1. A

    Wanting to eventually work in Switzerland - how to go about this?

    Hi there, I'm currently a premed student in the US and it's my dream to eventually live and work as a surgeon in Switzerland (I've fallen in love with Geneva and it's close to family). I speak french fluently, and am a UK citizen. I was wondering what the best path to practising in Switzerland...
  2. J

    Neurosurgery chances

    Hey guys, I’ve hung around SDN for a while now and finally decided to make an account and post a thread... I was just wondering how my chances looked at matching into neurosurgery and what “tier” of programs I’d be competitive for: School with a home program ranked about 65 Step 1:246 Step 2...
  3. leandrogao

    International medical student - Aiming at neurosurgery residency

    Hello everyone. As the title says, I am a medical student in Spain. My dream is to become neurosurgeon at the States, but for what I have found, it is quite complex the path to follow and I have some doubts about it. To begin with, I have finished 2nd year of med school (out of 6 here, I think...
  4. X

    Neurosurgery residency as Plastic prerequisite training?

    First time posting in Sdn, I'm trying to spread the net as wide as possible with this question. I'm a PGY-5 neurosurgery resident, and I'm considering completing further training in plastic surgery. After consulting the ABPS training guidelines, I've found that a neurosurgery residency does...
  5. neuroguy91

    ALL Neurosurgery Residency Programs Compared

    Hello all, I've created this resource and thought it worth sharing with all of you as a guide to help people decide what residency programs within neurosurgery they may be most interested in and want to apply to; please see the attached. I'll also go through what each category is / how I...
  6. D

    Interests in BME after doing BS and MS in Sciences

    I've completed my BS in Neurobiology and MS in Medical Physiology. I'm looking to apply to med school programs next summer after taking my MCAT Jan 2019. This summer I have done a lot of reading and research into companies that create medical devices and have used BME to produce "cutting edge"...
  7. S

    Research as DO?

    I've applied to NYITCOM, but have some questions regarding research. I have a couple questions maybe someone can give me some insight. I want to be a DO neurosurgeon, and also research. Is it possible to research as a DO without a PhD? Forgive me if this question has been asked before. I would...
  8. F

    How are specialized surgeons employed in hospitals?

    I was wondering how different cardiothoracic transplant, neurological, and trauma, etc. highly-specialized surgeons are employed (e.g. on salary at hospital, paid by the hour). Also, are surgeons permitted to do work at multiple hospitals and would it be possible to, say, take one month out of...
  9. WorkingTowardsMD123

    Orthopedic Surgery or Neurosurgery??

    Hello all, I'm new here-- I am just a student in college who wants to eventually become a doctor. I struggled with health complications for 4 years as a result of anorexia and now that I am recovered I want to be a meaningful person in others' lives. However! -- I do not want to go into...
  10. Birdnals

    Variety of surgical procedures in nsgy onc

    Hey all, I'm a third year medical student. Neurosurgery is still on the table for me but I don't have a home program so it's difficult to get exposure/advice. I'm working on making some connections so I can preview the field a bit, but I'm curious about the diversity of surgical procedures of...
  11. P

    Neurosurgery Chances

    Step 1: 254 Step 2: 257 Clinical Grades: 90% honors 15 pubs (all but one is clincal), 3 first or second author. All related to neurosurgery. How many programs should i apply to and what are my chances? Thanks
  12. N

    Position Wanted Seeking Neurosurgery Pre-residency Fellowship positions

    Hello Everyone! I applied for the 2018 NSG match and unfortunately did not match. I am now looking for pre-residency Neurosurgery Fellowships. Since most of them are not widely advertised, I would really appreciate any input regarding open positions that I can apply to. Thank you!
  13. B

    Neurosurgery Match Difficulty

    Hi! I was wondering how tough of a match neurosurgery is. I got the opportunity to shadow a great doc, and am now intrigued by the field. Oh what a great thing the brain is!! Anyway, is it as tough as fields like plastics,ortho and ent? is a high usmle required? does the prestige of my med...
  14. F

    Deciding between two medical schools

    So I am extremely conflicted in my decision of where to attend medical school for the next few years. I am debating between RWJMS and the accelerated neurosurgery program at Penn State Hershey. I currently live in NJ about 5 mins away from RWJMS. Here, I have my family, friends, and am very...
  15. Sic Parvis Magna

    Noob Question: How to search for keywords on Uncle Harvey

    Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster here on SDN. Apologies if I am asking a previously asked question (I did try to dig around for an answer to this question, but to little avail). I am a lowly incoming MS1 (recently accepted, so I technically haven't even started medical school...
  16. T

    Competitive Specialties for Foreign Medical School Graduates?

    I cannot find the info I'm interested in in the forums, or here... (Apparently I cannot post a link, but the document I'm using is:) NRMP-ECFMG-Charting-Outcomes-in-the-Match-International-Medical-Graduates-2014.pdf It's at ecfmg This document has a lot of information on many of the more...
  17. B

    Neurosurgery rotation expectations

    I'm thinking of doing a neurosurgery rotation for 4 weeks as a 4th year, thinking that I'm going into psychiatry, and would love to learn more about neuroanatomy. Question is- will I learn much neuroanatomy, or will I spend most of my time standing around in the OR, working exhausting hours, and...
  18. D

    CRNA vs Surgery

    Hi, So I wanted to start off with describing my position. I'm 18 and I'm currently doing the pre-reqs for a nursing career, a plan that I've had since I was 12. However, in the last year or so, I've gained interest in cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery. Due to this, I've considered...
  19. G

    Questions about residency

    Hi everyone, I am still an undergrad student pursuing two MD schools as possibilities (two DO's as well). My questions are more about residencies, however. I am mostly interested in psychiatry and neurosurgery. I am difficult is it to land a spot in a neurosurgery residency? How...
  20. J

    US Medical School or International?

    Hi, I am 19 years old living in America and have two options in terms of medical school, and I'm unsure of which will be better. My first option is a standard medical school track, 4 years undergraduate (I am currently about to start my first year of college), and then 4 years med school...
  21. Miss Anatomist

    Making the Most of Shadowing (First Time)

    I will be shadowing for the first time at the end of this month. I am incredibly excited but was wondering if anyone had any tips for making my experience as memorable and as rewarding as possible! Should I be taking notes; if so, what on? Are there any good questions to ask beyond the generic...
  22. anab21

    MD Completing Two Surgical Residencies: Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

    I actually found a surgeon who has done this. My question is, do you get dropped into the middle of the second residency or do you start at the beginning and have to do all 5-7 years? Lets say you did orthopedics first and then did a spine fellowship(they have spine fellowships where you learn...
  23. anab21

    Completing Two Surgical Residencies: Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

    I actually found a surgeon who has done this. My question is, do you get dropped into the middle of the second residency or do you start at the beginning and have to do all 5-7 years? Lets say you did orthopedics first and then did a spine fellowship(they have spine fellowships where you learn...
  24. I

    Neurology or Neurosurgery? (San Diego)

    Hiya, I apologize in advance if this thread is in the wrong place. If it is, please move it or let me know where I can ask instead... I'm a premed student and fascinated with the brain and nervous system, and interested in both Neurology and Neurosurgery, but need some help deciding. I know...
  25. B

    Will neurology ever be performing dbs implants?

    Implanting electrodes for dbs isn't microsurgery and doesn't require the same skill-set as removing tumours. With stereotactic procedures becoming more common, is it possible that one day neurologists will be performing these procedures themselves?
  26. S

    Advice for long-term residency roadmap as an IMG

    Long time reader, but I rarely post so I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. I am a Canadian student that will be beginning a 4-year program at an Irish med school starting this September. I am thinking about a career in a surgical specialty. I'm not 100% sure which one but my...
  27. D

    Congenital Cardiac vs ENT vs Neuro

    Hi All, Ive read SDN for ages now, the forums have really helped inspire me to be a surgeon. Im currently pre-med and so know Ive got a bit of time to decide, but as the title suggest I can't decide/would like some advice on the following surgical specialities: Congenital Cardiac, Neurosurgery...
  28. P

    Elective in Melbourne

    Hi everyone, I am currently planning my electives for next year (Feb 2018) and I would really like to organise it in the neurosurgery department in the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia. Based on the website, to apply for neurosurgery, you needed to email directly to the department. I...
  29. N

    IMG not another how are my chances

    Hello there, do you think it is possible to match without doing clinical research after graduating? I mean with scores that are way above your american competitors and enough research? I don't get people asking with a 230-250 score and a couple of papers and maybe LORs. Because that's clearly...
  30. riderfirnen

    Tattoos on Neurosurgeon

    I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm hoping to major in neuroscience as an undergraduate and hopefully, someday, I'd like to become a neurosurgeon. I was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I wanted to get a medical alert tattoo on my wrist. Could this be a problem for me in the...
  31. P

    Clinical or Basic Science Research

    Hey all, I am wondering, do PD's for neurosurgery prefer basic science or clinical research or does it not really matter as long as it is neurosurgery related? What defines "neurosurgery research" rather than neurology? It seems like in the basic sciences there is a lot of overlap; is it really...
  32. K

    Columbia vs Cornell

    Hi All, Could anybody give any insight into the differences between Columbia and Cornell, in terms of prestige, case load etc for specialities like neurosurgery, ent, plastics etc. Not as residency, but as departments in general. Because rankings always seem to rank NYP as a whole and not the...
  33. K

    What Are Sub-Internships

    Hi All, Could people please explain to me what sub-internships are exactly. How many do you do? Home many at your institution, how many at another? Do you only do ones in your chosen speciality? How do you chose? Institution or Faculty Chair? Sub-Internships at the institution you want to do...
  34. K

    Functional Neurosurgery

    Hi, I was wondering wether anyone could explain to me what type of surgery a Functional Neurosurgeon actually performs. What I mean is that Deep Brain Stimulation is very different to dissecting an acoustic neuroma. I ask this because if, well I think when, we have auditory, visual...
  35. B

    Neurosurgery Subspecialities

  36. B

    Henry Brem Neuro/Cardiac Surgery

    I dont want to start another argument like in the last thread. I am not using him as an example of what I say is feasible I am just curious. Why does the profile for Dr Henry Brem, Director of Neurosurgery @ Hopkins say one of his expertise is Cardiac Surgery...
  37. B

    Neurosurgery - Cardiac Surgery Combined

    This question will be an odd one, but please answer the question rather than inform me of the obvious - it'd be practically impossible to accomplish. However ... I cannot decide between Neurosurgery & Congenital Cardiac Surgery. I am invested in and love both these surgical fields and wouldn't...
  38. Kakarrott

    Neurology and surgery

    Hey there, I was wondering if there is some speciality or possibility of combining specialities that would allow me to do both brainstorming over normal diseases as much as surgical procedures. I have seen somewhere that neurologists just thinks and neurosurgeons just cuts. I hope I made...
  39. Kakarrott

    Why does Neuro ophthalmologists paid less than neurologists?

    It seems to me that both do surgeries and both have to work with nerves. Somewhere I have seen that working with nerve and eye is one of the hardest surgeries so I wonder why Neurosurgical average pay range from 350 to 500k pa and neuro opht are average 180 to 220k pa I recently started med...