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  1. AspiringMilitaryDoctor

    Military Medicine

    Hey all, My name is Minh and I am a second-year community college student in California. I am wondering if I should get involved in military medicine. Even though I am only in my second year of college, I know that I want to serve in the US military as a physician. I have been lurking on...
  2. J


  3. Melvillei

    Regret withdrawing my acceptance

    I recently withdrew my acceptance from USUHS after choosing to attend a civilian USMD program instead. I just couldn't overlook the ≥7 year obligation plus the many cons of milmed discussed on these boards: lack of control over my career and family life, limited job opportunities for my SO...
  4. N

    Position Available Available PGY1-4 Gen-Surg and Ortho. Residency or Fellowship w/Loan Repayment

    ************BE DEBT FREE AFTER RESIDENCY************ The Navy Medicine Team is hiring General Surgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons who are currently in Residency. PART TIME/RESERVE. Receive a stipend of $2466.00 monthly in addition to your current salary along with 40k/year in loan repayment for a...
  5. C

    HPSP Scholarship Advice Update

    Hey everyone. I was hoping I might be able to get some advice on whether or not I should update the schools I applied to that I recently received the Navy HPSP scholarship. My additional question what should I include in the letter.
  6. evo512

    Letters of Rec. for USUHS

    I am applying in this upcoming cycle and my school has us do a mock up application to our pre med board coming up soon. As of right now my top choice is USUHS, but I am also applying to civilian medical schools and the HPSP. I watched a lot of my friends apply to military academies and having...
  7. B

    HPSP: If I match into a civilian residency and a military residency during M4, do I have to pick the latter?

    Image the following scenario: I'm an M4 Navy HPSP recipient, and I apply to both military and civilian residencies(EM as my 1st choice, radiology as my 2nd, and internal as my 3rd). I match into a civilian EM program but only an IM program for the military. Do I have to do the military...
  8. akuko2

    Tips for transition to AD residency?

    AF HPSP just matched to spot at SAMMC for residency. I have a wife and will have 5 mo old by the time residency starts, and only military exp has been COT. Any good resources to set myself up for success as far as the logistics of transitioning into military life? Like guides for...
  9. S

    Questions About Reserve/ROTC Service During College/Med School

    Hello, I have been scouring the threads for a couple of days now, and finally decided the best approach was to lay out my situation and see what you guys think/have to say. I am 18 and in my senior year of high school, applying to colleges. I am sure that I want to be a doctor and go to med...
  10. S

    Navy GMO

    Hello all, I have been doing research for the past year and a half on military medicine. I am very set on joining the military as a doctor. Currently, I am leaning towards USUHS and the HPSP is my backup plan for if I do not get in. One thing that is incredibly hard to find research on is time...
  11. T

    Admin questions (separation physicals, PHAs, etc)

    For those of y'all in primary care/GMOs/etc., I need some help figuring some of this stuff out. 1) Separation physicals. What is their purpose exactly? And what all am I obligated to do? Is there an official instruction? Background: Young, 22 year olds, come in with anywhere from one to...
  12. C

    All Branch Topic (ABT) milmed + fellowships

    Hello all! I'm looking into military medicine (specifically looking at USUHS, but also at HPSP), and as much as I appreciate this forum, it's hard to replace one-on-one communication. So, if you or someone you know in military medicine is willing to exchange emails or phone calls with me, I...
  13. D

    Military Medicine

    Hi all, after reading as much as possible on military medicine, I'll soon have to make the decision of joining the military as either an HPSP student or an MDSSP student only for the duration of med school. Clearly, I'm not doing for the money since I'm currently serving for 4 years of reserves...
  14. G

    HPSP Question

    Hey Everyone, I recently got an email from an HPSP recruiter regarding joining the army in order to alleviate the loans I would incur through medical school. I was just wondering if anyone could advise me about what I should do? Would you recommend going through the program? As a student hoping...
  15. A

    Planning for the end days

    Senior SDN docs, In 6 months, I'll be within the 1 year window to submit my unqualified resignation (AD Army, 12 yrs TIS [includes residency]). Based on my preliminary research, there seems to be a whole bunch of pitfalls (lost paperwork, begging people for signatures, etc.) associated with...
  16. R

    HPSP Question

    Good morning SDN! After reading this forum and weighing the pro's and con's of military medicine, I have decided not to take the HPSP. Though I am still interested in military medicine, I can't see myself committing to a program that influences the specialty that I end up in. As a result, I...
  17. P

    Air Force Reserve vs Air National Guard

    Hello! So I initially had a lot of interest in doing the Air Force FAP once I complete medical school, but after reading through a ton of these forums and talking to my girlfriend (with whom I have a daughter) I'm hesitant to do 4 years of active duty. I'm still interested in serving, though...
  18. F

    Flight Surgeon As A Non Traditional* Student

    Hi all, I’ve been reading through posts on both SDN and reddit for the past few weeks about becoming a flight surgeon (particularly, within the navy). In that time I’ve read a lot of informative posts and had some really productive conversations with flight surgeons (s/o to Ravager135), but I...
  19. A

    Thinking about HPSP/USUHS? READ THIS.

    Will be updated to reflect the latest news in military medicine and GME.
  20. militaryPHYS

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Calling current or former HSCP members

    Is anyone currently within the HSCP program or recently completed it? I'm trying to put together I high-yield blurb about it and need some insider experience for insightful input. Let me know and I'll DM you. Once we have a final version agreed upon I'll post on here for people's future...
  21. A

    Avoid Military Medicine

    Prospective med students, I've used this forum many years ago to help me make a decision about going the military medicine route (I did) and I've decided to create a new account to come back with a warning: If you value any aspect of your professional/personal life -- AVOID MILITARY MEDICINE...
  22. militaryPHYS

    All Branch Topic (ABT) DHA Implementation

    Well, 01 OCT 2018 has come and gone. How is everyone's experience with DHA so far? :soexcited:
  23. P

    Military medicine: right for me?

    Hi all, First off, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’ll jump straight to it, after years of reading as much as possible on military medicine, the time will soon come for me to begin making decisions for fall 2019 matriculation.Please bare with my long first SDN post. Clearly, HPSP...

    Any HPSP Army-Surgeon (Ortho, or other) able to talk?

    I'm a HPSP applicant (waiting to hear back from boards whether I will be offered an acceptance). I have already been accepted to several private medical schools so saving money in addition to serving my country is rather appealing. Hesitant about HPSP only because of potential skill atrophy...
  25. R

    Do you see military medicine improving?

    So I've been going through this forum for a few months now, although I'm a naive high school senior graduating soon I'm interested in the idea of military medicine. I'd like to serve my country in the future and I'd also like to be a doctor so obviously military medicine would seem like a...
  26. B

    Lifestyle as a army internist?

    Can anyone comment on the lifestyle of being an general internist in the Army? Do you work only hospital or only clinic, or a mix? Do you have a choice on what you want to do in that regard, i.e. Just be an internist working outpatient 8-5 vs internist working 7 12's on, 7 off? Thanks for any...
  27. B

    ARMY HPSP- Internal Medicine and ID Experts Please!!

    Hi! HPSP applicant here who has been accepted to his state medical school. I have been doing research out the wazo to find answers to my questions, but have yet to get a solid answer. I thought I would post here for some honest help! My situation: Accepted to state medical school, which will...
  28. M

    Military Medicine

    Do military residencies count as payback to HPSP? If so, is it difficult to find a civilian job after you leave the military?
  29. T

    Air Force How best to contact medical recruiter?

    Hey all! I am interesting in applying to AF HPSP, but I am having some trouble getting in touch with a recruiter to get on-track with my paperwork. I live in the D.C. area, and I have called the local recruiting office and sent some emails. Any tips from people who have moved through the...
  30. Asclepius293

    HSCP with Full Ride

    Hey all, I would really like to serve for a period with the Navy in military medicine at some point in my career. I was accepted for USUHS and HPSP but was then offered a full ride to Wayne State which seemed too good to pass up. I am now debating between taking HSCP during medical school to...
  31. L

    Scared Halfway Through Undergrad

    I am about to start my junior year with a cumulative GPA of 3.16 as a biology major. The maximum GPA I could finish with is just above a 3.5 and I am confident that I can pull it up to that with my academic plan. I let myself have too much fun in extracurriculars and going out on top of needing...
  32. simbakoolaid

    International Medical Student Curious About Military Hospital Clerkships For Civilians

    Hey hey! I'm an international medical student (United States citizen) looking to join the Navy after I graduate. I already contacted the medical recruiter about applying for the military match for residencies, but I'm also curious about what military hospitals allow civilians to apply to their...
  33. P

    ROTC Mistake before Med School

    My freshmen year I attended PennState Berks campus which did not have AFROTC and therefore it deemed problematic for my wanted military career. However, my university offers an "early change of campus (ecoc)" request (very RARE to get approved), that I utilized under the real excuse "Berks...
  34. S

    Is GMO and out safer?

    I'm only going into my 3rd year of pre med right now, and have a great GPA but have not taken the MCAT yet. I've been doing a lot of research about HPSP and have read a lot about it on this forum, but I want to know if anyone has insight regarding if its financially safer and even safer as a...
  35. G

    Professionally Recommended for Navy HPSP

    Hi all, In the beginning of March my Navy recruiter called me to say that my application was looked upon favorably at the previous selection board, and that I was "professionally recommended" for the HPSP scholarship. I asked him what this meant exactly, and he replied that it meant that the...
  36. greg.house1408

    Transplant Surgery in the Military

    Questions about Transplant Surgery sub-specialty in the Army: 1) I know the Army does have a Transplant Surgery fellowship, but so far I have not been able to get any info on the number of spots they have, or whether this is a civilian or military fellowship (partnership between UMB and Walter...
  37. D

    Army or Navy HPSP? Is it easy to go straight to residency after med school?

    Please explain some of the pros and cons of Army vs. Navy HPSP. Like culture, locations, residencies and total years committed. I am about to pick one of them. I have read some other posts, but just wanted the most updated info and to clear up some things I still don't know. Some websites...
  38. N

    Emergency Medicine in Army

    Hey all, I'm currently considering the HPSP scholarship with the Army, but I want to get a few questions addressed before I take the offer. The biggest concern that I have is about my future as a potential EM physician in the Army. Can any current Army EM physician comment on the quality of...
  39. F

    Army 4th year ADTs

    My third year finishes (including taking boards) at the end of July. I've been trying to figure out whether it would be possible to do two back-to-back ADTs because of the whole "no ADTs allowed October 1-15" thing. I've reached out to the hpsp contact person but still awaiting a response. I was...
  40. D

    Army Expert Field Medical Badge for APMC Army Reservists?

    Hi SDN! I searched for information on this, but the closest I could find was a post in 2007 that didn't answer my question. I am currently a medical student and O-1 in the Army Reserve's MDSSP program. As part of the program, I am attached to APMC down in Georgia. I've read about the EFMB, and...