1. 1

    NHSC - NOI Approval or Verification Cycle Comm.??

    Hey all - for, and to, other NHSC dental members seeking post-grad training, have you received your NOI approval or communication for the 2024 Post Graduate Training Verification Cycle? I've communicated with reps back in late Jan and was told to wait for a coming email in a few weeks. The NOI...
  2. augustacrimsontide

    HPSP/NHSC--is it worth it for me?

    I'm sure this question gets posted a million times so my apologies in advance for starting a 1000th thread on it. Basically unless I get off the waitlist for my in-state school, I'll be attending UAB as an OOS student (~$107,000/yr total cost). I'm potentially interested in specializing someday...
  3. M

    NHSC SP change school program after award

    Hello, I currently applied to the NHSC Scholarship program with one school but received admission to another school and might want to switch. On the 2023 NHSC Scholarship program guide it mentions that if you have been awarded the scholarship, it mentions to immediately contact the NHSC if you...
  4. C

    2022 NHSC Scholarship Application

    The application cycle is now open! I didn’t see a thread for this year specifically yet so I thought I’d make one. I received the 4 year scholarship, did my time, and am in the process of transitioning to the loan repayment program for the rest of my loans. Let me know if you have any...
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  6. C

    AMA: Today is the Last Day of My NHSC Scholarship Service Commitment

    Background: I received the 4-year NHSC Scholarship and worked at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) for 4 years after graduation (I did not do a GPR or AEGD). I ended up having to change jobs in the middle of my service because my workplace was so toxic. Unfortunately, it was during the...
  7. R

    NHSC Scholarship Loss

    I just failed a block at my medical school. The policy is that I remediate the block over the summer and in the meantime, I get an Incomplete for the semester on my transcript. Does this mean I will not get the scholarship next semester? If so, will I get the money after I remediate? How screwed...
  8. R

    NHSC chances for non-disadvantaged applicant (2021-2022 cycle)?

    Hi all! I have just submitted my NHSC application this week. I am not disadvantaged by the definition of the NHSC. I spent about half a decade of my life in a rural village abroad with family, a few months at a time. That certainly was an underserved/rural area. I did not even mention this in...
  9. enamel88

    NHSC student to services 2019-2020 cycle

    Has anyone heard back regarding acceptances for the student to services? When do they start letting people know? I just checked the status today and still shows "in review."
  10. A

    NHSC and Residencies

    Hey everyone! So I am very fortunate to be a NHSC scholarship recipient and I have recently been considering a pursuing a GPR or AEGD prior to graduation (I’m only a D1). I was wondering if you guys think completing a residency would be worth the time investment. One of my concerns is simply...
  11. Biggytooth

    When to apply for NHSC & HPSP by to be competitive?

    Hi, By what month should a person apply for an NHSC or HPSP scholarship? Are they so competitive that you should apply asap? Or are some branches less competitive and relatively easy to get? Thanks for your input!
  12. nucleispins

    NHSC NHSC vs. Full-Tuition Scholarship

    Hey all, I am particularly interested in advice from people who did the NHSC scholarship vs. NHSC Loan Repayment. I already received an amazing offer of a full-tuition scholarship to medical school with a stipend of 833/mo and subsidized health care. Is there any point in applying for the...
  13. D

    NHSC Dental Scholarship Questions.

    I am a pre-dental student matriculating into dental school this fall and I am planning on applying to the NHSC scholarship. I understand that there are letters of recommendation that are needed and I am wondering if they are supposed to be letters from faculty or a current dentist or anyone? I...
  14. A

    NHSC Dental Scholarship Analysis

    Hey everyone, I am a D1 Dental Student and I was fortunate enough to land the NHSC scholarship. I just wanted to create a thread to explain my current educational finance situation to hopefully serve as a reference for those contemplating this program in the future. I know I found these forums...
  15. D

    Can you do a dual degree MPH program if selected for the NHSC scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I know this cycle hasn't even opened yet, but a huge goal of mine is to be able to complete an MPH degree while a dental school. I'm interested in applying for this scholarship, but I would reconsider if they wouldn't allow me to do the dual degree in dental school.
  16. NorthernMEd

    NHSC Students to Service

    Wondering if anyone from past years know when they usually inform applicants if they received this or not? Or has anyone who has applied heard anything yet. My application just says in review. I know it says on the website that they will tell you by February 28th at the latest but hoping to hear...
  17. H

    NHSC Question

    Hello SDN. I am a currently applying to dental schools and I heard about NHSC. I read about it online but I wanted to know some of the pros and cons from current recipients of the NHSC or people who already graduated and are working in NHSC approved sites after graduation. Thank you!!
  18. Aquabluequartz

    Thoughts about State Level Loan Repayment Programs??

    I am referring to those programs listed here: https://www.ada.org/~/media/ADA/Education%20and%20Careers/Files/dental-student-loan-repayment-resource.pdf Some of these loan repayment programs seem really great to me (ex: Illinois provides 120k towards loans for 3 years, Delaware provides 70k for...
  19. J

    Anyone with NHSC Loan Repayment switched jobs?

    Has anyone with a 2-year full-time NHSC loan repayment commitment (not scholarship) switched jobs during the time period? I have read that - with approval - you can theoretically switch locations as long as the location to which you are moving has a high enough HPSA designation. Curious if this...
  20. flora77

    NHSC - FT direct care requirements realistic?

    Hi y'all, I'm posting on this forum because this seems to be the most active place I can find on the internet to talk about NHSC. Please forgive me that I'm not a student or a doctor. I'm an LCSW applying to the NHSC loan repayment program. I have a full time position at an eligible site, and...
  21. Jlm50

    Question for anyone who has applied/received NHSC scholarship

    Hello! I want to apply to the NHSC scholarship but I'm just unsure of when I should be doing what. I know the application isn't open yet but should I be getting my letters of recommendation ready NOW? I'm not even sure how they submit the letters, or if there is specific information that I...
  22. J

    NHSC Contract Hell - Please help!!

    I am a new dental grad as of May. In January of 2017 I applied for an NHSC student to service scholarship as one of many options for employment. With this scholarship, you get $120,000 of loan forgiveness in exchange for 3 years of service in an under-served area as determined by the NHSC. I...
  23. GrignardsReagent

    NHSC switching schools

    Hey all, I have a quick question. If I filled out the NHSC scholarship for one school and I submitted it. Now I got accepted off the waitlist for another school. Am I just SOL? Can they change it post deadline?
  24. D

    When to start worrying about applying to HPSP, NHSC, etc?

    Hi, I am applying this upcoming cycle and will hopefully be receiving interviews and acceptances later this year. When should I start meeting with recruiters, applying for thing, etc. I have quite a bit on my plate right now, so I've been putting that stuff off, but I'm wondering when would be...
  25. redhotchiligochu

    NHSC: non-URM growing up in an affluent city a disadvantage???

    Hey y'all I've been scouring through some old threads and noticed that NHSC shows preference toward those with URM status and/or growing up in a small town. Obviously not under my control (I didn't choose to be born lol) but grew up comfortably in an affluent suburb, never skipped a meal, my...
  26. D

    NHSC Tips on applying

    I am a current PA student and I am looking to apply for the National Health Service Corp repayment program. I am curious to know if you have found any websites and/or other resources that have been helpful in your application process. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  27. M

    Applying to NHSC during med school

    Hello everyone, I applied to the NHSC scholarship program last year and did not receive it so I would like to give it another go. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a letter of rec from med school professors from a student who does not really go to class or talk to professors...
  28. courtmv888

    NHSC Scholarship awarding

    I applied for the upcoming cycle of NHSC scholarships and was wondering if anyone could tell me when they usually announce the awards for the upcoming year and by what means they notify you? Thanks!
  29. P

    NHSC Scholarship & Private Dental Schools

    Does anyone have any experience being awarded the NHSC Scholarship? I applied and I'm going to a private dental school where the cost is upward of 100K and I'm wondering if they even give the scholarship to someone going to private schools because the tuition is so high. Anyone have any...
  30. LavenderFire

    Dental Students Now Eligible S2S Loan Repayment Program

    Hi All, I get e-mail updates from NHSC and they are now letting dental students apply for the Students to Service Loan Repayment Program. I'm just starting school next month but I thought this information might be useful to someone in their last year of dental school. Here is some information...
  31. USPHS Physician

    New Ask a USPHS Physician thread

    Military docs, we salute you...and we recruit you :) Just FYI here is a new Ask a USPHS Physician thread. We get a fair number of prior military docs transfer in to USPHS, so thought I'd post a link here too. Thank you.
  32. USPHS Physician

    Ask a USPHS Physician

    I am part of a group of USPHS physicians who are trying to extend our outreach to interested students, residents, and physicians such as yourselves. So, SDN's "USPHS Physician" is born!...and he's most honored and pleased to represent and assist USPHS Dentist in answering your questions. USPHS...
  33. NescacPremed

    Questions about NHSC

    1) I know its primary care based but what about pediatrics/ pediatrician? 2) At the end do you become licensed to practice medicine like you would in a typical residency program? (Assuming you pass all board examinations). 3) Is there any surgical options? I know in some places some surgical...
  34. Joewildcat

    NHSC NHSC Residency Option

    Does anyone know if dual residency options are available to NHSC scholars? I was wondering if the NHSC allows for IM/EM combined residencies.
  35. Skis

    NHSC Federal Loans Prior to Payment of NHSC Scholarship Award

    What is the process for covering the "transitionary period" before the NHSC scholarship funds (and stipend) are distributed in October? For example, did you have to take out federal loans to pay tuition and living expenses initially and then use the stipend amount to pay down the accrued...
  36. B

    2016 NHSC loan repayment cycle

    Just wanted to start a thread that folks can use to update one another on what they're hearing (if anything) from NHSC re: loan repayment applications. I'm a scholar wrapping up my 4 years of service, and am hoping to transition to loan repayment to pay off my remaining debt. A lot of my...
  37. S

    NHSC (S2S vs loan repayment) & Psych job prospects

    Hi all, I'm a MS 4 at a UC school, career changer (worked in education for 10 years), with a spouse and 2 young children. I will apply into Psych and plan to complete a Child Psych fellowship. If all goes as planned, I will be in my early 40s upon finishing the fellowship and likely will...
  38. T

    NHSC- your experiences

    Hello! I have recently been accepted into med school and have been working on my NHSC Scholarship application. I have not submitted yet but would really appreciate some honest feedback on your experience with the process such as: are you generally happy with your repayment location? Were you...
  39. C

    NHSC Student to Service Loan Repayment Program

    Hey all! Has anyone who applied to this heard back? In the original webinar, they said we should be hearing back by Jan 31rst. I got the Confirmation of Interest email and filled that stuff out, but haven't heard back on whether or not I've received an award. Anyone else?
  40. N

    Accepted NHSC Scholarship but Now Planning to Quit Dental School

    Hello everyone, Its been almost 4 semesters, and I am performing really bad academically. I am already through two academic probations and believe that a single bad grade within next two semesters will get me dismissed from the school. The worst part is that I am on NHSC scholarship and if I...