1. M

    Helpful Book for 3rd Year of Medical School/Clinical Rotations

    Book is called Honors: The Social Game of Medical School (see Amazon link below or search for it yourself on Amazon) Third year of medical school stands as the most arduous obstacle to ensuring a good residency match and, thus, a great job and future. Up until this year, doing well in school...
  2. I

    Take Honors Orgo to get in HMS

    My profile: Cornell Engineering (rising junior in Fall 2019) Current GPA: 3.956. sGPA: 3.888. I took the normal Gen CHEM 2080 and was planning to take the normal Orgo I (CHEM 3570) next semester. But now that I have included HMS in my goals, I wonder if I should take the honors Orgo I & II...
  3. R

    Didn't honor in OB core rotation HELP

    Hi friends, I've been wanting to pursue OB since forever. I finished my third year OB rotation back in July which I loved but it turns out, six months and after the fact, my preceptor decided to give me my poorest evaluation yet (gave me multiple 4/5s and some 3/5s- no comments explaining why.)...
  4. D

    Would these be considered "good" or "okay" clinical grades?

    Hi all, Here are my clinical grades: Surgery - HP Ob/Gyn - H Family Medicine - HP Outpatient Internal Medicine - P Psychiatry - HP Neurology - H Internal Medicine - H Pediatrics - H As the name of this thread says, would these be considered "good" or "okay" clinical grades? i.e. when...
  5. D

    Med school was going so well....until rotations. Advice?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the long post ahead, but I just wanted to post on here to vent as well as ask for some advice. I started clerkships 6 months ago, and things have really not been going to way that I had been hoping for. During preclinicals, I studied extremely hard and sailed through...
  6. A

    236 Step 1, 245 Step 2 a bunch of P,High Passes, and 1 Honor in Surgery and No research?

    As you can see I am just about as average as a med student can get. Is there a good chance for matching into Radiology? I just got really nervous looking at the 2018 Charting outcomes and wondering If I should even bother. Really the only selling point I have is an H in Surgery but other than...
  7. SoMuchMCATAhhhh

    Advice Heading into Interview Season

    Hi folks! Had some questions regarding the level of applicant I am for Gen Surg, and the types of programs I could reasonably be a good applicant for. Goals wise- I'd like to head into academics in the future, and do a residency in a bigger city (mostly as this provides my SO with good job...
  8. S

    GPA for admissions

    Does having a 3.8+ change my standing as an applicant? Is it worth adding a class to go from 3.79 to a 3.8 before applying?
  9. N

    For the awards section ?

    Hi what were some awards/honors you guys put for your application ? I’m applying in June and the only things EYE can think of is deans list, a volunteering award EYE got, and a scholarship from my university ? the stupid iPhone update is making me put EYE
  10. ArtMajor

    Dropping Honors College

    So I'm going into my senior year, and I'm thinking of dropping out of the honors college at my university rather than stress about the required thesis. The only time I mentioned the honors on my applications was in describing a program I did through the honors college. If I were to drop the...
  11. B

    Are honors programs worth it in college?

    Hi! I'm a rising freshman in a 7 year BS/MD program with TCNJ and NJMS. I was automatically invited into their honors program, and I accepted originally but am now unsure. Everyone I talked to in the program said it's totally useless (assuming you don't apply out and just attend NJMS). All the...
  12. babytomato

    Pass/Fail classes in dental school?

    I'm unfamiliar with how the pass/fail system works at dental schools. Do you have to pass all the classes to move on to the next year? What are the honors classes like? Thanks!
  13. nembry

    should I create my own major? Please help!

    I attend UT Austin and was invited into the Honors Humanities program. the program itself looks very appealing: you pick a topic of interest and create your own curriculum, you're guaranteed scholarship money--and study abroad scholarship money, and you graduate with honors. However, all...
  14. nembry

    UT Austin Honors Humanities

    Has anyone heard of the interdisciplinary UT Austin Humanities Honors program? https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/humanities/ I was invited to do it after admittance into COLA for BS Psyc. I'm interested in the program as you create your own major and course curriculum and they claim it offers...
  15. nembry

    please help me choose a school!!!!-- UT or UTD?

    I am a transfer student from a 2-year junior college. My goal is to attend Med School and become a doctor. So I was accepted into The University of Texas at Austin to study BS in Psychology. Later on, I received a letter inviting me into the Honors Humanities program that UT offers. It sounds...
  16. N

    MD & DO 3.5 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA, 515 MCAT, CA

    How do I fare if I am/have: Asian, female, CA resident, UCLA 3.5 cumulative GPA 3.3 science GPA upwards GPA trend 515 MCAT (127-128-129-131) applying to MD and DO schools trilingual 4-yr merit scholarship 2.5 yrs hospital volunteering (patient contact) 2 yrs research + poster session +...
  17. R

    Should I go for the honors diploma? Please help!

    Hello! How much is an honors diploma of benefit when it comes to applying? I came into University with a good amount of credit and if I want to pursue the honors diploma it would require me to retake the honors versions of classes I already have credit for + a few more classes. Would it be...
  18. E

    Question about placing Honors Program on VMCAS Application

    Hello. In my freshman year of undergrad, I applied to the Honors program at my school and was accepted. I stayed in the program for 2 years and then left (by not completing the requirements of enrolling in 2 honors courses per year because the honors courses were not related to my major and took...
  19. amaranthyn

    PharmCAS Honors section

    For this section, the instructions say "Enter any special academic, service, or activity awards you have received in order of importance to you. List each honor or award only once. For instance, if you were on the “dean’s list” for more than one term, list that distinction only once. You may...
  20. M

    Graduated with High Honors, overall GPa of 3.67, Science GPA of 3.67

    I graduated with high honors by defending an undergraduate thesis and gained an overall GPA of 3.67 . My science GPA is also 3.67. I worked and performed research in a stem cell lab for 2 years and presented research at several conferences. I graduated a week ago and still need to study and take...
  21. gucci

    Which Schools are P/F?

    Hi, I was wondering which schools are P/F, which are H/P/F, and which are grades. I know there have been lists before but I am aware this is something that is changing in schools and therefore some of the older threads are not entirely accurate. Is there anywhere to find this information out...
  22. P

    How to enter Honors courses into AMCAS? (University of Washington student)

  23. D

    OMS Honors/Selective Programs In Dental School

    Hey Dental Students, I am a D3 at NYU College of Dentistry and am conducting a research project with one of the OMFS Faculty here, Dr. Marci Levine, DMD, MD. We are trying to examine what schools have an honors or selective program for D4's in OMFS in order to determine if there is any...
  24. amamedgirl

    Community College Courses

    Would community college credits in the sciences and maths be accepted in medical school? I've heard so many things. One of them coming from my friend who told me her cousin's friend (who went to a community college) tried to apply for medical school, where they said she had to repeat biology and...
  25. westsfootball

    Honors College or Graduate with Honors and double major?

    Hello, I'm at the University of Oregon right now and currently enrolled in the Honors College. However, I don't really like the Honors College and would rather double major in something that I do like (which would be economics). Does having "Honors College" on your resume and transcript matter...
  26. T

    Honors in Sub-I after ERAS submission

    I completed my sub-internship at my home school in the specialty I am applying to this year. I received honors and a very lovely written evaluation by the assistant program director and another upstanding faculty member within the department (PDF with their signatures). Should I email programs...
  27. W

    PTCAS questions

    I have a couple questions pertaining to PTCAS. If anyone could give me some input I would greatly appreciate it. I tried calling PTCAS, but to no avail. 1.) Is there a special way to input classes taken as transient? I just added the institution's name like it was just a normal institution I...
  28. F

    Leaving College Honors Program and Medical Applications

    I'm currently in a rather difficult but not particularly well known Honors Program at a fairly good private university. If I decide the workload becomes too burdensome or the grades a little low, how much would it hurt me to leave the Honors Program? It will show all honors classes first...