1. V

    UPEI/AVC DVM: Should I look into Master's Programs?

    Hello! I applied to AVC for the first time during this cycle from NL. Obviously, the competition from NL is high given that there are only 2 seats for the province. I currently have a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and I work full-time as an unregistered technician (while working towards a...
  2. A

    DVM and MDiv - Which one first?

    Hi everyone, I am currently in a bit of a tie at the moment. I am interested in pursuing both a masters in divinity and a DVM. I know for a fact that I would like to pursue the DVM but I am unsure of wether I should do the MDiv before, after, or at all. I really enjoy theology and studying...
  3. C

    St. George's University Interview Invites

    Hi everyone! I'm still waiting to hear if I will be offered an interview for SGU's DVM program. I applied 5 weeks ago and still haven't heard back. I'm applying for the January 2022 semester so I'm worried that I won't have much time to get things in order if I wind up getting accepted! How long...
  4. kate743

    First time applicant- what are my chances?

    Hello! I am in-state, applying to the DVM @ WSU in Pullman. I believe I have a very strong application, except for my GPA. It is definitely not preferable, with a cumulative gpa of 3.1, and my lower classes (lowest a C) being 100 level science. I am a first time applicant, and I am okay with...
  5. tventurelli

    Coronavirus Impact

    Hello everyone! I am a fourth year at an accredited veterinary school wondering how other schools were handling everything, specifically fourth year students. Were the rest of your rotations cancelled and you will receive your diploma in May? Do you have to go back and make things up after you...
  6. FutureVet1995!

    American Vet feelings of having a BVM/BVMS over DVM

    Hello, So I am having mixed feelings about graduating from a vet school that's degree would not make my official title Doctor aka DVM/VMD. I'm an American who's applied to both US and UK/Irish vet schools. I plan to work in the states once I'm licensed. And I just can't help but...
  7. E

    Can you delay enrollment to vet school? (@Ross)

    SO. I applied to 10 schools this round and the applications did not go well. I did get an interview at my IS, but I didn't get in. As of right now I have 8 rejections, one alternate, and one acceptance from Ross. I am so excited to be accepted into vet school, but I was really hoping for a...
  8. OVC2023

    Australian Schools (Sydney, Melbourne) 2020 applicants

    Hey guys! I know it's a bit early but I've begun my applications to Melbourne and Sydney so I was wondering if anyone else is going through the same process/looking to begin sometime soon! I thought this might be a good place to discuss things if we need to!
  9. M

    University of Tennessee c/o 2023 Applicants

    I haven't seen a thread yet for UTK 2023 applicants. I applied OOS! Who else applied this year?
  10. M

    OVC c/o 2023 Applicants

    Hey guys! First time applicant, and applying to the OVC DVM program as an international student. I did notice that the OVC international admission process is a little different this year. Instead of various interview dates with 45 minute interviews, they are doing MMIs on February 2nd and 3rd...
  11. M

    The right path for me

    Hi All, I have a slightly unique situation. I currently hold my B.S. in Finance and have my MBA as well, however after working for a major veterinary company and having pets of my own, I have decided to become a veterinarian. I know starting from scratch won't be easy, but I'm prepared to do...
  12. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  13. N

    Switching from MD to DVM?

    I'm sure the title sparks a lot of "why would you do that?" but hear me out. I started medical school at 28 and long story short, during my third year I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I was sick a great deal of the time, sometimes requiring hospital admissions, and by the time fourth year...
  14. vbcarrier4

    Combined DVM/PhD Dual Degree Program

    Hi, I have been looking into the DVM/PhD track for the majority of my undergraduate career and just received word today that I have been invited to interview! I have scoured SDN for more information about the interview process but a lot of it is outdated. Has anyone gone through the process...
  15. R

    Current DVM; Career change veterinary anatomic pathology or veterinary preventative medicine

    Currently I am a practicing large animal vet for four years and I am looking for a career change. My desire is to work with the state diagnostics laboratories, being on the front line of detecting disease or academia (I really enjoy teaching)! I am considering an anatomic pathology residencies...
  16. H

    Is it possible to afford vet school?

    Currently I'm working part time jobs while getting core classes done at community (to reduce debt). Getting my associates is taking a long time as it is, due to working so much. I already have taken out 7,000 in financial aid and am not even half way done my associates. My grades are amazing...
  17. adoptdontshop09

    MPH Dilemma

    So I am a second year veterinary student at the University of Missouri. I'm finishing up with my DVM curriculum before I enter clinics in the fall. I've been trying to juggle veterinary school, a part-time job, and now an MPH degree. Because of the overlap between the veterinary curriculum and...
  18. S

    PreReq suggestions

    Hello, I'm a new member and this is my first post! I apologize if this has been asked and covered before, but I was unable to find the answers I'm looking for! Hoping that someone can help me out. I'm currently in the process of taking my pre-reqs for a DVM program. I am just about done taking...
  19. A

    Another PhD/DVM Thread...

    Hello everyone, I have been searching through and reading all of the advice on DVM vs. PhD vs. combined DVM/PhD programs here. Unfortunately, I still have a few questions. Background: BS in chemistry, currently in an MS program under a biochemistry professor. Near & dear to my heart: organic...
  20. Jevans

    M.S Veterinary Public Health: dual DVM or no?

    I had always dreamed of going to vet school...however, working as an RVT in an ER and talking to numerous veterinarians struggling with debt and the lack of gratitude and compassion fatigue/burnout I have shied away from applying to a DVM program. However, I am very interested in the MS of...
  21. Estherson

    Has anyone heard back from University of Melbourne DVM?

    I recently submitted my application for DVM class of 2021 at the University of Melbourne around a week ago. I can't wait to hear back from them! I was curious if they have released some of the decisions already. Please let me know if any of you guys already heard back from them and also how long...
  22. Caterpillar

    Vet student blogs?

    Anyone know of any current vet student blogs? I'm having a hard time finding any that are up to date when I search through google and old forum posts.
  23. doctor.cvas

    Career in Veterinary Medicine

    I have chosen the veterinary medicine (DVM) as my profession. Its my 2nd year going to end in the graduate school. 10/12 months are of studies each year but we get 2 months vacations after that each year. I want to build a big, elegant career in this field. Kindly suggest me what should or what...
  24. 1

    Help for foreign graduate please

    Hello everyone. I am desperate for any help or information that can help me. I will try to make this story short. My girlfriend and the love of my life is a veterinarian from Brazil. She has been trying her hardest to get her American license and she's been trying to find jobs in Texas so she...
  25. M

    Non-tradit pre-reqs...Juco vs Online vs 4-yr?

    Hello! I'm new to the boards but have already learned so much from going through all these posts. What a great resource! I found a lot of good advice, but nothing for what I was specifically looking for. Here's my (abridged) story (PS, yes, I know my name makes no sense for a DVM hopeful, I...
  26. T

    Is it hard to find a job out of vet medical school?

    I work with a 94 year old physician who was devastated today when I told him I was pursuing veterinary medicine instead of human medicine. He then went off to tell me that it was extremely difficult to find a job in small animal practice and that the vast majority end up in a laboratory setting...