1. rrkk

    My chances of getting accepted to M.D or D.O schools?

    Hi all, I am an international student who did high school and undergrad here in the United States. I am a Nutrition major with an emphasis in Dietetics. I have graduated Magna Cum Laude but having 3.58 gpa as the method of calculating gpa for med app was different. I have numerous ec's like...
  2. F

    Prospective Pre-Med or DPT Student looking for honest advice.

    Hello Everyone this is my first post and im really sorry if I am in the wrong place. It's a long story but I will try and keep this short. I am switching careers from journalism and marketing. I volunteered with a PT and liked what they did. So im in the process of completing pre-reqs. After...
  3. R

    Will I get in? Low Gpa

    Took MCAT three times..but did not put much effort into it..got below 490. Being motivated to take it again with my best effort put into it. Currently in the accelerated BSN program as back up plan to get into NP program, graduating May 2020 with hopefully a high gpa. If i get a MCAT score of...
  4. D

    D.O. Experience/Shadowing Question

    Hi All, From a lot of the reading and advice I have seen on this forum and other articles, it is apparent how important shadowing a D.O. will look on your application. As a former medical scribe who worked in an urgent care setting, I had the opportunity to assist with many different MD's...
  5. K

    AACOMAS Verification

    How long does it take, on average, for the AACOMAS application to go from complete to verified?
  6. K

    What are my chances?

    Age: 23 Undergrad University: Florida Atlantic University Residence: MI Sex: Female Ethnicity: Middle Eastern (immigrant) MCAT: 498 (124,123,127,124) Undergrad GPA: 3.26 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.15 Graduate GPA: 4.0, masters' of biomedical sciences with a thesis in alzheimer's disease (thesis...
  7. R

    Low GPA what are my chances

    I was wondering if I could get some help listing some schools that I have a possibility entering given my low stats. I am mainly looking at D.O schools at the moment. 3.2 Cum GPA 3.0 Science GPA-(upward trend) MCAT 505 Mexican URM from the Northwest 200 hours of hospice volunteering 50 hours of...
  8. W

    Low Undergrad GPA- Any Suggestion Please

    Hi, I am a recently graduating senior with biology in UC school. I have a very low gpa- culmulative: 3.02/ science: 2.98 right now. So I am thinking about re-taking the major science classes like Biochemistry or Genetics with C+ or lower in Community College. But would that necessarily make my...
  9. K

    D.O. school -Psychology Major -Junior in college - w/ low gpa and a lot of volunteer work

    Hello Everyone! I came on this site because I'm really starting to have doubts that I can raise my GPA in these last 2 years of college that I have left. My dream is to eventually go to D.O. school after finishing my bachelors (most likely after finishing post- bacc as well). Here's my back...
  10. 3ldude

    Top "DO friendly" allopathic IM programs?

    Hey guys, first time posting so please go easy. I am a DO student and i got 244 on my USMLE. I want to find out the best IM programs that I have a shot at so i can start setting up my elective rotations there. I know there is no real 'ranking' of residency programs and its mostly subjective etc...
  11. R

    Scored a 496 Should I retest?

    So, I received my score today and got a 496. Which I am well aware of is not a good score. My break down is as follows: Chem/ physics -124 CARS-122 Bio/Biochem-123 Psych/Soc-127 My GPA is about a 3.5 non science and 3.6 science. I am primarily interested in going D.O because my...
  12. X

    SMP or Post-Bacc?

    If I can get my cGPA and sGPA to a 3.4-3.5 after a year/year and a half during a post bacc, would it still be worth it to do a SMP? Or should I just shine through with my ECs, and apply DO and "low tier"?
  13. itsanewday92

    What are my chances? Need advice D.O school

  14. G

    Retaking @ Community?

  15. G

    Low GPA Success Stories

    Stressing out right now. Don't want to take a gap year. Have a low gpa. Do anyone have any success stories of getting into D.O school with low gpa? Just want to know if anyone else struggled as badly as i did and was able to improve and get into D.O school. sGPA 3.1 cGPA 3.0 300+ hours of...
  16. G

    Low GPA..Stressed. My chances?

    Currently a junior. Recently decided to go into DO school....did not have much guidance during college, first two years were very tough with low gpa. Recently decided to go into osteopathic medicine. Have a lot of C's. New to this, have a lot of questions but don't know who to ask so posting on...
  17. G

    Letters of Reccomendation

    What website should I use to for professors to upload their letters of recommendation on?
  18. G

    Need Advice..

  19. J

    highschool vs. college

    I keep reading everywhere that what you do in high school doesnt really matter.... in a sense yes it doesnt because you can start fresh in college... however I cant wrap my head around the fact tht if someone struggled in high school... where easier things are taught how will they succeed in...
  20. doctorhopefulyup

    ABSN to Medical School, NP or D.O.

    Hey Guys, I'd really like your opinions on this. I am currently starting an ABSN and finishing up the rest of my pre-med prerequisites. I have about a 3.3 or 3.4 gpa currently with my final grades calculated in. It will continue to go up in the program. I am stuck between becoming an DNP or...
  21. Skynnyrd

    Step 2 CK

    Finished taking step 1/level 1 a couple of weeks ago and was wondering how common it is for students to take step 2 CK, if they are seeking an ACGME residency. Does it vary based on program? and if so, where would one find such information. Thanks!
  22. LutGholein

    How is Math GPA viewed for D.O schools?

    I understand that science GPA for AACOMAS does not include math, but once you are verified there is an entire page devoted to listing your cGPA, sGPA, non-science GPA and among others there is a mathematics GPA and i'm wondering how D.O schools weigh this GPA in their decisions when considering...
  23. Y

    Osteopathic schools without grade replacement

    I was just wondering which schools do not use the aacomas gpa when retaking at another institution. I was under the impression that NYCOM just follows the aacomas GPA regardless of where the class was retaken. Now, I'm hearing otherwise and still getting mixed responses. Can anyone confirm? What...
  24. R


  25. G

    How hard is it to get into D.O. school with low gpa?

  26. H

    Pre Med Visionary- Be apart of my movement

    I'm currently working on my under grad, and have barely scratched the surface because I'm serving in the United States Coast Guard. That's just a tiny bit of background information. ANYWAYS! I want to talk about wellness centers! My goal is to go to TCOM, become a D.O. (I originally wanted...
  27. Y

    Retaking Classes at a cc or postbacc Hunter's?

    I am deciding on whether to retake a few premed courses(5) at a local 2 year CC or at the Hunter's post-bacc program(known for its linkage to many medical schools but I'm entitled to stay there for 2 years). I just graduated from a 4 year University. I was wondering if D.O schools will look down...
  28. J

    M.D after earning an MPH

    Hello everyone, I am a year behind on the application cycle due to a major change from History to Human Biology after my Freshman year. Due to this I decided to apply to a number of MPH programs and am into the University of Michigan's MPH program in environmental health science starting this...
  29. mwright24

    Osteopathic Ob/Gyn Interview Invites and Pro's & Con's (2015-2016)

  30. younggotti

    What to make stronger? Rising Junior

    Hey fam, So I'm a black, international rising junior (no permanent residency or anything) at a Cali school. My current cGPA is a 3.168 and my sGPA is a 2.73. The good news about the latter is that it's only for 48 quarter units (32 semester units) and I'm retaking at least 10 of these. The bad...