1. L

    Giving up TX residency?

    I have the option to establish my official residency in a new state. I'm thinking about doing so because I don't plan on applying to Texas medical schools (a mix of personal preference and spousal duties). I want to end up in the Midwest for medical school and beyond, and I'm worried that the...
  2. Melvillei

    BU vs OSU

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE Very grateful to be accepted to both schools but struggling to choose between them. BU was originally much more expensive, but I was offered enough financial aid to make total COA essentially even. Both would be far from home (California) and my eventual goal would be to...
  3. P

    "Ties to a school"

    Hi, Sorry if this is not a good question...but do ties to a state expand beyond parents living there and where is this mentioned when applying? If I have a long-term partner in that state and will graduate at 29 if all goes well in the app cycle, would that be reasonable or does it only apply...
  4. B

    What counts as ties to a state/geographical region? How about a cousin who lives in that state?

    I keep seeing conflicting advice on SDN about this. What counts as OOS ties - for example, would it count if your cousin lives there? And does it count if one's SO lives in that state, or does it only count if married? Are you asked to prove that your family lives in that state, or do they...
  5. B

    Texas Dental Schools OOS

    Hi, I have a strong desire to go to school in Texas but I am considered OOS. Could anyone with information tell me how many OOS interviews are given and the chances of acceptance of you end up receiving an interview? Is there anything that could make you stand out in an interview?
  6. B

    Is it too late to apply TMDSAS? I am OOS with no ties.

    I'm a CA resident, female, ORM. Decently high stats -- 517 and 3.84 GPA, ~3.75 sGPA. But since TMDSAS don't see grades as +/-, I think my GPA would go up in their eyes because I have quite a few A-'s that would translate as regular A's in their system. Is it too late to apply to TMDSAS? Thank you
  7. W

    Applying to TX Dental Schools OOS

    Hey everyone! I really want to attend dental school in Texas. I am from Louisiana, but my dad grew up in Texas and completed his medical school and residency training in Houston. He moved to Louisiana to practice medicine, and I do not want to follow in his path lol. I have spent alot of time...
  8. H

    Gaining Residency for In-State Tuition/Application

    Aloha all, Sorry if this has been answered before but couldn't find an exact answer and was wondering if anyone knew. Does anyone have advice for moving to a state to gain residency before they start school? I live in Hawaii, so technically everywhere is out of state for me, meaning...
  9. T

    UF (OOS) vs Case

    UF vs Case UF pros: - nice weather - more global health opportunities than Case - lecture is recorded and non-mandatory - affordable housing within walking distance of campus - less expensive (49k OOS) but could become IS (37k) after year 2 (over 4 years this is about a 85k total difference...
  10. DoctorOrdinary

    What is a proper OOS school connection?

    Not a typical WAMC post but more of a question about the more in-state friendly public schools such as ones in Texas and Cali. I'm a Florida resident and have family (1st cousins) in Texas who I visit once every year or every other year. I also have a close relative in Cali that just recently...
  11. omalleyalley

    No Interviews yet- Update Letter + Additional LORs?

    Hi SDN! [please don't quote, I intend to delete some identifiers in heeyah] I would appreciate any advice/feedback you knowledgeable people can give! I submitted secondaries pretty late (Sept 8-25). I got lots of excuses but that's what they are- excuses, and I definitely will be submitting...
  12. collectedgp

    Out-of-state-friendly schools?

  13. D

    incoming OOS Dental student question

    Hey guys! So I'm about to start Dental school at an out of state (OOS) public university and plan on getting resident tuition during D2, but I had a few questions if any of you may know the answer to: (1) Did any of you stay under your parents car insurance? I'm under 25 y/o so getting my own...

    DACA dental schools

    I just wanted to list dental schools that consider applicants with DACA status. I thought it would be convenient for future applicants with DACA status. So we won't have to worry about wasting our money and time. Anyways, I am a reapplicant and had 3 interviews last cycle. Unfortunately, I...
  15. D

    Should I change State Residency before applying????!

    Help!!! I am a legal resident of Georgia but I have been living in Pennsylvania for a year while obtaining my Master's degree. I would like to stay in the area and work as an EMT for my gap year, but that would require me to change my legal residency to Pennsylvania. I've been told to look at...
  16. Ms.2:30

    fallback schools that are OOS friendly?

    Wondering if anyone out there knows of any fallback schools that are also OOS friendly to put on my list of schools to apply to? Just don't want to many reach schools then not get in anywhere +pity+
  17. P

    Pre med OOS application advice

    I would love some advice on how to improve my chances of getting accepted into medical school. I'm finishing up my associates degree in Biology this quarter and will be graduating from my community college with a 3.89. This is with some minor setbacks, I did decide to audit Organic Chemistry...
  18. E

    OOS/International Friendly Colleges + How Many to Apply To?

    Hello all! I am considered an international student even though I have spent most of my life in the states (since 3rd grade), and finished my undergrad here. So when I apply, I have to look at OOS/international student friendly schools. Here's my working list, and I don't know how many (or...
  19. N

    Where Should I Apply?

  20. D

    Where to apply oos? (FL resident)

    Hi, I'm having trouble deciding where to apply OOS. I will be applying to all 3 in state schools as well. Any advice on schools to add or remove would be greatly appreciated! Stats: DAT 18AA bio 19/ gc 18/ oc 20/ rc 18/ pat 17/ qr 17 GPA: overall 3.67 science 3.59 100+ volunteering/shadowing...
  21. UnchartedWaffle94

    DO Recommend OOS DO schools that are friendly to CA-residents w/ low GPA, avg MCAT

    Applying for the cycle of 2018 matriculation! My stats/demographics: Degree from a private California school: BA in Biology with Spanish minor GPA (both science and cumulative): ~3.1 MCAT: 500 (Chem&Phys: 125, CARS: 123, Bio&Biochem: 125, Psych&Soc: 127) Race: Asian (I know, surprise surprise)...
  22. H

    Is it in poor taste to ask my chances of receiving a scholarship before agreeing to an interview?

    Hi. I've been accepted into a state school that I'm happy with. After many months of silence I recently received an interview invite to an OOS school I perceive equal in terms of academics, rankings, whatever. However, it is in an urban center, which is desirable to me. Given that it is OOS, the...
  23. T

    More competitive school or California school for a California residency in the future?

    Hi SDN, If one is a California native and their goal is to: 1) match into a competitive specialty 2) do residency in California Would it be better to attend a top-10 medical school outside of California (we're not talking about Harvard or Hopkins) or to attend a lower ranked school in...
  24. M

    Questions for OU-HCOM Graduates

    Hello Everyone! I just got accepted in the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a few questions for graduates that have finished their residencies and are now working after earning their degree from this great school. How did you compare to other students whether...
  25. O

    Out of State Friendly schools?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone had a list or know if i could find a list of out of state friendly schools? Im specifically looking for the schools in New York, University of Maryland, Ohio state and case western, he Illinois schools, Pennsylvania schools, and Indiana schools? If you know any it...
  26. zax

    Would like to add one-two more OOS schools?

    I have my list that I've already completed secondaries for the ones that have sent them to me but I feel like it would benefit for me to add two to three more OOS schools in my range, more towards safety schools because I feel like I'm lacking in that department. Any advice on which ones? I'm...
  27. Tastemyrage

    Need Help on Deciding Schools!! 3.9 GPA 25 AA

    Hey guys (and gals!), So I've submitted my application to 2 schools (UF and NOVA since I'm a florida resident) and I'm about to submit to University of Pacific. Besides these three schools I'm really undecided as I would LOVE to be in an actual city (San Francisco *sigghhh), but money is also a...
  28. GBCrzzyy

    Which schools are more OOS friendly?

    I am a MA resident and am wondering if my choices are reasonable as an OOS applicant. Thanks! ATSU (SOM and KCOM) CCOM DMUCOM EVCOM (Auburn, Carolinas, Virginia) KCUMB LMU-DCOM MSUCOM NYITCOM NSUCOM OUHCOM PNU-COM PCOM (both) RVUCOM (CO) RUSOM TCOM (All three) UNECOM WU-COM (Both)
  29. To be MD

    Help Creating a Formula for Largest Return on MS Application (Stats Not Included)

    Over the years, @WedgeDawg and @LizzyM have made great resources for helping to calculate an individual candidate's likelihood of acceptance based of their stats. As the GOP would (now) say, "they're fantastic." But I am trying to address a different question. I want to find out (ignoring stats...
  30. eeeeagle!!

    Which Osteopathic Schools Accept OOS Applicants and Which Do Not?

    I'm from NC and wanting to apply broadly. I have pretty good stats and plan to apply to top, mid, and low tier DO schools. I wam wondering which OOS schools I should not even apply to because they are unfavorable to OOS applicants! thanks!
  31. pnwhmt

    OOS vs In-state Applicant? - UW and OHSU

    Weird situation. I have ties in both Oregon and Washington and I'm worried that because of that I won't be considered an in-state applicant at either school. Either that or I will be considered in-state for both, if that's possible. Hoping for some input. Washington: Went to high school here...
  32. C

    To matriculate or not to matriculate? That is the question.

    Hey all, first time writing on here so please show some decency and care. I am a recent college graduate and have applied for the 2016 entering class. I have gotten rejected from most schools besides a few I interviewed at. I recently got accepted into Penn State Hershey but am still waiting to...
  33. D

    MD Am I crazy to even be thinking about the possibility of reapplying after being accepted?

    I am aware of the sentiment surrounding this topic. I was accepted to one OOS school and denied at my state school. I am very thankful for my acceptance and liked this school when I interviewed. I am going forward with everything to attend in the fall, but here are the stress inducing things...
  34. K

    In state preference

    Why do some school's websites say they have "no state preference" for applicants, but they clearly do? UCLA's website says "No preference is given to state of residence." But UCLA is 85% people from California. UCLA also interviewed about 4% of OOS apps and 13% of IS apps. Am I missing something??
  35. To be MD

    MD Google DOC of OOS Student Acceptance %

    Hey SDN, I noticed I couldn't easily access information about OOS students, so... I copied all of the AAMC 2015-16 (public information on their website) statistics for the percentage of OOS (Out of State) matriculants of every MD school in the USA onto a Google Doc that's viewable by anyone...
  36. K

    What schools are worth applying OOS?

    What data is most important in considering whether to apply to a school as an OOS applicant? Percentage out of state? What is a reasonable OOS percentage to make it worth applying to a particular school? Thanks :)