1. M

    Anybody else list experiences in ERAS under the wrong category?

    Hi everyone, I submitted my ERAS application this Sunday, and NOW I notice I put a good amount of experiences under the wrong category. I proofread my experiences multiple times on different days and thought I was careful. I don't know how I overlooked the category originally selected. Now I am...
  2. airplanegowoosh

    Mistake in TMDSAS with hours

    Hello everyone! This is my first time on SDN so I apologize if I make a mistake with the thread or miss any pertinent information. A bit of background, I am a ORM Texas resident with a 4.0 GPA and 517 MCAT. I have had five II's in Texas so far, including my dream schools, and have been to four...
  3. S

    ERAS mistake - did I mess this up badly?

    I applied for neuro a few weeks ago and got one interview call. Today, I received an email from a director at a hospital I applied to pointing out that I messed up the city in my address - I wrote '(city in Florida), CA'. The city is my hometown, and I currently live in CA. I don't know how I...
  4. woopsidaisy


    I made a major mistake on my AMCAS. For my most recent employment, I meant to write 1600 hours but instead wrote 6600 hours. I did not realize the mistake until I was going through my primary while working on secondaries. Obviously, this isn't something that will be missed by many medical...
  5. A

    MISTAKE ON AMCAS PRIMARY - what to do?

    So I accidentally listed one of my experiences as "paid-medical/clinical" when it should have been "paid-Non-medical/clinical". I have over 800 hours in this experience, and I don't want adcoms to think I am trying to claim more medical/clinical experience than I have. Should I email individual...
  6. A

    Submitted blank essay on AMCAS. Help!!

    I know I'm gonna get a lot of well-deserved hate for this, but I was reviewing my work/activities section because one of my secondary apps requires me to re-enter that info and I found out that none of my essays saved on one of my activities that I marked as "most meaningful." Does anyone have...
  7. N

    Post-Amcas Submission Letters to AdComs

  8. paradise56

    Critical Mistake on ADEA Application

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on SDN. I made a stupid mistake on the Dental school application i submitted about an hour ago. I accidentally selected that I am a DACA student even though I am not. What would be my best course of action? I am terrified my entire application may be...
  9. F

    can i withdraw then resubmit aacomas?

    CAN I RE-SUBMIT THIS CYCLE IF I WITHDRAW BEFORE VERIFICATION? this is probably the most pathetic thing you will read. I submitted my aacomas last week. I now downloaded the application as pdf to read through it and found 6 mf typos in my activities sections like a random "i" or period or wrong...
  10. 1

    What kind of mistakes have you made on placement? HELP!!

    So I'm in 4th year and I've completed 13 weeks of Clinical Placement so far. Today, I injected a cat with 10x the correct dose of Meloxicam...and I am really struggling. The cat is ok at the moment (being flushed with fluids, and it's a stray cat, not one with an owner), but I am beating myself...
  11. hs764

    Do I let the admissions committee know that I made a dumb mistake?

    So I wrote the essays and submitted the fee for my University of Chicago secondary application months ago, but just today realized that I never hit that crucial "submit application" button. I feel like an idiot and I assume that the school is going to think I'm a huge slacker and pass me over...
  12. intheprocess

    Mistake on AADSAS after verification

    My AADSAS has been verified since the summer. Last night, as I was preparing to add another "achievement" to that section on my AADSAS application, I had an unfortunate slip of the finger resulting in me submitting an empty achievement titled "e". No description. Nothing. After emailing AADSAS...
  13. S

    Horrible-Major-Sad mistake on AMCAS! Advice?

    I was looking through my works and activities section and I realized I said I worked with "mammalian and mouse cell lines" It makes me seem like I am not aware that a mouse is a MAMMAL!!! I seriously revised my application so many times and I don't know how I didn't catch this!!! Aaaah feeling...
  14. D

    Supplemental Application Error

  15. musicalmango

    AMCAS Mistake - New Applicant but hit "Reapplicant" for 2 schools

    The title pretty much says it all. I've already emailed them, but I was hoping for some insight on how much this will delay/prevent receiving secondaries. Any advice or experience you've had would be great! EDIT: App has already been processed too.
  16. D

    AACOMAS messed up my application - Withdraw or keep applying?

    Hey everyone, This will be/is my second time applying. Last year I received 2 IIs and 2 WLs at DO programs. I had a 3.21 sGPA, 3.28 cGPA, and 500 MCAT. I have very unique, continuous ECs with different types of clinical exposure and volunteering with the underserved. I also have a compelling...
  17. squiggle2017

    Possible mistakes in a LOE

    I recently received a LOE from my research PI and all seemed well. I had previously asked him about a friend of his who is a doctor in a very rural part of the state because I was interested in shadowing him. However, this doctor is no longer practicing, so he sent out some emails to try and...
  18. DocJuan

    Grade Change After Interview

    I updated a bunch of schools with the final grades from my grad program and have since received an interview invite from one of the schools I updated. Recently, I was made aware that an "A" I received was meant to be recorded as a "B+": all of this AFTER I already sent my updates. Obviously I...
  19. Ashleigh99MD

    Worried I Might Lose My Spot

    I have had 1 II and have been accepted to one MD school this cycle. I don't have any other II and don't realistically expect one at this point (borderline applicant, ORM, this is my state school). I made a mistake on my AMCAS that I didn't notice until after it had been verified. I listed my...
  20. P

    Random question: accidental acceptance?

    Just out of curiosity, has a med school ever accidentally accepted an applicant and then had to say "jk that was a mistake?"
  21. J

    Terribly stupid mistake- cheated on exam without thinking

  22. D

    Miscalculated hours for AMCAS

    While recording hours for a service trip, I accidentally put down the total number of hours I spent on the trip than the total number of hours I spent actually working on the trip. I didn't realize the mistake until after submitting the application. Should I update every school reporting the...
  23. K

    AMCAS formatting problem

    I went back and looked at my AMCAS personal statement....and I realized its ALL ONE BIG BLOB AND NO PARAGRAPHS. I worked extremely hard and I thought it was a great essay. However, now that I see its like this I'm afraid medical schools will overlook me from the get go. Any advice??
  24. holdthemayo

    Mistake on AMCAS - Volunteer Hours/Paid

    While reviewing my AMCAS for one of my secondaries I noticed I accidentally labeled a previous job as "Community Service/Volunteer - Not Medical/Clinical." It was a paid job. Somehow I missed this mistake when proofreading my app. I'm worried that this will be a red flag b/c it could look as...
  25. I

    made a mistake on personal statement that i saw after submitting - please help!

    I submitted my personal statement after having written the document in microsoft word. I copied then pasted the document to the AMCAS application, and after re-reading it. I submitted. When I go to look at everything after submission, it deleted my last 4 letters of my personal statement.... and...
  26. I


    Hi everyone, I would appreciate some help and brutally honest advice. I am an FL resident, and applied to the following schools: FIU FAU USF FSU UF UM UCF University of South Carolina Greenville Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina School of Medicine Morehouse School of...
  27. NotASerialKiller

    Your biggest pre-med mistake

    For those who have been accepted, what's something that you regret doing as a pre-med, or something that you were lucky to have gotten away with? It doesn't have to be incriminating, although that would make things more interesting. Mine is that I did virtually nothing during my gap year, apart...
  28. G

    From undergrad suspension to med school?

    Hi all so I am getting suspended from college for a year for a really dumb cheating incident that occurred back when I was a freshman. I won't serve my punishment until after my sophomore year because I was fighting the case. During that time I will be joining the Army National Guard as a medic...
  29. A

    I think I just hurt a patient and now I'm freaking out

    So I'm on my OB rotation and the teaching has been subpar to say the least. A lady was in labor today and terrified about having a laceration so as she was pushing (2+ station) I was doing some posterior pressure with perineal massage. Now at this point it is just me and the labor nurses. The...
  30. D

    Mistake in letter of interest

    I sent a letter of interest and I wrote the schools name as: XXX School of Dental medicine instead of XXX School of Dentistry!!! How bad is this... will it affect my chances... what should I do Thanks =)