's appropriate to share my situation so people with more experience than me can give some more insight and advice. This is going to be a very...
  19. D

    IMG PGY-1 Terminated from residency - SERIOUS HELP NEEDED

    Hi everyone, I am a PGY-1 who was recently dismissed from IM program due to academic deficiencies. I am going through a really hard time and I think it's appropriate to share my situation so people with more experience than me can give some more insight and advice. This is going to be a very...
  20. S

    Chances of getting an appeal for academic dismissal

    Hello, I was recently academically dismissed from a psy d program due to getting two C's in one semester. Prior to that I had one additional C and no D or F. The reason behind me getting the two C's in one semester is due to a recent death in my family and I was sick was sick with sinnitus and...
  21. N

    Terminated from IM residency (PGY-2)

    I am/ was a resident in an IM residency program, recently dismissed for deficiencies of Professionalism and Patient Care. As of now, I am waiting for the appeal committee to evaluate the issue before the decision is final. To cut a long story short, I had some trouble with a few attendings in...
  22. K

    Re-Applying to Residency following Dismissal as Intern

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding a current situation that is particularly distressing to me as I move forward to (hopefully) recontinue my career in medicine I recently was dismissed from my residency shortly into my intern (PGY-1) year after a few episodes of being...
  23. M

    Readmission after dismissal

    Hello all, So here is the situation.. I was dismissed in my fourth year of medical school for "academic" reasons 5 years ago, when In all reality it was secondary to drug/alcohol issues. I was doing great up until then. The school gave me chance after chance to come clean and seek help but I...
  24. B

    I'm Getting Dismissed From School. Please read.

    Hi - long (obviously), but if you have any kind of experience or know somebody who knows somebody that has experience with this kind of stuff, please take a few minutes to read what I've written below. I go to a DO school. Last year, I started school w/ class of 2019. I started feeling sick at...
  25. Z

    PP2 Dismissal

    So i got dismissed from a 0-6 program my pp2 spring semester. Even though my GPA was still above the required GPA I got 2 bad grades and ended up retaking them in the summer. Replaced with an A and a C(yea I know). So i am currently working towards a BS degree while also tryna take pharmacy...
  26. K

    Dismissed from dental school-reapplying

    I was dismissed from dental school after having to repeat the first year. I believe I have grounds to fight this decision in court but am worried how it would affect my chances when reapplying. I was having difficulty during my first year academically,but was excelling in lab and clinic. I was...
  27. S

    Readmission after Dismissal and SMPs

    Hi all. I hope you all are doing well. Was just dismissed from medical school earlier in June due to academics. I strongly feel that my mistakes are fixable and I would like another shot at medical school. I am wondering if readmission is possible if I were to: Retake my MCAT and get a...
  28. S

    Dismissed Students

    Hello all. I have question to all of those students that were dismissed due to academic struggles. I was wondering if people can share what their struggles were when in school that would be great. This is open to everyone to comment but am looking specifically at dismissed students. For me...
  29. J

    Assessment of Realistic Options

  30. A

    Withdraw from university twice? Please help

    I feel like a failure. I really need lot of help. I came into UC Berkeley as a freshman two years ago. First semester, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and enrolled with the disability program on campus. Then in spring, I was disowned by my parents and got sexually assaulted by a gang member...
  31. J

    Facing dismissal in third year, is there hope in appealing?

    Hi everyone, I'm personally a pharmacy student but someone very close to me is facing dismissal in third year medical school (Canadian school) and I've come to seek advice. The story goes that this person has been very high achieving in the past (high school, undergrad, went to Hopkins for...
  32. L

    Victim of malignant PD, dismissed yet reinstated.

    I have read so many upsetting and disappointing stories on these forums when I was dismissed from a residency program not too long ago, that made me hopeless. So here is a success story to inspire those of you out there that are trying to get back on track with residency. Quick story: I am an...
  33. Dr. Penguin

    Misdemeanor dismissed not dropped

    In 2011, as a 19 year old, I received an MIP misdemeanor. I successfully completed the pretrial diversion course which, per the court website in my county states... "The participants benefits by having the charges against him dismissed and his record expunged after successful completion of the...
  34. Poodles29

    MD & DO Academic dismissal from Undergrad studies

    I was dismissed from my university a year ago for poor grades Current GPA is 0.96 I retook my general Chem at a local Community college along with Physics and general ed. courses My advisor is telling me that I've ruined my chances for a US med school; even with a post bacc or a Master's, my...
  35. S

    GW Psychiatry High Termination Rate

    Please send me a direct message if you have information on this.
  36. E

    IMG terminated from FM residency. What to do now?

    Let me tell you what happened from the beginning. I graduated from a caribbean top 4 med school in 2008. I have good step scores, STEP 1 - 94% and STEP 2 CK- 92% and passed my STEP 3. Matched in prelim surgery but resigned from that program in the first week as the pace was very fast and I...
  37. N

    PhD/PsyD Advice Requested ASAP regarding Provost's decision to dismiss

    Hello, I am submitting this for my pre-doctoral intern coworker and not for myself. We are both pre-doctoral CAPIC interns in the LA area. She has a 3.89 GPA, was never in academic or ethical trouble. She took a 1 year LOA after the economy busted to help save her parents house. Legitimately...
  38. F

    Will I be able to get into a nursing program?

    Hi currently I am a student who was dismissed from NYU due to a really low GPA of 1.8 and enrolled/transferred into Bergen Community College in the hopes of getting better grades and proving to NYU that I am capable of doing well in school. I did extremely poorly during my freshman and sophomore...
  39. L

    Advice to someone dismissed after 2 years of being enrolled in a DPT program.

    Unfortunately this is a sad but potential outcome for DPT students. Fortunately, life goes on. What advice would you give to a DPT student dismissed after 6 years of college + DPT education combined? It can be academic, financial, or career oriented.
  40. D

    Dismissed... what's next?

    Hi everyone, I was dismissed from my DPT program after failing a practical in my Adult Neurorehab course. I had failed the same practical last year and was put on probation... meaning I took a whole year to retake some classes until I could take the Adult Neurorehab class again. Since this was...